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NOTE: Prior to July 2010 Ally Property Management was Acadian Properties.

Acadian is one of a few major property management companies in Davis. They manage an assortment of smaller properties in Davis, such as duplexes, small apartment complexes, and single family dwellings — a list is provided on their website. Security deposits are typically 125% of one month rent, and if you have pets, security deposits will be at least 150% of one month rent. Unless otherwise stated, city utilities are not included in the rents. Application fee is $25 per person and must be paid by money order or cashiers check. [Rates are from their website as of July 2008, but are posted as subject to change]

Local properties managed by Acadian Properties include:

For a listing of other property managers handling accounts in the Davis area, please visit the Property Management page. Additionally, the Housing Guide can provide helpful information about your landlord-tenant relationship.

Note to potential Acadian renters: Acadian is a "management" company, meaning not all of the properties they rent are owned by them. The actual owner of each individual property arranges what they will and won't pay for when they agree to have Acadian manage their property. As some have discovered, this can lead to unexpected difficulties when renting an Acadian managed property because the property owner won't pay for some problems to be fixed. Even though they only manage the properties, they are still responsible for making the place livable, and can always be held to the contract they make for repairs. Though given the language their lease, you may be lucky to enforce anything.

Additionally, Acadian Properties DOES NOT use the Davis Model Lease, which most other companies in Davis use and offers better protection to tenants.

There was a California Aggie article about them in 2001 which talked about how bad they were. A story run in 2008 (link currently broken) showed that not much had changed.

For problems with or questions about your status as a renter, check out your renter's rights.

StevenDaubert reports that Acadian will tell property owners who they want or do not want in units (update: Acadians website drops this gem "You are the BOSS and we work for you and your property!"). Oh and they employ a couple of female Davisites of the 03' class variety

Given the comments and reviews listed here (many from well known Davis Wiki Editors), any potential renter should keep a few things in mind:

  • Always get every promise by them in writing, and keep a copy of anything you send them or sent from them.
  • Take dated photographs of the residence when you move in, even if they promised to fix something. Report any and all damages, when you move in on the move-in inspection forms.
  • Read your rental contract carefully, make sure you agree with everything listed and that all ambiguity is clarified.
    • Check to see what they are supposed to repair given the contract.
    • Of course, keep a copy of this contract, too.
  • If they violate lease terms, take this up with them immediately, report them to the authorities, make as much noise as possible.
  • If they do not own the property, find out who the owner is, and hound them as well.
  • If you are a student, remember that you get free time from a lawyer from GSA or ASUCD, which you may wish to use in dealing with this company.
  • Ask questions, hound them, you are paying them for their services, complain in writing, in person, and by phone.
  • If the property is unlivable, or your complaints go unaddressed you are likely able, and should simply break your lease.

I would like to ask anyone from Acadian properties to address the complaints here, and anyone who wishes to complain to refrain from personal attacks against the owners. I wish that this be a positive communication to resolve differences.

Media Coverage

A website has been launched by UCD Students to gather all complaints in one place and launch a class-action lawsuit. The problem with posting complaints on DavisWiki that it is practically impossible to contact the message owner due to limited profile information wiki provides. The website http://www.AcadianSucks.com has been eliminated.

Community Involvement

In 2009 they sponsored a car at the Dixon May Fair demolition derby: car number 65, Stay Alive.

What's your experience with Acadian?

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If you have a complaint, you may want also to submit it to Yolo County's code enforcement page, or contact the Better Business Bureau

2009-01-16 17:18:23   Lisa is a gem of a person. Call her at the direct number listed above and she will even be more pleasant to talk to. Good grief.... Options are wonderful so you can avoid unpleasant things. —loneshark

2009-01-16 17:41:12   Everyone at Acadian is pleasant until you sign a rental agreement with them. —BrentLaabs

2009-01-28 22:35:47   Mixed. Haven't had many of the bad experiences because I'm persistant when asking for help and have always recieved what was critical. They did tell me that the owner didn't care about reparing things that left unchecked, will devalue his property over time. But who knows. Not my problem. They are a pain in the ass and really drag their feet about things. All things considered, I'd never use them again and would warn anyone I liked away from them. —Xon

"2009-02-17" I still hate this rental company as I had posted at an earlier date. However, I will have to admit that most of the time they were quick about maintenance requests - with the exception of the large tree limb that fell on roof and was there for a couple months. On the other hand, they had several violations going on in the house that were never repaired - stove that didn't work very well, fridge that didn't close properly, outlets that plugs wouldn't stay plugged into. Anyway, some issues. When we moved out we expected to have to fight for our deposit when they charged us for painting, cleaning (which we had left the house spotless), and hauling (the neighbors stuff that was on their side of the duplex but whatever). However, they somehow missed the charge that they had quoted in our walk through where my roommate had accidently burned the carpet while embrossing her wedding invitations - the one exception where we did actually cause damage rather than make the house nicer (we planted flowers, replaced the gate, and so on). So we decided it was pretty even. I still hate them and it wasn't worth the headache to rent from them, but we did at least get a fair amount of our deposit back and most of the major maintenance issues they were quick about. Just to be fair.

- Jamie

2009-02-28 01:10:20   Just like a few other people in Davis, I was also threatened to have the cops called on me (me=petite). In their power-trip world, nobody has the right to talk back or question them. I went on their website and they said they've been here for 30 years??? WTF? You've got to be joking. Please tell me that the current people weren't in the business for this long. Like Lola said, I am for small family business, but they are really rude, unprofessional, power-tripping assholes. Lesson learned the hard way. —geezlouisexyz

2009-03-17 17:25:15   They are such assholes. I was supposed to view an apartment today and after waiting for an hour I mistakenly decided to go to the office to talk to them. I calmly stated that I had taken the afternoon off work to see the house and that I was upset at how unprofessional it was that they never called me to say no one was coming. The "managers" response was "I'll remember your face so I can never rent to you". I have already filed a complaint with the chamber of commerce and will be reporting them to the better business bureau. Everyone should do the same!!! —evilforestgnome

2009-03-17 23:15:18   also, if you are a property owner, please find someone else to manage your properties... —evilforestgnome

2009-04-08 13:48:56   STAY AWAY FROM ACADIAN PROPERTIES. I have rented from them for the past year and can honestly say that I've never had a positive experience in dealing with them. The receptionist at the front of the office is particularly rude when dealing with people that come in, and the managers treat you like an idiot when you have questions. They rely on the assumption that you, as a tenant, do not know the explicit language of your lease and will take advantage of you if you're not careful. I once visited the office to request a copy of my lease, so that I could verify whether or not the agreement included certain terms. The workers at Acadian were overtly irritated that I would not simply take their word on the language of the lease, and the simple act of requesting a copy of a lease turned into a very unnerving and frustrating ordeal. My renting experience with Acadian has been overwhelmingly negative and I would highly advise against entering into business with this company. —Dmaroon

2009-05-12 14:16:25   Up until now my interactions with Acadian has been minimal. Last night however, my garage door came off the tracks and ended up twisted with one side on the ground and the other up above the header of the house. I immediately contacted the office to have maintanence come and fix it but was greeted with the recording to press 0 for after hours maintanence emergencies. I spoke with the "operator" and explained the situation, that the door was not simply "squeeky" but literally twisted and that someone needed to call me or come to fix it immediately. She said she would contact maintanence and someone would call me back. Three hours go by and NO WORD from anyone at Acadian. Knowing that a great deal of belongings were in my garage NOT TO MENTION the fact that it could have been a serious safety issue if it collapsed completely I contacted an aquaintence I knew who worked with garage doors. He drove out from Sac to fix the door late last night. Still no call from them by 11am this morning so I called the office to discuss the situation — 1) reimbursement for person who did fix the door and 2) protocol for reporting after hours emergencies. The receptionist stated I would not be reimbursed because that is not their protocol and verified that with the manager. I asked to speak with the manager and Joe picked up the line. I started to explain my concerns about the lack of response regarding the door and he immediately told me the circumstance did not constitute an emergency and that since I "opted to go out on my own because I was impatient and could not wait" he would "not pay me a dime." I was shocked, to say the least. He had no information about the garage door and the severity of the situation and DID NOT ASK for details regarding the maintanence request. He operated on an assumption and stated that he did not need to respond "because by law it did not constitute an emergency." I explained I was unable to open, close or do anything with the garage and that I explained this to the operator who took the message. He stated that "that operator doesn't work for Acadian so it doesn't matter." OK, uh, this is on YOUR office message but Joe did not take any responsibility for the person they directed me to and her statement that someone would call me back was on her own doing. Hmmmm. Joe continued to be rude and said that he was not going to sit and listen to me all day in an attempt to get reimbursed when I was "antsy" and couldn't wait for them to fix the door. I tole him to put the reimbursement issue aside and wanted to discuss why I never got a call from someone to assess the situation he said it didn't matter. When I stated I was concerned about it being a safety issue not only for my children and me, but neighbors or more damage to the house he said "if anything were to happen to your kids it would be your fault if you are such a poor parent you let them play out there when the garage is like that." OK, that was enough for me. I was flabbergasted and speechless. I asked him if this is how Acadian provides customer service and he said "you are not my customer and I owe you nothing." AH. I see. He went on to say this "was not a deli and he was not my waiter and he did not have to listen to my false complaints when I was the one in the wrong." He said the conversation is now over and hung up on me.

As a professional working and living in Davis for over 12 years I have never encountered such poor treatment from another "business." I attempted to call the owner after finding her phone number on a webpage and mentioned I wanted to discuss the situation with one of her staff. She said "call the office" and hung up on me. Well, the apple does not fall far from the tree. I was supposed to call the office and talk to Joe to file a complaint about...uh, JOE?

I was able to find the name of the owner of the home but do not know how to get additional information to reach him via email, phone or mail. I would think he would be HIGHLY concerned about how this so called PROPERTY MANAGEMENT COMPANY actually doesn't manage things well at all, especially legitimate concerns of the tenants. I guess in the future I should not be so concerned about the damage to the property if ACADIAN could care less. I just resigned a lease and I am wanting to end any relationship with them. They are rude, uncooperative, unhelpful, inconsiderate, demeaning, lack communication and have absolutely no sense of professional conduct whatsoever.


2009-05-12 15:06:48   Somebody, anybody, tell me how to get out of my lease so I do not have to support this dysfuctional group of so called business people. —HollyL

2009-07-07 15:33:00   Acadian is by far the worst property management company I've ever dealt with. I thought King Properties in Davis was bad, but let me assure you that after you deal with Acadian, King Properties looks like heaven. Apparently when you sign your lease with Acadian you give them the right to charge you ANY amount for ANY service request you make. DO NOT SIGN THEIR LEASE!!! They will rip you off every chance they get. They tried to charge us almost $200 because two of an electrical shortage in the wiring and they claimed it was tenant caused!! WHAT??? That was just the start. Trust me, you would rather live in a box on the street than rent from this company. STAY AWAY!! —Deanna

2009-07-07 16:05:02   DO NOT Rent from Acadian! I have rented a few places in Davis over the last five years and Acadian Prop. is by far the worst. I wish I never signed the lease with Acadian. They are trying to rob me blind. They are dishonest and do not care for the properties or their tenants! DO NOT Rent from Acadian!yeowhunter

2009-08-15 16:16:56   acadian has been spotted doing good work with the Adams Street Complex or so wiki users will have me believe! —StevenDaubert

2009-09-02 12:00:51   Well there's not much left to say than you shouldn't already know by reading previous reviews and comments. Acadian properties is by far the best worst property management company in Davis. Properties aren't exactly managed and some are left ramshackled compared to similarly priced apartments in Davis. When I moved in all they did was clean the carpet. The kitchen sink was disgustingly filthy, grease stains still on the stove, bathroom mirror cabinet still had residue from previous tenant. Pretty yucky stuff. Don't rent here, period. If you do rent here just hope you never run into a problem. The conditions I mentioned were never addressed or fixed by the Acadian people. They don't care about you or the property. They are rude and pathetically smug about their crappy job; especially the two desk queens you encounter walking in there. What a horrible way to live your life. There's no pride in being a loser asshole of a shit property management company. I dragged my rent check though some pretty nasty places before I handed it to them. I actually stood around and waited to personally hand the check to them instead of dropping it off in the box. Also, get a receipt for everything. —AnonymousStudent

2009-10-05 18:43:21   http://www.bbb.org/northeast-california/business-reviews/property-and-building-management-investing/acadian-properties-in-davis-ca-17003879#complaint

Please report them to the BBB. They have an A rating because no one is reporting them. They are THE worst management company in Davis. If you go to them, do not expect service of any kind. DO NOT RENT WITH THEM. You will be as sorry as the rest of us. —AcadianIsAScam

2009-11-28 14:18:05   I will be moving into Aspen Terrace. Its very cheap so I am willing to put up with a lot of crap, but can anyone who lives there or who have lived there tell me about your experiences there? —CrystalH

2010-03-11 03:00:41   Should we believe all these comments? We're thinking of renting a house through them... Any recent updates on the management? —mperkel

First of all: don't do it!!!

There are a lot of comments here from a lot of major wiki people using their real names (in addition to a ton of anonymous edits). Most of us regular editors would be happy to talk to you in real life, and stand behind our statements with our real name. —BrentLaabs

Most people that post reviews either have an amazing experiences or terrible ones, especially for management companies. Anyone have an okay/decent experience with them. One person in our group's dad knows contracts and will sort that out before signing anything, we also plan on documenting everything. As long as were safe and careful; if the house is amazing, should we pass it up because of this management company? That's my new question! —mperkel

A lot depends on who actually owns the house — Acadian just manages it, and doesn't control how much gets spent maintaining it. If you have any communications with them that are not self-documenting (like rent checks), be sure to send it certified mail (or at least return receipt). They have a habit of losing paperwork. Never try to address a problem with them in person; they'll just ask you to leave the premises. —BrentLaabs

2010-03-15 17:30:54   to mperkel: having a contract that's well written doesn't mean you won't get taken advantage of. i am currently considering suing acadian, they've committed several documented abuses, and then tried to use an unenforceable clause in the contract (which wasn't even my lease, was someone else's), as an excuse for their behavior. however, i went down to yolo courthouse, and of the 4 dozen-ish suits filed against acadian and owner lisha shaw, very few have won. am attempting to track down the ones who 'settled' or dismissed, as i'm guessing those acadian may have paid, to avoid further damages. laws only have teeth when they're defended. meaning acadian can (and apparently does) break the law whenever they want. it's not considered criminal, it's a civil case. so it's up to the tenant to exercise their rights. after exercising my rights, i've been harassed, etc.

has anyone successfully threatened/sued them? if so, please respond or email me at damnrain at yahoo.com thanks —imbnotp

2010-04-22 16:17:56   so as for "Everyone at Acadian is pleasant until you sign a rental agreement" I went down there to talk with them about a property and offhandedly mentioned to this guy that I'd be the only one on the lease and that I planned to sublease the second bedroom and the guy didn't just tell me "we don't allow subleases" but that subleases are "illegal" and when I said that I had subleased in Davis multiple times before with no problems that that also was "illegal" and my subtenant was an "illegal resident" and if she burned down the house or refused to pay rent I would have no legal recourse (despite the fact that you know, I had gotten a signed legal sublease through my landlord, yadda yadda yadda). I tried to point out the ridiculousness of saying I was engaged in illegal practices for a while (subleases are hella common in Davis, both the city and the university provide legal forms for subleases, I did it legit through my landlord at a large apt complex, etc.) before I gave up. He was just "oh I've worked here for ten years and I know what I'm talking about blah blah blah" and left. Then later when my roommate (prospective subtenant candidate) called to complain about the guy's attitude, the lady not only refused to let her talk to the manager, but instead of just taking her complaint, said "oh I overheard the conversation, your friend never mentioned anything about a sublease, blah blah blah, just so you know both sides of the story" as if my best friend of 10 years was going to take HER word over mine about what happened. We were proceeding with caution on this listing as it is, so yeah, definitely won't bother with Acadian again. —KellyCorcoran

2010-07-16 12:36:34   After reading all the comments about Acadian on Davis Wiki, I spoke to them and asked for their reactions and to comment. I was considering leasing a house from them and wanted to see what they had to say. I am not a student and have no relation to Acadian (other than being a renter now). I asked about the owner of the house I wanted to rent, the procedures needed to get maintenance done, what can Acadian do before they need to contact the owner (work valued at less than $200), etc.

After my discussions with them, I decided to lease with Acadian on July 1, 2010. Although I have not been dealing with them for a long period of time, they have been extremely responsive when any maintenance request has been filed. I may be dealing with different Acadian employees than previous posters had been dealing with, but I have zero complaints. If anything, I am pleased at how they respond, without any problems or hassles. I urge anyone who wants to lease from any property management company to communicate early and often before you sign a lease - that is common sense.

I may think differently later on, but for now, I am happy with my decision. —PeriSiepman

2010-07-20 14:36:09   A letter came in the mail from Acadian. The name changed to Ally properties, something new to hate. It was on Acadian letterhead and said that the address remains on B street but just address checks as Ally properties. —shraken

2010-08-31 19:03:09   THE WORST PROPERTY MANAGEMENT IN DAVIS! I have rented an apartment from two other places with relatively no complaints. But Ally, formerly Acadian, are by far the rudest and most inconsiderate people. They threatened me, called me a "bitch," and the guy tried to get in a fight with me when I was just fed up and walked away. Who does that? This is not how you run a business. Yeah, they were pretty nice before I was just looking for an apartment, but once I signed the lease, it gradually changed. I would request for maintenance to come fix things since the properties are very old, and they would sometimes just hang up on me when I told them they were an hour or so late for my scheduled maintenance/repair request. The deposit is the highest of any place in Davis by far.

STAY AWAY! BEWARE OF THIS PLACE. After all, someone did make an "Acadian Sucks" website because they obviously were that horrible. —JasonK

2010-09-21 15:18:40   Disclaimer: I will update with a new post every day until this gets settled. Ally property management, if you read this, I am very very unhappy about our current situation. We will be contacting you and hoping this gets resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. I will post if it does get resolved, and if it doesn't I will post our specific location and tell the current tenants there immediately of the situation so that they can be sure to prevent you from cheating them the same way you appear to be cheating us.

Backround: Rented house on **** **** *****. Rent was 1875 a month, security deposit was $2345. Rented the place because it fit the need for a 4 bedroom+ garage in a quiet neighborhood in north davis, and we knew and were friends with the previous tenants. We were close enough friends with the previous tenants that we actually spent alot of time helping them move out - we know exactly what condition it was left in, and what condition Acadian left it for us. The previous tenants warned us about the following: Very leaky roof, carpet that was complete crap (and estimated 0 dollar worth by the cleaning company who came and cleaned it). We moved in to find that literally nothing they had left had been cleaned up by Acadian (they had left stuff in the garage, left the front yard in dire need of maintenance, and broken fixtures everywhere, with walls, blinds, windows, and window screens in very beat up condition. The oven and stove had not been cleaned very well, and there was a broken burner. We were uncertain if anybody had even been by the house before they turned it over to us. It was in exactly the same condition when they moved out as when we moved in - Acadian had done nothing. It turns out the roof did leak all over the house, and after 2 years of us calling Acadian and telling them to fix it 2-3 times a week during the rainy season, they were still unable to fix it.

We took pictures of literally every inch of the house, to make sure there would be no problems down the line - hopefully it wouldn't be a problem, but we figured just in case. We also took pictures detailing the outside of the house.

When we moved out, we left the place in significantly better condition then we found it in. Carpets were in about the same condition because there was very little we could do about that, we had fixed all of the fixtures, left everything significantly cleaner then we found it, and significantly less broken. We also carried out all of the trash, and cleaned the garage out completely, something the previous tenants (and more importantly, acadian) had neglected to do.

We thought we were pretty smooth sailing, because we literally have photographic evidence detailing how much better things looked when we moved out then when we moved in, so I was shocked and dismayed to find that 977 dollars had been taken out of our security deposit when I opened the letter today, to clean and fix things that were both clean, and already fixed. Given that we returned the house in better condition in every way then we found it, we are very very unhappy with being charged that much.

Anybody considering signing a lease with Ally: be very very careful to take extremely detailed pictures of every square inch of the house. They make their money on students who don't have the time or wherewithal to make disputes on their bullshit charges. —William42

2010-10-15 14:29:03   Hello everyone, I have a $ 20 question!!! What are the possibilities to get charge for carpet cleaning twice? After I got my deposit back I found out that they charge me $ 220 for professional carpet cleaning, however I did professional carpet cleaning on last day of my lease for $75 and i did both email them and hand them the receipt of the professional carpet cleaning which i done. One more thing I did live there for 2 years and technically I am just responsible for big stains, not even the whole carpet cleaning. AVOID ACADIAN “ALLY” ,THEY ARE SCAM. MAKE SURE YOU KEEP THE RECORD OF RENTAL PROPERTY BEFORE YOU MOVE IN AND WHILE YOU ARE LIVING THERE.ALSO FINAL INSPECTION IS A MOST THING, AND WITHOUT INITAIL MOVING INSPECTION DO NOT MOVE IN TO THERE RENTAL UNIT.


2010-11-17 15:10:59   Acadian / Ally property is the worst! I called to ask about a security deposit, the man on the phone proceeded to talk to me in what I took to be a hostile tone. When I confronted in about his rudeness, he merely argued "You don't know me, you don't know anything about my tones" a f**king dog knows when you are yelling at it, it doesn't need to know shit about you. I tried to calm him down, but he of course cuts me off, and does not let me reason with him at all, instead he just says "good bye" and promptly hangs up the phone.

Besides the awful employees that seem to work there (the bald scarecrow, the overweight wanna-be chola, etc..) they are pretty shady "Additionally, Acadian Properties DOES NOT use the Davis Model Lease, which most other companies in Davis use and offers better protection to tenants."

I would not recommend renting from them, while terrible landlords are bountiful in Davis, this one takes the cake. No matter how smart you think you are about dealing with them, in the end they will still f*ck with you. period. Is it really worth it?

They make their money off of students who do not have the time or resources to deal with their bullshit. —AmiL

2011-01-15 12:31:50   My husband (61 yrs) and I(51 yrs) rent a townhouse for $1325.00/month through Ally Property Management. Beginning of December we had a leaky roof that did damage (mold and water stains) to the ceiling right over our bed. They came out and fixed the leak, but chose to wait until the next big storm passed to fix the ceiling. After the New Year we rang to remind them that the ceiling was still moldy. We got the receptionist and she said she would pass the information on. Almost a week later they entered our home without giving us prior notice. No call back from our original call or a call from the people they hired to do the work. We had Ally out before because they said they needed to check our furnace. We made it clear then, that we did not want anyone in the house when we were not their and that both my husband and I are off work by 1:00pm and if we know they are coming we can make sure to be home. (The checking of our furnace was being handed a new filter through the door, we rushed home to be there, when they actually could have just dropped it off.) Yesterday, they entered our house and we did not even know they were coming. This is a problem for me, they have in their lease that there would be four hours notice when they needed to enter the premise. I always thought that landlords needed to give us at least 24 hours notice. We did not even get a phone call four hours before to say they would be in our home. The big problem came when I called to tell Joe, (lovely man before the contract was signed), that I had a problem with people being in our home without being notified. He could not figure out what my problem was, that I should not be telling him how to do his job, and that if I need notice, "that maybe they would not be out in such a hurry". TAKE NOTICE HOMEOWNERS, HE WILL LET YOUR HOUSE BE DAMAGED JUST TO PAY ME BACK FOR COMPLAINING. He then went on, talking over me, saying that I was out of line and his solution was if I want privacy "I should buy my own home". I asked to speak to his supervisor and he said he would not let me speak to her. He was Vice-President of the company and on the board and so I was getting no further than him and that "this conversation has ended good-bye. VICE-PRESIDENT AND BOARD MEMBER OF ALLY PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BASICALLY TOLD ME TO SHOVE IT. Why? Because I want to feel safe in my home and be able to live without locking up my purse, phones and other valuables because I do not know who may be entering my home while I am away. I could be in the home by myself asleep or in the shower and not come to the door. I would have been scared sh..less if I heard someone enter my home who was not expected while I was in the shower. My purse was left at home wide open on the table, my Ipod sitting on the counter among other small valuables. My guess is, that would be my problem too and not theirs. Did the ceiling get fixed, yeah, the painted over the mold without even bothering to match the color, the mold is already showing through. I wonder what they charged the owners for that piece of maintenance. I will be tracking down the owners of the house and asking them to change management companies. I will be moving out when the contract is up unless the management is changed, don't want to, but will not support any company that thinks I have no rights just because I am a renter. Their name may have changed, but not the poor customer service and attitude towards renters. —kmcclean

Sounds to me like you can break your lease... Daubert

2011-01-16 06:29:53   DO NOT RENT WITH THEM! If you read up, I was skeptical that they were that bad and their criticism. Luckily we found another house by a private landlord which has turned out great! Acadian/Ally is terrible, properties are horrible conditions. The one house we loved (on Oak) was just horribly run down. The current tenants warned us not to sign with them. The mold was so bad in the bathroom and another wall you could literally push them in. Also, I guess a few times a year, your fecal matter comes up the drains. The company didn't do anything to help. They are "slum-lords" who just upkeep the property to turn over to unsuspecting students every year. Yes, they will pressure you and have "deadlines", of couse some other student will be right behind you to sign that property if you don't. Save yourself the time and money! —mperkel

2011-03-04 14:53:46   Yes, they've changed their name, insinuating that they are new to Davis. —Nancycat

2011-03-31 08:44:35   Tried looking for a house through them, not very friendly. —hankim

2011-04-11 09:37:42   THEY SUCK! THEY ARE HORRIBLE - I would never do business with them. They have the worst customer support I have ever experienced. Especially the mangers - what assholes. I have never had such horrible customer service. THEY SHOULD BE SHUT DOWN. i never comment on anything online but I feel so strongly against Ally Properties that I had to comment on this page. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!!!!! —AlexByrne

2011-04-12 17:34:57   I've lived in Davis my whole life and I would gladly share my Ally/Acadian story with anyone who cares enough to ask me —StevenDaubert

2011-05-20 04:41:27   This is from an email exchange I had with Lisha, the owner. Still haven't heard back.

To: Ally Property Management <rent@allypropertymanagement.net> Date: May 5, 2011, 5:51 PM Dear Ms. Shaw, Thank you very much for relaying my message to the owner, I truly appreciate it. That is the most progress that I have seen on the issue thus far, and I laud you for the singularity of your initiative. Furthermore, I hope that the owner is doing well; it seems that s/he has been incapacitated for some time now. To address your assumption that I may want to find a more thoughtfully maintained residence, I must say that I do not plan on finding other housing as I have otherwise enjoyed my relationship with Ally Property Management. Furthermore, I wish to continue this relationship, so your satisfaction is a matter of concern to me as well. Please, let me know if I am overstepping the bounds of appropriate conduct for a lessee, and I will gladly leave you in peace. I hope that this exchange has not motivated you to evict me, either! I love living here, and do not wish to disrupt my studies or my employment by moving during the last quarter of my senior year in college. Please understand above all that I mean no disrespect—I only want you to respect me, your tenant and unsatisfied customer, as well. In your response, you brought up the issue of safety, which I wish to address since I did not do so adequately in my earlier email. I believe I stated that "unsafe" was the word that one of your employees used to describe the wooden fence in my backyard that has fallen into what she and I both deem an unacceptable state of disrepair. (We don't have any wire fences to the best of my knowledge, and I wasn't asking for one.) According to the Department of Consumer Affairs, A tenant making a repair complaint to her landlord should specifically describe the damage or defects and the required repairs in both a phone call and a letter. (A duty that I have happily fulfilled now more than twice over.) Disrepair is how I would describe the fence's state; my roommate has told Joe that she thought a sneeze or a strong wind could knock it over. (I suppose we, like your other said employee, have our own unique ways of evoking the image. Perhaps a photograph would work better? Let me know and I will send you one so that we can both be on the same page.) Ms. Handman provided your employee Joe with this description the last time she made this complaint. That was almost a year ago, when she and I signed this year's lease. The context that frames your employee's description of the fence is thus: I had asked if it would be alright to have a dog stay at our house for some time, and your employee's response was that it was unwise of me to bring an animal into such an unsafe environment. (Apparently proactive property maintenance and wisdom have no noteworthy correlation.) (And don't worry, said canine is far away in Los Angeles.) She used the fence as a means to defend your policy against dogs in rental units, and then assured me that she would see to having the fence repaired since it met neither my nor her own standards, which, I assume by the high standards of your business management, are informed by years of professional experience in the field. Of course, this exchange happened over the phone, so there is no way for me to prove it actually took place short of resorting to polygraph testing, but I assure you that I am not quite creative enough to make a story like this one up. As far as your questioning of the legitimacy of my dissatisfaction with the state of your rental unit, I shall again refer to the advice on the DCA's web page: "If a tenant believes that his or her rental unit needs repairs, and that the landlord is responsible for the repairs under the implied warranty of habitability, the tenant should notify the landlord. Since rental units typically are business investments for landlords, most landlords want to keep them safe, clean, attractive, and in good repair." I do not understand why you are less interested in the maintenance of your business assets than I; of course, it is your prerogative to neglect such responsibilities, and I don't see much point in trying to force you to fulfill them, since I, unlike yourself, shall only have to cope with the unit's rather unsavory (although not intolerable) conditions for a few more months. Perhaps you are familiar with the adage with which noted poet Robert Frost is credited; something to the effect of "Good fences make good neighbors." If you take a look at the comments on your business' page on the Davis Wiki, you may read this one, from January of 2009 prior to your company's name change: "[my feelings about Acadian are] Mixed. Haven't had many of the bad experiences because I'm persistant (sic) when asking for help and have always recieved (sic) what was critical. They did tell me that the owner didn't care about reparing things that left unchecked, will devalue his property over time. (sic, sic, sic) But who knows. Not my problem. They are a pain in the a** and really drag their feet about things. All things considered, I'd never use them again and would warn anyone I liked away from them." Sometimes I fantasize about leaving similar comments on public web sites that prospective renters are known to peruse, but I would first rather afford you the dignity to give you a chance to improve our business relationship, which is why I have taken the time to engage in this correspondence. Maybe you don't think that your/my/the owner's fence is an important matter, but I'd imagine you think that my relationships with your other customers, and with yourself, is. With regard to fair housing laws, I do not feel that I have been either discriminated against or harassed by anyone at Ally. My only complaint is of neglect, which is a form of abuse and disrespect, especially when aimed at a paying customer. I understand that the owner will not allow you to make any repairs, and that your responsibility is apparently not to lessees but to property owners instead. However, I do not understand why ours hired a property management company to manage his/her property but refuses to let you do so. Anyhow, I am sincere when I say that I truly enjoy living here, and will continue to enjoy doing so regardless of any actions that you do or do not take with regard to the fence and screen door. Please take care, and I hope that you have a great day. —ChristinaRobinson 1141 words! I'm going to read it but golly! I was just thinking about making a walls of text wiki page Daubert


2011-08-29 14:25:07   Very unprofessional employees. —AB

2011-09-06 14:37:16   DO NOT RENT FROM ALLY UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! Save yourself some time, heart ache, and $$$$$. They have the worst reputation in Davis for good reason. We kept our place in exceptional condition, and while I do expect to not get 100% of my deposit back, I did expect more than 10% of a $3000+ deposit! They rely on taking advantage not only of students who have little resources for recourse, but also on professionals with enough money, but little time to fight any inappropriate charges. The office staff is terrible. We put in several maintenance requests that were never addressed making the property nearly unlivable. I'll chalk my problems to a learning experience, and if I can prevent one person from going through what I went through with Ally, then my lost deposit is worth it. Suffice it to say, we have moved out at the end of our 1 year lease to better accommodations and better management. PLEASE HEED ALL THE POSTINGS ON THIS PAGE! They didn't seem real when we were looking a year ago, but in my opinion, all posters are being far too nice. Do yourself a favor and rent from ANYONE ELSE in Davis.

2011-09-08 22:38:52   This might be my favorite page on Davis Wiki, for the comments alone. —jsogul

2011-09-20 19:44:28   PLEASE READ ME!!!!!! I NEVER make reviews on ANYTHING however after my experience with ALLY and/or ARCADIAN Property whatever the F they're called (probably had to change their name after some shady business???), I HAD to write something so that other people won't make the mistake of choosing this HORRIBLE HORRIBLE property manager. I just wished that I had read all the other reviews on this page, complaint is pretty much the same. ALLY PROPERTY SCAMMERS makes their money from scamming people when they move out. These money-hungry thieves just billed me for $800+ for damages and repairs that were WAAAAAAY over due. Meaning that my place QUOTING from the leaser, was the oldest unit among their property and they are charging me to switch out an A/C unit they've been using for like 20 years or so(Are they serious???). It was even working PERFECTLY fine till the day I was moving out, and I know this because I sweat a lot and I NEED A/C, so I used it while I was there. Not to mention other small things that I don't even feel the need to explain. I am a very clean individual, yet I've had the place professionally cleaned and was still charged for a lot of cleaning. I am planning on sending out my complaints to whatever authorities that may assist me with this matter after confirming that I am NOT the ONLY one who got scammed by these thieves.

I have NOTHING good to say about them since all the "good" I can talk about is something any other management would cover as BASIS.



2011-09-20 19:58:54   PLEASE READ TILL THE END- I made an account just to post this comment to warn others of what may happen to them if they make the poor decision of renting from this property: My general experience with this place (Fifth Avenue APT) was ok. But just ok. The unit that I lived in was old and had bug problems but the neighborhood is quiet and nice and they are pet friendly too. The maintenance speed is good and they come pretty promptly to fix whatever is wrong. The management lady that works on site always said to me that the unit I lived in was old so it had a lot of little problems. I once called Ally property and I have to say that whoever works there is RUDE. Customer service is definitely not what they were providing, but snarky comments and a rude tone was all they could deliver- not acceptable. But this didn't affect my living there so it wasn't such a big deal.

Everything went from ok to W.T.F. after I moved out. I cleaned the APT for DAYS, everything from the toilet to replacing the stove with new drip units and honestly, if I had moved into a new house that looked like the way it did when I left, I would say it was clean. A month later I get a letter from Ally Property charging me $594.09 for Heavy cleaning, screens, blinds, repairs, and painting... WHAT. First off, my front door never even HAD a screen, and whatever "damage" there was on the screens was definitely not from me, I was only a subleaser and I only lived there for several months! A few of the blinds fell off from sliding it open and close so I can even make my peace with the rip off price of those but they even charged me for air conditioner filter and my AC barely worked!! The manager said that the house had known AC problems because of how old it was and they charge me for the filter change?!?! They also went ahead and sent me a bill for the ENTIRE UNIT being repainted. WHY? the walls are exactly as when I moved in and the only damage I did was perhaps a few scratches on the door from moving furniture and what not so if they want to charge me for the door painting then fine but THE ENTIRE UNIT??! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!? They are going to charge ME for the painting of the ENTIRE UNIT of a place as old and crummy as that?! THEY ARE THIEVES. Like I said, I was subleasing and lived there for not even six months. My lifestyle is quiet and not one of some crazy party-er and I lived in that unit as gracefully as humanly possible. They are taking advantage of my security deposit and then some, to fix and polish an old, worn down unit and I do NOT appreciate it one bit. This is a management property that thrives on the money they steal from students and if you ask me its a piss poor business overall.

Oh, PS and BTW, if the "free internet" sounds fancy to you, its only "free internet" if it actually WORKS. It does not work. You've been warned. —YLeigh

They did the same thing to me. They kept my entire cleaning deposit, and then attached a copy of their receipt for re-painting the entire unit, replacing the blinds, and "heavy cleaning." (And then they even asked me to send them more money to make up the difference!) I think they're doing it to everybody, just to see who's stupid enough to actually pay it. (I only wish I knew which city agency to complain to, since this is borderline criminal...)


2011-09-21 13:53:40   I would also like to add that they will charge you for basically everything that can be replaced. I went out and bought brand NEW drip pans and light bulbs, I even had to go out multiple times to get enough light bulbs and they STILL charged me for the drip pans, light bulbs and ..battery?? I replaced the drip pans with shiny NEVER BEEN USED-NEW drip pans and they STILL CHARGED ME. I don't even know what to say... I never even had a front door screen and they charged me for that too. —YLeigh

These are called "bad faith deductions" Take them to small claims court and get yours Daubert

2011-10-04 18:08:18   Would anybody know why these people aren't in prison? I personally had the same experiences with most editors here, isn't lying, stealing and being a complete buttheaded business, please tell me why they are not in jail as this has gone on for a long time. —Theangrydiner

  • They can't be put in prison because it's an issue of civil law rather than criminal law. Ever notice how Judge Judy can't throw anybody in the slammer? Same reasoning here. From a profit-maximizing point of view, companies have very little reason to stop because most people are too lazy to file lawsuits and report them to the Better Business Bureau. This is why you see so much corporate corruption in general. Because in American capitalism, crime DOES pay! :) —ScottMeehleib

2011-10-19 14:42:41   I've had a really bad experience with them. They are extremely rude and talk down to their customers. I called them with an issue and never got a call back. —WendyWang

2012-01-09 14:54:39   Acadian or Ally Property Management constitutes the ONLY bad experience I've ever had in three decades of renting. DISHONEST, RUDE... LIKE I'VE NEVER SEEN BEFORE. —AdrianaDeLuca

2012-03-31 14:52:54   DO NOT RENT FROM Ally Properties! I am warning you now the cheaper rent is not worth it unless you enjoy living in a 50 degree apartment/condo without electricity in the winter and 90 degree apartment/condo in the summer. The first few days after moving in we saw cockroaches and they did not care. The toilets do not work properly and do not flush. It is like living in the old days without electricity and plumbing and I repeated this for a reason. Oh and if you are a student then be worried about your internet turning off all the time especially when you have a paper due or a midterm to study for! Im telling you now DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. —BYang

2012-06-18 10:32:51   HOMEOWNERS BEWARE. Read the reviews on Yelp and Davis-wiki before handing over the management of your property to this company. MY EXPERIENCE: My family and I were interested in renting the duplex at 1801 Imperial Ave. In the advertisement, it stated that it would have "new paint, and new counter tops". We went to see the property and were overtaken by the smell of pet waste! We decided to take our chances and sign the lease, figuring that if there were any problems when moving in that this management company would be competent enough to address them.

This morning as we were about to sign the lease in their office, it was explained to us that the counter tops would not be replaced before we moved in. Also, it was very ambiguous if the house was going to be painted based on the explanation of an emotionally weak man in the front of the office. When I asked if the pet ridden property would be painted to this lame individual, he stated "You snarled at me! I don't think this is going to work out". At this point, I was not interested in subjecting my family (2 kids and wife) to this type of management. He then later responds, "I had my doubts about you guys when you brought up the concern about the pet odors"......Unbelievable! They obviously do not have our best interest in mind so good riddance. BEWARE OF THIS PROPERTY AND THE MANAGEMENT. Look at the reviews on Davis Wiki and Yelp and please make an educated decision. They have many properties (which is unfortunate) and they have shown my family and I that they do not have any interests of the tenants, or in this case prospective tenants, in mind. I am so grateful that we had this bad experience BEFORE signing the lease!! DO NOT SIGN THE MANAGEMENT OF YOUR PROPERTY OVER TO THIS COMPANY!! SAVE TENANTS OF DAVIS THE HEADACHE/ANGER —casewon1

2012-06-24 12:53:48   As a current tenant, I have to say that I am literally counting down the days until I move out. Honestly, if it wasn't for the fact that its my business location and my new space isn't ready yet, I'd leave now. The WORST property managers I've ever dealt with. EXTREMELY rude and unprofessional. To all owners, find a better manager for your property. To all prospective tenants, find a different property, its not worth it. —Aaron.Curtin

2012-07-22 13:03:40   I am thinking of moving into aspen terrace, 1443 wake forest drive, has anyone lived there, what is your experience living there? Is it noisy? Are there cockroachers? Rats? This property is managed by ally properties...cheers —LidiaDee

2012-09-22 12:28:44   DO NOT RENT FROM ALLY! Rented a 2 bedroom at 805 E 11th from Ally Property Management for one year 2011-2012. I have had many neglectful and unresponsive landlords, but Ally was the WORST!!!

FAILURE TO RETURN SECURITY DEPOSIT Despite leaving the apartment in better condition than upon move-in, Ally charged us our full security deposit of $500 and an additional $85 in cleaning, repair, and painting. These repairs were on blinds which we reported broken upon move-in, painting which we were very careful to perform touch-ups on nail holes etc. , and cleaning which we had done professionally prior to move-out and provided a receipt to Ally.

FAILURE TO COMPLETE REPAIRS: While living at 805 E 11th we often had no working internet, despite internet being included in the lease (and advertised on the side of the building). The longest outage was over 2 months. We complained often on the phone, only to be told either that the internet was in fact working properly (which it was not), someone was there fixing it (which they were not), or that it was not their responsibility to fix it (which it was). After a snail-mail letter requesting a repair the wireless was restored...for about a week.

The sewage output in our apartment building was not functioning correctly, and we reported this to Ally right away. The problem was visible from the inside as our toilet bowl emptied of water, but more concerning was the RAW SEWAGE flowing up from the drain in the parking area. This happened twice in a week, and we often had no working toilet. During the repair the contractor hired by Ally left our only bathroom unusable, and we had to retrieve the plaster from our toilet ourselves in order to use our bathroom.

After repainting the kitchen cabinets, the contractor hired by Ally failed to replace our cabinet handles for a full month. This created a major inconvenience in using these cabinets, as you had to either leave all the kitchen cabinets open or use your fingernail to pry each cabinet open. Requests for this repair was ignored by the Ally Management office.


2012-11-29 18:22:46   An open letter to Ally Property Management Co.: Ally Property Management is perhaps the single most irresponsible and idiotic management company that ever managed to come into being. They not only do not understand what the meaning of customer service is, they also do not understand what it means to be a goddamn management company, because quite frankly, I have yet to see them manage a goddamn thing. Every time I have called to speak with a representative, I have been confronted with nothing but blatant disregard for my status as a tenant as well as a complete lack of understanding. The people who work for Ally are not only incompetent, but also perhaps mentally challenged. I recently received a bill that charged a sink repair to my account. Now, let me ask you this, what kind of a half-assed management company charges its tenants for repairs? In all of my four years of leasing an apartment in the Davis, all the management companies I have rented from were courteous and professional enough to answer my requests in a timely manner as well as NOT CHARGE me for something that is usually included in our tenant package. Thus, it has led me to conclude that the Ally Management team is run by complete assholes. —LinhBanh

2012-12-12 23:40:23   Absolutely terrible, and I am bound to this awful company for another number of months. Counting down the days till I move out and don't have to deal with this awful bunch.

The "Vice President" Joe, is such an asshole. I go in with simple questions and a friendly demeanor, and he proceeds to interrupt me with a bunch of BS that is completely unnecessary. He doesn't even answer my question. If I ask it again, he'll interrupt and refuse to let me clarify my question, and has once called me "slow" for not understanding the bullshit that he spews out of his mouth. I don't even think HE knows what he's talking about. Every time I've dealt with them I've come out of their office angry and dissatisfied. Who the hell taught you to run a business like this, insulting your clients, dismissing them without providing them with any help?

Well, also know for a fact that they swallow most of or all of your security deposit, even if your apartment is left sparkly clean and fixed up. I've never dealt with a business that was so unprofessional and rude. Every simple task turns into a frustrating nightmare. Is there any way to shut them down? They've been in business forever and their bad business practice should not continue for a day longer.

Advice to freshmen, transfer students, or just people looking for housing: if it is managed by Ally Properties(or Acadian, their old name), RUN. Don't even turn back or consider these people. —AnthonySheu

2013-03-14 00:25:22   Well, very, very glad I took a look at all of your comments before actually scheduling something with them! Indeed, they sound so, so friendly on the phone when you're a prospective applicant, and at least some of the houses they manage appear fairly appealing from outside...What a shame, they could have great business in Davis and instead they get the responsible type of prospective tenants to run away! I don't understand the logic in this. I guess their rental prices seem like a good deal (for Davis) because they PLAN on keeping your deposit money and charging you for any normal wear and tear? Any more recent experiences with them (2013?) Just wondering if this place is still run by the same "professionals". —KarenGraham

2013-06-13 11:02:03   From 2009 thru 2012, I lived in an Acadian/Ally house rental. I would admit, it was not a new home, it was built in the 60's, it was old - poor insulation, no a/c, no dishwasher, etc. I was not modernized in any way. But I wasn't looking for that at that time, I was looking for what I could afford.

If there was a problem, Acadian/Ally would fix it. I didn't trash the place, they didn't rip me off. In fact, I made improvements to the yard, I painted (then painted it back to the correct color), etc. because I wanted things to be nicer. They came and took care of pests whenever I asked. They trimmed the trees as needed, yard work done by them was minimal, but they did it on a regular basis. Without asking upon moving in, they provided a portable a/c unit which cooled off the house well. Upon renewal of the lease, I walked in to their office and won the drawing for a new laptop computer. Can't beat that.

You get what you pay for in life, and this is no exception. If you expect superior treatment, then Acadian/Ally is not for you. Could they do better, sure. Could they do worse, yeah. But they didn't keep my security deposit. In fact, I received back all but about $60 because a screen and something else was broken.

Luckily, I was able to buy a home and am no longer a renter! —PeriSiepman

2013-07-25 07:53:16   Word to the wise: if you're trying to get something fixed, don't be afraid to be annoyingly persistent. Call them every other day to check in on the status of the repair. Otherwise, it's unlikely that anything will be fixed at all. With that said, you'll attract more flies with honey than vinegar, so be polite.

Also, I do have to echo all of the above comments. It's best not to become involved with this company. If you do decide to rent with them, TAKE LOTS OF PICTURES before you move all of your belongings into the house. Document everything, including things that seem minor (e.g. scratches on floor, chipped paint). —TeaBird

2013-09-09 18:24:43   Well, I can wholeheartedly agree that this is probably the "worst property company" in Davis. I have NEVER dealt with more unprofessional group of individuals. As a parent, I really thought they were trying to take advantage of the students. It was funny how they said that they were "adults" and should deal with it on their own, and yet, still wanted their parents as guarantors. Bottom line, the place was a DISASTER.....on the day we were suppose to move in. They only had excuses, were completely rude and refused any help. Then threatened to break the lease....which we happily accepted! Went to Zabace Property Management and was treated with respect. PLEASE PLEASE save yourself a headache...go through ANY company besides Ally. —nataliejosmart

2013-09-26 16:44:12   DO NOT EVER SIGN THE LEASE WITH THEM! If you do choose to sign it, just remember you are signing your life away to them! At one of apartment complex I was staying at, a peeping Tom looked through my window, and not only was he peeping, he was also masturbating outside which scarred me emotionally to this day. I called the police and they came to arrest him. Later I found out that he was my neighbor in an adjacent apartment less then 100 feet from me. I felt unsafe to live in the complex anymore knowing that he lives so close so I contacted the management to ask if I can break the lease. They asked for proof and for some weird reason, it had to be from somebody in the same complex. So I went to get a police report to show them. And a week later, they still refuse to let me off the lease. I had to continue paying rent even though I was living at a friend's place because of how uncomfortable I felt living in the same complex as the peeping Tom. The lady was unreasonable and just did not care about the safety of the tenants living in the complex. She even told me a story about a murder that took place close to one of the other complexes they manage and those people wanted to break out of their lease and they refuse to let that happened. They just want your money and does not care for your well-being. Also, you will get little to nothing back from your security deposit. —Sillybagel

2013-12-18 19:36:54   This property management company (Ally) is great. The company is responsive with maintenance requests and can be reasoned with if you have any issues. I was late paying rent once and they didn't fine me like the last place I lived at. Haven't had any problems with the company since I moved in 18 months ago. Cheers. —Topherkins

2014-03-05 16:28:12   I'll start off admitting that I have never rented from this agency. That said, a 2 minute phone inquiry made me certain that I never will. The receptionist(s) are morons to put it gently. The woman I spoke to first was rude and didn't seem to understand that it was strange for a listing on line to say one thing but for her to say the opposite (web listing says pets allowed- secretary says no pets of any kind allowed). The second woman was rude as well but I suspect that had more to do with the frustration of being surrounded by idiots. —FrijolesJones

2014-03-25 17:57:16   I think this is actually a great property management. There are a lot of bad reviews for this place. Whenever me and my housemates had a problem with the house they came the next day to fix it. This included blinds, stove (they got us a new stove), heater. We have never had any problems with them and never think we will. —BryanaRamirez

2014-06-23 18:56:11   I was curious about a place in downtown that they managed so I called in to set an appointment to look at the place on I st. I went there only to find that the "leasing specialist" already had 2 other interested groups looking at the place at the same time, and couldn't answer any of my questions, from turnovers to dimensions of the apartment. Unprofessional and incompetent. —Kacarab

2014-08-04 17:52:10   DO NOT RENT FROM THEM. You will regret it after you have to pay hundreds of dollars for their fees. They will steal your money and waste your time. They are rude, unprofessional and absolutely do not care about resolving your issues. All these comments are correct: they are money hungry and all on a power-trip, especially Joe and the broker Chanel. Joe will tell you one thing one day and another the next day. They don't want to be held accountable for anything. E-mails are rarely responded to, phone calls are never returned, and if you finally get someone on the phone they are either rude or cut you off and refuse you answer your question. I tried resolving an issue with Joe about a fee on our account and he hung up on me. And if you want to sublease, good luck! They charge a $100 fee every time someone is added or removed from the lease. One of our housemates didn't renew their lease so we had to find someone to sign onto the lease and we were charged $100, just for having someone new sign the lease. Take my advice and read the comments below- Do not rent from them! Once you sign that lease, you will regret it! Their properties may seem like good deals because the rent is cheap, but trust me, you pay for it in the long run. Stay away. —SamR

2015-03-25 03:21:05   I think the number of comments on this page speaks for itself. I lived at one of there properties for two years and am pretty sure will not rent from them again. Their response to maintenance requests are quick if they are simple like fixing the garbage disposal. But when I called in for rat problems they simply told me to place rattraps. They are only nice when you sign a lease or drop your rent check. Other than that, they are very aggressive and hard-handed as if I were asking for money or something. They are very very rude so I tried to keep interactions with them minimum as possible to avoid any stress. Most of the apartments don't have one site management and their hotline is useless most of the time when it comes to emergency. They took almost half of my deposit and charged me twenty something dollars for reissuing the check when it wasn't delivered. I think these people are still in business because they attract new customers with relatively cheap rent and free wifi. But considering the amount of deposit they take from you, the price is not cheap at all. So please do some research and make a smart choice. —daisyshaw