Alluvium, 2003

Alluvium is the title of a piece of town art created by Troy Corliss in 2003. It sits in Walnut Park in South Davis.

The plaque reads:

Alluvium, 2003

Artist: Troy Corliss

Rammed Earth Wall

This wall echoes the shape of the old North Channel

of Putah Creek. The layers of earth in cross section

reflect the sediment deposition in the floodplain.

City of Davis Art in Public Places Program


Title Plaque Do Not Climb On Art Work


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2006-01-17 00:04:29   Sitting as it does, adjacent to a children's playground, the repeated engraved admonitions to "Not Climb On Art Work" come off as a bit haughty. I mean, if you are going to make a low-level "rammed earth wall" in a park, right next to similarly-shaped playground equipment, shouldn't you expect and maybe even welcome some youthful public interaction with your Art? —MattJurach

2006-01-17 01:12:31   My thoughts exactly. —RoyWright

2006-01-20 12:27:30   "Interactability" as the City's like to call it is a consideration that is always taken into the design of my work. Just look at any of the other projects as examples. Ultimately, the risk assessment is left up to the City and generally their decision to not to allow climbing is made based on past experience. "Please do not climb on Art work" is unfortunately a sad truth that exists in the state of California. I might add, that when it comes to public art this restrictive climate does not exist in many other parts of the country or the word. —TroyCorliss

2007-03-15 14:44:12   A sign will not prevent people from interacting with the work- but it does placate the litigious, to some extent. —TorreyaCummings

2007-03-15 15:06:55   Davis has a history of using bad artists to plaster the town (Donna Billick). Maybe it's cost efficient? —JoshFernandez