Almondwood Apartments

1212 Alvarado Ave

Davis, CA 95616

Alvarado Avenue in North Davis between Sycamore Lane and Anderson Road
near The Marketplace shopping center.

Sunday Closed

Monday 10 am - 5 pm

Tuesday 10 am - 5 pm

Wednesday 10 am - 5 pm

Thursday 10 am - 5 pm

Friday 10 am - 5 pm

Saturday Closed

(530) 753-2115
Text 47464 ("AW")
Almondwood Apartments
Types of Units
100 Rental units
1br/1ba, 2br/1ba, 2br/1.5ba - townhome, 3br/2ba,
3br/2ba - townhome, 4br/4.5ba - townhome
Rental Rates
Online floor plan and pricing information
Pool, Spa, Fitness Center, 24-hour Laundry Room,
Study Lounge, BBQ Area, Volleyball Area,
Off-Street Parking, Central Heating and Air Conditioning
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Almondwood Apartments in Davis is located on the South side of Alvarado Avenue between the Alvarado/Anderson Roundabout and Sycamore Lane. The apartment complex is located in North Davis just east of Highway 113 and North of West Covell Boulevard. It shares the area with other apartment complexes and rental housing options making it popular with the students from UC Davis.

Almondwood Apartments in Davis Almondwood Apartments is one of three locally-owned and operated Davis apartment complexes related to Davisville Management Company. The other two apartment complexes available for rent in Davis are Fountain Circle Townhomes, located directly across the street from Almondwood Apartments and Aggie Square, located on the West end of Alvarado Avenue near the Anderson/Alvarado round-about and directly across Covell Blvd. from Anderson Plaza Shopping Center.

Located next to The Marketplace, renters have quick access to a variety of shopping options. Immediately in front of the apartment building is a bus stop for the Unitrans G Bus Line (servicing the Memorial Union) and the J Bus Line (servicing the UC Davis Silo). Buses come by every 10 minutes. Access to bicycle paths and the Covell Greenbelt enable residents to enjoy many Outdoor Activities that make Davis a great place to live and attend school.

This apartment complex has a variety of rental options from which to choose. From one-bedroom/one-bath flats for those who choose independent living to four-bedroom/five-bath townhouses for group and family-style accommodations. Take a look at the floor plans below to find a plan that suits your lifestyle.

Almondwood Apartments has a pool and a spa. The pool includes a 25-meter lap pool. There is a BBQ and picnic area located in the pool and spa area. There is also a fitness center, a large clubhouse, and a volleyball court available to tenants.

To learn about more rental housing options in Davis, check out our Rental Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

Additionally, Almondwood Apartments have additional storage available for rent for both tenants and the general public.  Storage facilities are immediately next to the apartments.  More information can be found at http://selfstorageindavis.com

Management Notices

Detailed information and photos of Almondwood Apartments’ freshly remodeled interiors are available on the Almondwood website.

Call Almondwood TODAY at 530-753-2115 for all information on housing, touring dates, and holding deposits.

Move-in/Move-out – Leases periods at Almondwood Apartments are from September to August. This schedule is designed to coincide with the standard school year at UC Davis.

Davisville Management Company provides complimentary high-speed wireless Internet service throughout the common areas of its related apartment complexes in Davis. The wireless (Wi-Fi) network is intended to be used for entertainment purposes by residents and their guests free of charge.

The speed at which an individual can connect is dependent on many factors including:

  • the quality of the wireless adapter;
  • the distance from the access point;
  • obstruction(s) between access point and computer;
  • the number of users on the system; and
  • the intensity of all users combined downloading at a given moment.

Davisville Management Company does not guarantee 24/7 Internet availability and does not make any representations of an end user’s Internet access speed because factors affecting Wi-Fi access speed vary substantially with the conditions described above. Since the internet is an important part of everyone's life, it is a good investment for individuals to have an alternate method of connecting to the Internet for times when the complimentary Wi-Fi is not available. Often the Wi-Fi in the clubhouses will continue to operate even if an access point within the apartment complex is interrupted.

To maximize everyone's enjoyment of the complimentary Wi-Fi service, there are a few simple rules to observe:

  • The Wi-Fi service connection may not be used for business uses or illegal activity;
  • The Wi-Fi service connection may not be used for file sharing with programs like Kazaa, Bearshare, Napster, etc.;
  • Out of consideration to others, please refrain from downloading large files (>100 MB) during the peak use hours of 6 PM to 10 PM.

To help maintain a fast and reliable Internet service for everyone, violations of rules may result in loss of service privilege. Management also reserves the right to update the rules at any time by written notice. It is strongly recommended to run an antivirus program and maintain a firewall on your computers.

Inspections – Apartments are inspected a minimum of three times.

  • Move-in inspection. The manager (or designee) will inspect the apartment along with the renter prior to move-in. This gives the renter the opportunity to document any existing issues with the rental unit and it gives the manager an opportunity to correct any items not up to standards.
  • Pre-Move-out inspection. Two weeks prior to vacating of the rental unit, Almondwood will offer a pre-move-out inspection. This inspection allows the rental manager to highlight any potential cleaning or damage issues and provides ample opportunity for the renter to remedy those issues.
  • Final inspection. Upon move-out the manager and renter will inspect the unit for cleanliness and/or damage. Renter will be provided with a copy of the final inspection and notified of any issues that may be charged against the security deposit.

Bicycle Parking is available throughout the complex at the following locations:

  • Near the parking lots
  • Adjacent to buildings
  • Private patios

Apartment Amenities

Pool and Spa – The pool and spa are located in the center of the apartment complex near the manager’s office and the Clubhouse. The pool includes a 25-meter lap pool. Hours of operation are 10am to 10pm.

BBQ area by the pool and spa Poolside BBQ and Picnic Areas - Almondwood offers a BBQ and Picnic area to tenants free of charge. BBQs and picnic area are located within the pool area and are available during pool hours.

Workout Room/Fitness Center - A fitness center is available for Almondwood residents to use. No need to spend money on a gym membership. There is plenty of vehicle and bicycle parking available near the fitness center. The fitness center is open from 8am to 10pm and includes the following equipment:

  • 1 Treadmill
  • 3 Elliptical Trainers
  • 3 Stationary Cycles
  • Weight Machine

Wireless Internet Access - Davisville Management Company provides complimentary high-speed wireless Internet service throughout the common areas of the apartment complexes it manages in Davis. The wireless (Wi-Fi) network is intended to be used for entertainment use by residents and guests free of charge.

Laundry Room - A 24-hour laundry room located next to the manager’s office is available to tenants. The laundry room has 8 high-efficiency front-loading washing machines and 8 high-efficiency gas dryers. All machines are coin operated. Change for using the laundry facility is available in the manager’s office during normal business hours.

Study Room – Almondwood Apartments offers a study room for use to tenants. The study room is located next to the fitness center and is open from 8am to 10pm. During finals, hours are adjusted to accommodate student needs. The study room has tables for group study and carrel desks for individual studies.

Community Room/Clubhouse – Almondwood Apartments offers a community room for use from 8am to 10pm. The community room is available free of charge. The community room has a full kitchen which includes a stove, microwave, dishwasher, and refrigerator. The community room also has a flat-screen TV with VGA and HDMI inputs. Reservations are required and there is a cleaning deposit to use the community room.

Patios/Balconies – Rental units feature a private patio or balcony. Patios on the lower-level have a private access gate. The patios include a locking ring anchored to the pavement for locking bicycles. Check with the manager for specific information on patios and balconies.

Central Heating and Air Conditioning – All units come with forced-air heating and air-conditioning units. Energy efficient thermostats are located in the common living area. Units are serviced by the maintenance staff on a regular basis.

Included Utilities – Almondwood Apartments provide the following services as part of the rental package.

  • Water/Sewer
  • Trash
  • Recycling service

Other Utilities – Renters are responsible for activating and maintaining utilities not included as part of the rental. Almondwood management can provide contact information for utility providers.

  • Electricity
  • Phone - Location of the telephone outlets will vary from unit to unit. At a minimum, there will be one (1) telephone outlet in the common living area of each unit. Check with management before modifying or upgrading phone service wiring.
  • Cable TV - Location of the CATV outlets vary from unit to unit. At a minimum, there will be one (1) CATV outlet in the common living area of each unit. Check with management before modifying or upgrading cable tv wiring.
  • Satellite TV - Check with management prior to installation of Satellite TV services.

Off-street Parking - Off-street parking is available for all tenants. Some spaces are covered and all spaces are on a first-come-first-served basis. A parking permit is required to use the parking lot. Tenants can apply for a complimentary parking permit. Check with the apartment manager. Be careful of where you park as Almondwood shares pavement with La Salle Apartments.

Maintenance – Full-time maintenance person is available to assist with repairs or apartment issues during normal business hours. Maintenance staff is available after-hours for emergencies.

Cat Friendly – Almondwood is a cat-friendly apartment complex. Cats and small caged domestic animals are permitted at Almondwood. There is an additional deposit of $300 per animal. The additional deposit for pets will remain on account until the end of the leasing period.

Additional Closet/Storage Space – Some apartments have walk-in closets and/or additional storage space inside the rental unit. When deciding on which unit to select, be sure to see if space and storage requirements meet your needs. Check with the manager for detailed rental options.

Storage Lockers – Storage lockers are available for rent to both residents and non-residents. The storage lockers are located on the South side of the facility across the parking area. Check with the manager for storage rental information. http://selfstorageindavis.com

Stove Electric – Standard electric 4-burner stovetop and oven.

Dishwasher – Under-counter multi-cycle dishwasher.

Typical kitchen found at Almondwood Apartments in Davis Refrigerator – A frost-free refrigerator.

Microwave – Space-saver microwave oven built-in above the oven and serve as both a microwave and exhaust fan.

Flooring - Carpeting is installed in all units at Fountain Circle and covers the common living areas, hallways, and bedrooms. Vinyl flooring is installed in the kitchen and bathroom areas.

More details can be found on the Almondwood website.


Public Transportation – Almondwood Apartments is located directly on two Unitrans bus routes. A bus stop for the G Bus Line, servicing the Memorial Union, and the J Bus Line, servicing the Silo, is right in front of the complex. Yolobus is an option if you wish to take public transportation to West Sacramento, Sacramento International Airport, Woodland, or Vacaville. There are some transfer options between Yolobus and Unitrans. Visit the Yolobus website for details.

BicycleDavis is all about Bicycles. Bike Paths and The Greenbelt connect you to everything Davis. Riding East down Alvarado Avenue and turning right onto Anderson Road gives you a straight shot to the UC Davis Campus – less than 1.5 miles away. Access to the Covell Greenbelt is only a quarter-mile away if you ride East down Alvarado Avenue. Once on The Greenbelt, you can enjoy miles of bicycle paths, parks, and a variety of Outdoor Activities. From The Greenbelt, you can connect to the Davis Bike Loop which will take you on a 12-mile tour of Davis’ city Streets, Bike Paths, and Parks. By combining bike bath on both surface streets and The Greenbelt, it is only a 2.5-mile ride to Downtown Davis.

Pedestrian – The location of Almondwood Apartments makes it convenient to both shopping and recreation. A 1/4-mile walk East on Alvarado Avenue connects you to the Covell Greenbelt. A a few hundred feet walk to the West on Alvarado Avenue gets you to The Marketplace shopping center where there is a grocery store, banking, shopping, and restaurants.

Motor Vehicle – Almondwood Apartments is less than 1/2-mile from Highway 113 on which you can drive north to Woodland and Interstate 5, or South to Interstate 80 where you can head towards either Sacramento or the Bay Area.

Parking – Covered and uncovered off-street parking is available at Almondwood. It is first-come-first-served and is generally impacted during the school year.

Floor Plans

Visit the Almondwood website for floor plan details.







One-bedroom/one-bath apartment Two-bedroom/one-bath apartment Two-bedroom/two-bath townhome Three-bedroom/two-bath apartment Three-bedroom/two-bath townhome Four-bedroom/five-bath townhome


Photos provided by Almondwood management. See more photos and video tours on their website.







The pool located next to the clubhouse at the center of the apartment complex The spa is next to the pool and the BBQ area Gazebo located in the common lawn area of the Almondwood Apartments A place to work out is included as part of the rental A community room is available free of charge to tenants Plenty of room to exercise in the Fitness Center


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2009-02-24 20:21:35   I'm thinking of living here next year and am making plans with some friends. But I was wondering if electricity and internet are included in the price for an apartment (3 bed 2 bath townhouse to be exact). Also, any reviews or tips would be appreciated. Thanks. —LanyardLad

Electricity and internet are not included in the rent as of 2008-2009.

2009-02-24 21:27:51   I didn't live here (my girlfriend did), but they will hurt you on the security deposit (which is around a full month's rent), no matter how clean you make the place (and this place was clean, like there wasn't a single bit of dust or dirt anywhere in the entire place, they moved the fridge, everything). Their deposits are some of the highest in all of Davis, and even if you clean the place A LOT they will still find ways to take at least 1/3rd of it away, but often they don't even clean the place very well when you're moving in. If you have already signed a lease and are stuck moving in to this place (which I STRONGLY advise against) then please, cover thy arse and take a ton of photos when you move in, with the time / date etc. and keep a hold of them for move out so they don't take any more of your $$$. Also, there are definitely partiers about, but most complexes will be like that, but problems do occur if the party spills out of the apartment across the way from yours and onto the relatively small walkway, and if it's a warm spring day and you can't shut your window or have to face high AC costs, then it can be a bad situation. You do have to pay for your own electricity / gas (so hot water and Heating / AC), and definitely internet (but you have to pay for that in most places that aren't The Colleges or on campus housing, my advice would be to grab a 6-9 month combo package from comcast. Also, fyi, there are several students employed by the complex as some type of assistant, and while I believe some of the positive reviews are genuine, they could also be from the plants. Several of my friends had pest problems and unclean apartments when they moved in, and then still had significant sums docked when they departed, even though they left the place in better shape than they found it. If you are renting a townhouse (two-story) then expect high electricity costs from heating it up in the winter and cooling down in the summer.

Please don't let this be your first apartment experience, unless you want you want a bad one.

But, you will never have troubles finding uncovered parking, the pool and hot tub are quite nice, if you get in there before it "closes" no one's going to kick you out, it's right next to The Marketplace so you can always get to Safeway or a variety of other places for cheap(-er) food, and the G/J lines are kinda amazing. But, you can get all this and more at a place that won't screw you over if you look a little harder. Personally, though I know they have higher rents, and let's not even get into their politics, Tandem Properties will generally be upfront and honest with you, and their deposit and rental policies are quite fair.

Again, I didn't live there, but I did spend a big chunk of time over there and remember the issues my s.o. had to go through when leaving. In the end the roommates didn't fight the deposit because it would have taken too much effort, but basically JUST DON'T DO IT.

I'll be following this page if anyone else has any questions. -M. PS: Also, if you look @ Nicole Huff's User Info then it looks like she's acting as if she lives in both Almondwood and Fountain Circle, which if you notice that they both are managed by Davisville Management Company raises the shadiness factor up another notch. I mean, Nicole can't be renting at both places and comment in the first person on the same day, so one of them must be a lie, or she's employed by the company (which would explain her dazzling opinion on the management in both complexes— from Fountain Circle: I don't understand why everyone says that Laura is such a bitch and all that, she is always pleasant to me when I go in the office. I've never had any problems with her. —NicoleHuff).

2009-03-04 11:33:33   This is in reply to the entry made by M. about my posts.

I am employed by Almondwood Apartments, which is managed by Davisville Management Company. My primary working location is at Almondwood, but in the year I have worked here I have filled in at Fountain Circle, maybe 6-10 days. As and office assistant I do interact with Laura, and she is pleasant. I also have witnessed her interact with tenants and have never seen her doing anything she is accused of. Most of my interactions with Laura are in a non-work related scenario. I was planning on leasing at Fountain Circle before I finally settled at Almondwood and remember speaking to her numerous times and she was pleasant. In my other post I never claimed to live at Fountain Circle, I was merely commenting on my experiences interacting with the management, but perhaps I did not make it clear the context of these encounters, that of a co-worker and prospective tenant.


2009-03-20 14:34:25   In my most recent conversation with the manager, Julia, she was spectacularly rude. She yelled and implied that I was an idiot. She then referred me to her manager, who repeatedly interrupted me, and yelled "What's your problem?" into the phone. All because I wanted to clarify something about my lease. —anywherebuthere

2009-05-13 13:24:33   Don't live here, the manager, Julia, is a huge bitch. Ive been here almost a year and the last time I ever saw her was when I signed the lease. She never told us about closing the pool and hot tub for 2 months in the winter. They entered our apartment to cut a small bush that was growing in our patio unit unannounced. Now that there are horrible weeds growing, they dont care. They are closing the pool AGAIN to do more repairs that obviously couldnt be finished in 2 months. The email on her business card was wrong, and never supplied us with a correct one. Ive heard numerous times of Julia being rude to other tenants. I hate this place, Im so upset I moved here, Im paying way to much for no service. Don't move here. —Jess510

2009-06-29 00:12:12   ^ No idea what the above poster is talking about. Julia is extremely nice and polite, and my whole apartment can attest to that. I've lived at Almondwood for two years and loved it; the area is nice, repairs are prompt, and the manager is very nice and helpful. Highly recommended, don't let some of the unusually negative comments throw you off.

The security deposit thing, however, is indeed true (quite high). —Col

2009-07-17 09:47:12   I'm not sure what Jess510 is talking about, Julia has always been very kind, courteous and professional - by far the best apartment manager I've ever had in Davis. The place is pretty nice. Its a little older, but the one bedroom apt is spacious with a walk in closet. The only real cons are the old sinks and counters - especially in the bathroom - think 1980's fixtures. Otherwise I've really liked living here. The walls are thin and its easy to hear the upstairs neighbor walk from room to room, but overall, I've been quite happy. I'm not an owner or manager and as you can see from my profile, I've been quite critical of other apartment complexes in the past. Hope this helps. —DaveCar

2009-08-10 14:29:25   Unfortunately the sauna no longer exists. The last three managers have no idea exactly when it broke, but it has been useless for ages! I'm sorry about that, but I updated the page to show this :). The apartment complex really is a good one, I lived there for 4 years and still work for Julia during Turnover. They try their best to find the best vendors so every cent of the security deposit that *can* be returned *will* be returned. —CarissaBrehm

2009-08-25 19:31:49   I have been living in a 3 bedroom townhouse for a year in Almondwood, and will be moving out on Sept 1st, 09. It has been fairly good. the manager julia is a bit quirky and humors. (seems like she's clueless at times) But she's been helpful for any problems we've had. Both her and the maintenance has been real good to us. Anytime we had issues from something leaking or something breaking, she filed a work order and someone showed up to fix it within a day or so. (I think the guy's name is Gary, he's been quite polite.) And in regards to electrical costs, it's expensive. You don't need to pay for water or trash, but you do pay PGE for electricity. It looks like the AC, Heater, and Water Heater are all electric, so it's a pretty high bill if you don't try to conserve as much as you need too! And the security deposit is pretty darn high. ($1500 for our 3 Bedroom Town House). From what the office told me, if there isn't any major damages to the apartment, they will just charge for "cleaning." This will cost about $150 on average. So yes it's a lot, but if you clean up everything they shouldn't charge anymore. And as someone suggested best thing to do is take photos of everything on a digital camera and just save it to a CD or DVD right when you move in during the inspection. When you move out if they do have any issues with anything, you can show them the pictures with the timestamp. That should solve those issues! Overall fairly good experience. I had some loud neighbors in the same building that were quite loud at night, sometimes annoying. But location rocks, near marketplace, and J+G bus line. Can't beat that. Plus you can bike to campus in about 10 mins on average. So overall good. I haven't lived anywhere else, so don't know if something else can be better! :) —dennis54

2010-09-30 19:50:38   dont even bother cleaning the apt when you plan to move out. i myself, am an extremely meticulous and thrifty person, so i cleaned the apt and practically made it new. the security deposit came back. i received 45% of my original deposit. ridiculous.

otherwise the apts are located in a very convenient location. only a few steps away from the bus stops on alvarado, and right across the street from savemart or safeway(in opposite directions).

this place is aight. that is all. —mushroomdreamer

2010-10-01 19:07:09   lived here for two years. moved to a new place because we are down sizing (Thank God we did). This place has been alright, but can always improve. Maintenance is fairly fast and the maintenance guy is really nice. We often kept to ourselves. this is a place for college students - so expect partying and drinking every now and then. expect the hot tub to be busy (even at night past ten). The only thing i was a bit upset with is that once we were soon going to leave, they decided to come and "upgrade" our apartment. For instance, they put a new floor, new carpet, new tub... ya, the whole thing because we were moving. they commented that our apartment was an older model. everyone else had a new model already. geez, I was all paying the same rate as everyone else with a two bedroom, but i was stuck with an older model when they could have replaced it a while back. Oh well, that's how this place roll. Anyways, regarding the super high security deposit - yes, expect to lose about 400 - 500 dollars in cleaning!!!! Therefore, my biggest tip, don't clean. Just move all your stuff out, but don't bother cleaning because it is coming out of your deposit anyways. Other than that, bus stop and stores are just a walk over. Not bad at all. However, this place could have afford to put in a washer and dryer in every apartment since they charge such a high increasing rate every year.... but they probably won't do this. Oh, expect the laundry area to be super pack on Sundays and Saturdays. one of the few things i enjoyed was the long pool. it was nice. :) happy apartment shopping —ChiYang

2010-10-02 14:26:27   I lived here for a year with a couple of roommates. The place was a little dingy, but most things operated. Maintenance guy is very nice; sometimes fixes things in a mickey mouse sort of fashion. I thoroughly cleaned before leaving, including paint touch ups the whole works, and still was charged for a "medium" clean. Deposits are HUGE and expect to get less than half back if your carpet has to be cleaned. When moving in, be extremely meticulous about what is broken/damaged/missing; one of our screens was never replaced and the person doing check in had to bed told to write that it was bent. Overall a good experience, but I would probably not live here again due to high deposits and high cleaning costs. —StaceyHorn

2010-11-27 18:26:29   Nice apartments, nice maintenance staff, TERRIBLE MANAGEMENT. The manager, Julia, refused to give me a copy of my lease when I lived here until I quoted the section of California Civil Code she was violating by refusing. She is very nice as long as you don't try to stand up for your rights, but God help you if you demand that they hold up their end of the deal legally. She tried to give me a copy of the next year's lease instead of my current lease, and insisted I was not allowed to have a dog, despite the fact that my lease included a pet agreement stating that pets were allowed (no restrictions on type of pet were mentioned either in writing or when I talked to the manager at move-in). She said that the next year's lease stated that dogs were not allowed and that, on that basis, she would evict me if I got a dog (despite an existing pet agreement and pet deposit paid - and never returned - for a pet that had moved out).

I asked to speak to her supervisor. When I called, the supervisor ridiculed me and yelled at me, using phrases like "What's your problem? I just don't understand what's wrong with you." I was calm and polite, and had to ask her several times not to raise her voice at me. I made clear that I simply wanted to express my concern at Julia's refusal to give me a copy of my lease, and her insistence on requiring adherence to a future lease rather than my current lease.

The other manager (I think her name was Nicole - perhaps this was the NicoleHuff mentioned below) advised me to illegally evict a roommate who was caught stealing from other roommates by intentionally damaging the front door lock, so it would need to be replaced, and not giving this tenant a key. They advised that we do this only after removing all of her belongings and placing them on the sidewalk outside the apartment. Need I mention that this is completely illegal? I later found out from the police that, had I followed her advice, I would have been subject to some pretty major fines.

Overall, I found the management to be rude and ill-informed.

That being said, the apartment was large and in good condition, and the maintenance staff were friendly and prompt. Of course, for $2,800/month for a 4-bedroom townhouse, they had better be. —MeganCleary

WARNING: The review below was made by a user who has previously tried to whitewash the page, and shares an IP address with someone who appears to be associated with the business. This could mean that they were left from the same computer, but could also just be caused by all the computers being on one network.

2010-12-04 11:44:49   The holiday season is really great at Almondwood Apartments. The manager just hosted a nice dinner for all the tenants and everyone had a great time. The food was delicious (and they even gave away prizes!). —Donkey

2010-12-11 11:57:20   These apartments are wonderful. Clean and spacious, I've lived here for several years now and the management is fantastic. Any time I had something broken in the apartment it got fixed promptly and the maintenance man is really nice. Julia (the manager) is super sweet and I have never had any problems. I wish I could live here longer but I'm moving away soon now that I'm almost graduated and I wanted to leave my mark! I loved my time here but its time for more people to enjoy it =). —kburnett

2010-12-27 12:02:03   Just when I thought Almondwood Apartment Management and their parent company Davisville Management couldn’t be any less caring about their tenets, they took it up a notch! I spent five hours on December 26th with the elderly sister of my even more elderly 76 year old neighbor in my apartment and the police and coroner going in and out during that time because my neighbor, Vivian, had been found dead. Of course, my neighbor’s death was terrible, but Almondwood and Davisville’s mis-management of the situation surpassed the litany of previous mis-management on their part.

When my neighbor’s sister called the Almondwood emergency number, and let’s be clear that I asked her twice if she was sure she called the emergency number, she got a voicemail to which she left a message about the concern of her sister and the voicemail was not returned. When she called same said number and actually got the on call person, she was told that the on call person had been out of town which is why she did not get a return call. She was then told that her concern about not being able to contact her 76 year old sister did not constitute an emergency!!!

When I called Janna of Davisville Management this morning for an explanation of how a situation like this would not constitute an emergency I was, as usual, blown off. When I was beside myself and stated that as a result of their inaction, Vivian lay there for probably two days, to which was replied that we don’t know that for sure. Perhaps Janna doesn’t, but I got the blow by blow play yesterday, as I took the police to the mailboxes to see how much mail had accumulated, as Vivian’s sister told the police and coroner that Vivian had not shown up for her hair appointment and she had not been able to reach her on the phone for several days to confirm Christmas dinner together. But as Janna stated to me “You are not on the coroners list as a person of authority.” She is right, I am just the person who lived next to Vivian for 12+ years, who was like a little grandma to me and who I cared for deeply.



This is the emergency maintenance employee and I wish to address the comments listed above by username dancer. This event was tragic and heartbreaking. I have lived her for three years so of course I knew the tenant that passed and she was one of the sweetest little old ladies I’ve ever met. She would always wave to me when we passed in the parking lot. To read this comment above was a great shock to all involved because it couldn’t be any farther from the truth. Whether mis-informed or simply angry, the comment above was designed to cast an even more negative light on an already tragic event.

The sister of tenant has been very gracious and has thrown no blame to management whatsoever. So this comment from dancer was quite surprising. The comment above states that we deliberately did not respond to the calls and messages left by the sister saying it was “not an emergency”, this is completely false. The sister had called the front office on a Friday night after closing and left a message saying that her sister had missed a hair appointment that day and that she would like someone to contact her. The outgoing message in the office states that if you have a maintenance emergency to call the maintenance emergency number. The sister did this a day and half later on Sunday. The first call I received from the sister on the emergency maintenance line was addressed immediately. The police were called straightaway. It was a very emotional and saddening event for all of us who knew the tenant. For the above comment to claim we do not care for our tenants is hurtful and incorrect in the extreme.


2011-02-16 16:31:49   In reply to the reply on my post. There was another neighbor there the first time that Vivians sister called the emergency number, not the apartments office number. Also, when Vivian's sister came on the 26th and had called ahead of time to tell the emergency contact person she was coming. When she arrived and knocked on the door she was told she would have to wait til the contact person got dressed. And in the five hours that I spent with Vivian's sister, the police and coronor, I did not once see any of the concerned Almondwood management come by to assist in any manner.

So now it seems that we are playing tit for tat at the apartments. I received a notice from the manager yesterday because I had left a bag of garbage just outside my door yesterday morning before I ran off to work and had the note on my door quoting on of the Almondwood rules of not leaving debris on porches and balconies that night when I go home. Granted, I did leave it out and it is a bad habit, but my norm is to throw it in the trash when I get home in the eve. I would not be so peaved about this because I did in fact break the rules. However, the management's enforcement of the rules is, to say the least, spotty! For example, I told the manager at the end of summer or beginning of fall about my upstairs neighbor leaving an old fishtank full of gross algae filled water on their balcony, but that still sits there and with the rain has overflowed onto my porch area just below and she has done nothing about it.

Another example is the parking problem that I told her about in either Sept or Oct and explain that much of the covered parking was being taken by non-residents. I was told she would put out a notice and as far as I could see, no notice went out. So when I talked to her again about the parking just recently and told her I saw someone riding in with their bike to put into their truck to leave, so quite obviously he was using our covered parking to park in while he was at school. Now the problem has gotten even worse since we talked the second time.

At one point I could find no covered parking and parked in a spot designated for motorcycle parking (that has gone unused for two years now and this was right after I put up my first comment here.) Of course there was a note that said "You are in a no parking zone! Please move your car or it will be towed!" First of all it was a parking spot not a no parking zone and had the management taken care of the problem when I first asked them to, three months previously I would not have taken the spot. So for the next week I went out the parking lot to take a tally on how many cars were parked in the covered parking without resident stickers. On 1/8 @ 11:45 am 37 cars w/o resident stickers, one of which was in the managers spot; 1/9 @ 8:30 am 40 w/o resident stickers one from LaSalle; 1/11 @ 10pm 38 w/o resident stickers 3 from LaSalle; 1/12 @ 7:30pm 36 w/o resident stickers 5 from LaSalle, 1/13 @ 6:30pm 33 w/o resident stickers 3 from LaSalle. I want to emphasize that I only took a count of the covered parking and not the rest of the lot that was filled with more non-resident cars! Also, someone from the LaSalle side of our complex had left notes on three the LaSalle cars stating the management had been notified. But of course two of the cars were still sitting there the next day and one the day after that.

Then there was about 6 years of myself and another neighbor fighting with management about closing the pool area at the time the rules stated so that the folks who actually work for a living don't have to go out and tell people to get out of the pool area in the wee hours of the morning. (They have been doing this on a regular basis now.) And frankly I could go on, but I won't. Although, the typical reaction of management, as seen by the reply to my first post, is to attack the complainers and not solve the problems. I fully expect more retaliation as a result of this post.

Now Almondwood is giving out free coffee in the mornings and having barbeques at night to attract new residents in. It would be really great if they would put their efforts into solving the problems the current residents have and not rip off the out going residents for cleaning fees. —dancer

2011-09-06 15:04:54   The security deposit at this apartment complex is high for Davis ($1000). I lived by myself in a 1-bedroom at Almondwood and wanted to get back 100% of my security deposit, if possible, although this hasn't been my experience fir renting apartments in Davis. The manger, Julia, was very friendly and did a pre-walk through with me to point out things that I would get dinged on if I didn't clean- this was as detail oriented as taking off the globes around the lights and cleaning out dirt, as well as cleaning the plastic seal in the inside of your fridge. It was a LOT of work, but the management worked with me and made it possible to get back ALL of my deposit!

If you are willing to put in some work, and will take the time to do a pre-walk through, there's a good chance you can get back most if not all of the high deposit. Also, keep in mind that you're going to half to jump through the same hoops for most apartment complexes in Davis; at least the manager here was willing to work with me. —cep

2012-01-22 12:38:00   My friends and I lived in a 3 bedroom flat here for 2 years. Thank god we decided to live somewhere new (not saying where, but there are better places out there...), because I absolutely love my new place. Almondwood was my first experience living in an apartment, so I didn't know what to expect. Well, I can tell you that we spent more money living here than we should've.

So after the first year, the managers usually give you incentive to stay another year or two by discounting your rent. However, they still raised our rent. The "discount" was that it wasn't raised to the amount others would have to pay if they were first-timers at Almondwood. At my current apartment, the landlord offered to let us keep our already low rental rate, and NOT charge us more.

The deposit is pretty high, and they intend to take a lot of it from you. My housemates and my Dad and I spent hours cleaning that place before moving out, and they still took a lot of our deposit. My dad cleaned the patio spotless, and they still charged us for it. The walls in our apartment were fine, but they charged us $300 for paint. They charged us $170 for cleaning. My dad is a property manager, and he says they charged us unjustly.

I emailed the manager our concerns. It took a couple of weeks for her to forward my message to the main office, and then the main office never got back to me: "Julia from Almondwood Apts. forwarded you inquiry to me at our downtown office. I apologize if there has been a delay in responding, but unfortunately your last email did not make it here! I will be happy to pull your file and look into this matter right away. I will be getting back to you shortly. Thank you for your patience. ~Janna Buccieri"

It's been a couple of months now... still no response. —AshleyChan

2012-03-06 15:23:50   Response to Ashley from Almondwood Management:

We are a little confused by your post that states you are still waiting for a response to your email. Janna really attempts to make sure residents are happy and satisfied. Janna is still out on medical leave but I will have her forward the reply emails back to you when she returns. I will do my best to reply to you so you don't feel overlooked.

After your email made it to her, Janna did respond and she gave me hard copies of emails between you and her including the following:

November 4, 2011

From: Janna

To: Ashley

Hello again Ashley,

I have had a chance to review your file and find that the charges seem to be in accordance with what was noted at the move-out walk through. The cleaning that needed to be done to bring the unit back to the same level of cleanliness as it was when you moved in was only the "Light Cleaning" level. If any cleaning is needed, a level of "Light, Medium, or Heavy" is assessed by the inspector and approved by the cleaning vender. The cleaning that was needed in unit #29 were, in part, the windows, the window tracks, the range, the refrigerator, the light fixtures, mirrors, bathtub, shower surround, to name a few items. We were able to get it passed as a "Light Clean" because it was not filthy, but did require work in each part of the unit.

The painting was also needed in each part of the room on a "Partial" basis (both flat and semi-gloss), and that cost both labor and material, we do split with you due to the length of your occupancy.

The receipts sent to you were copies of those provided by the venders. If you have any further questions or need more information, please feel free to give me a call or write back to me. Thank you.


Your reply:

November 6, 2011

From: Ashley

To: Janna

"Thanks Janna!"

We offer all of our residents an opportunity for a pre-walk through to help assess the level of cleanliness, this is especially helpful with several residents in a big unit. We also provide a detailed checklist to assist in the process and to serve as a roadmap to a full refund. As a property manager and business owner, your father's set of standards may be different than we utilize here at Almondwood when we prepare a unit for our residents. The customary approach is that apartments should be returned with the same level of cleanliness that had at the beginning of the lease. The amount of work necessary to prepare a unit is driven by the standards we follow to provide the apartment to the next resident just like the ones that applied at the beginning of your lease. If you would like to come in and discuss this again, we would be happy to meet with you. We would sure like to move forward on a positive note. Thank you.



2012-09-25 19:51:39   Almondwood is actually pretty decent, which is saying a lot for an apartment complex. They actually maintain your apartment as their stuff breaks instead of waiting until the end of the lease to charge you an arm and a leg for it (some things my room mate broke which was no fault of their own, and they repaired for no cost anyway) We were only charged 400 dollars on moving out, for the standard ridiculous cleaning rate, carpet cleaning, repainting what doesn't really need to be repainted, etc. That's to be expected from any apartment complex. The only gripe I had was that they charged us for the screens that were already warped when we moved in, but whatever.

Overall I'd give them an 8/10, solid place to live, especially after my traumatic experience at Tanglewood. —sundeimasu

2013-01-04 17:23:01   I lived here '10-'11 in a 2br/1.5ba, and I didn't enjoy my stay. The carpets are very old (I heard they were from the 80s?). I also thought the office hours were ridiculous, if ever kept. I had seen many a FedEx deliverer waiting outside their office, and I myself had waited an hour during their listed office hours for them. On another occasion, I saw someone else waiting in front of the office when I got back from class and again when I left for class an hour later.

It's a great location (next to Safeway and Petco and Savemart), and I did like that the kitchen had a shelf which seemed like it could've been really useful). I heard that the year after I was there, they also increased laundry prices. They also have a small workout room and study room, but the study rooms close at 10 (which for some students, especially during finals, isn't that useful) and was rather dark for a study room.

For me, the cons outweighed the pros so I didn't enjoy living here, but I have a friend, who doesn't have packages delivered or have to deal with management (i.e., he goes home every weekend) and he seems to not mind it there at all. I generally recommend against living here. —HannahToru

2013-06-07 14:49:45   how does this work —jjmonroe

2013-06-07 14:51:05   I have lived at Almondwood Apartments for almost four years now. I must say I do not care much for the new Manager Hilary. She closes the office early before 5:00PM before the closing time and she is not friendly . She really has a way of talking down to people. I really liked the old manager Julia and Gary. It just does not feel like the same Almondwood anymore. —jjmonroe

2013-06-13 11:56:37   MY GOD ARE THEY EVER IN THE OFFICE?! Sooooooo annoying. —Machbee

2013-06-14 14:24:43   We know that it is often difficult when there is a change in management personnel (especially when Julia was with us for nine years and Gary, five years), but we have confidence that Hilary is trying her best as an experienced manager to perform her job with friendliness and diplomacy. Hilary is required to occasionally leave the office for brief periods to come to the main office, to go to the bank, or she may lock the office to walk the property or meet with someone. We have also had her going to our other properties for training. We apologize if this may have caused you an inconvenience. We should be back to our posted scheduled hours within the next week or so. If you do come to the office and find it not open, you are always welcome to call me at Davisville (530-758-5800) and I will always be happy to assist you. We value our residents and sincerely want the opportunity to resolve any issues any of our residents may have with management. We pride ourselves in maintaining staff that is caring and responsive to our residents’ needs and we won’t settle for anything less. We respectfully request the opportunity to meet and discuss any issue that is bothering you. We hope you give us the chance to meet or exceed the high standards you are used to. We were not able to find your contact information on our roster but we do believe your comments were based upon your true feelings. Please call Hilary and let her know who you are so she can buy you a latte at Pete’s and re-start on a positive note and give you the individual attention you deserve. Thank you.

~Janna Buccieri, COO Davisville Management Company


2013-06-21 14:54:39   I am not one to write online reviews, but I signed up for a Daviswiki account just to do so. Here is goes:

First and foremost, I am a resident at Almondwood Apartments, and have been for only the last year. To say the least, I am MORE than disappointed in the management choices Janna has decided to implement on the complex. Julia was a fantastic manager. She was friendly, she smiled every time I came in, and it generally felt like she cared about her residents. I was sad when she left, but was pleasantly surprised with the younger manager they chose to replace her with. Although I don't remember her name (she was there for such a short time), she was always smiling, loved to spark up a conversation and was just generally down to earth. I was surprised when they replaced her with the cake-faced blonde that is now in the office.

Leave it to Almondwood to ruin a good thing.

Let's just say I am NOT impressed with Hilary, nor the way shes been running the show. She has a cold demeanor to her - whenever I stop by the office (that's if she's ACTUALLY there), I feel unwelcomed - almost as though I am a nuisance to her. It doesn't look like any of the staff is happy - especially the maintenance man, who has to deal with both Janna and Hilary. Every time he comes over for a work order, he looks stressed, unhappy and rushed. One time I recalled him getting multiple phone calls in the middle of him installing a new fixture in my apartment for what seemed like other jobs he needed to do. It was 4:30pm. It looks like he's definitely getting the butt-end of the entire deal.

Here are a few other reasons why this place sucks: -I've heard that packages are regularly stolen from the LOCKED parcel boxes outside by the mail boxes. -There are crazy older residents who will yell at you from their balcony if you're in the pool or hot tub a minute after 10pm. -Shady stuff happens in the back parking lot by the storage units...strange people loitering, cars showing up at all hours of the night, and NO ONE there to monitor the activity. I feel uncomfortable sometimes to be alone in my OWN home. -I've heard from multiple past residents that they will completely and utterly SCREW you with your security deposit...which is ONE MONTHS RENT.

Although I thought I was making a good choice by moving into this seemingly nice complex, I found out quickly that this place is shady and was not what it looks like on paper and online. If it weren't so hard to sublet an overly-expensive room far from campus, I would have gotten out of here a long time ago...but now I'm stuck waiting until summer ends, and when I'll inevitably be screwed out a majority - if not all - of my security deposit.

Just a word of advice to the naive sophomores looking for a place straight out of the dorms (or anyone for that matter!) DO NOT RENT FROM THESE PEOPLE. You are MUCH better off getting a house with a bunch of your friends so you don't have to constantly deal with the crap that these people will put you through.


2013-06-28 08:24:20   Hello Slowyouroll, I am concerned about the negative things you mentioned that you heard from others, but I can confirm that there have been no reports of anyone stealing from the US Mail box or of creepers in the back since I have been here. If you notice or experience any of these things please let me know ASAP and we can check our camera system footage to see if it was caught on tape. The night manager has not reported seeing any recent activity around the storage area during his walks around the property at night. Please don’t write me off based on secondhand information you heard somewhere about things that may have happened before I was associated with this property. I understand that the past few months have been a little busy with the interior upgrade projects. We have a maintenance team working on installing new light fixtures and cabinet hardware. In addition, we have had some new countertops going in by a subcontractor who only installs the countertops; we then install the new sinks, faucets and garbage disposals. I have not noticed any of the maintenance team under stress, but based upon your comments I asked Rafael if he needed additional assistance and he said that he is happy and has plenty of help. The only recent hectic times were related to a few days when new countertops were being installed and he was concerned because he wanted to make sure no one had to go without a kitchen sink overnight. We were having scheduling issues with the contractor and the calls were probably related to the schedule updates he was waiting for. We really appreciate how much Rafael cares about the residents and we have a lot of respect for him and his valuable contributions to our community. I know it will take a little time to develop the kind of friendships I desire to have with everyone, but my past experience leads me to believe it will be worth the effort. I respectfully request that you let me have the opportunity to prove to you how much I care about the residents here at Almondwood Apartments. I am planning to throw a resident appreciation BBQ for everyone on the 8th of July. Please come out and start getting to know me and feel free to bring your friends and family. Thanks and see you at the BBQ! :)  Hilary


2013-11-08 12:59:23   Slowyourroll, I digress.

Hilary handles her position very professionally. I have never felt belittled when talking with her, unlike the previous manager. Aside from that, Hilary is approachable and understanding. To everyone who wants to move to Almondwood, do it. Don't get discouraged from the comments in June, because you have to take into consideration that when everyone moves out and moves in, the maintenance crew has to fix up the apartments for the new tenants. Of course they'll be super busy.

I have never ran into any problems with my packages, you can always request to have the package left in the office if it makes you feel better. I have never seen suspicious people at night in the parking lot. And most of the cars driving through and the people walking in the parking lot late at night are RESIDENTS of the apartment complex, who are just on their way back from wherever or on their way out.(If it makes you feel any safer, there are police cars that patrol the area on the weekends when parties happen). I honestly think this apartment is worth the money I pay each month (especially cause it's next to Safeway, restaurants, CVS, the bus stops, etc). If you can't take care of your place, then obviously you shouldn't expect your deposit back in full.

The maintenance crew that Almondwood has here is simply the best. They're very friendly and fix your apartment very quickly and nicely.


2013-11-12 15:32:36   Ksantiago,

Thank you so much for your feedback, we really appreciate it and we do our best here to make sure that everyone is happy and satisfied to call Almondwood their home! I hope that we can continue to provide these services to you and the rest of the community for years to come!