This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


New location at 605 2nd Street

605 2nd Street , across from Varsity Theater
Mon-Thu: 10am-6pm
Fri: 10am-8pm
Sat: 10am-6pm
Sun: 11am-5pm
(530) 757-2142

In Davis since 1991, Alphabet Moon Toys & Treasures sells huge variety of toys and games. They gift wrap your purchases for free! They normally have a 15% off coupon in the Green Machine, which comes out seasonally. Alphabet Moon sponsors and provides donations for many local children's programs and community events.

At the end of February 2010, Alphabet Moon moved to 605 2nd Street (former location of The Naturalist) from their previous location at 235 F Street.

The many items Alphabet Moon has to offer include games, dolls, dress-up, puzzles, puppets, science kits, stuffed animals, craft kits, art supplies, outdoor toys, bath toys, magic sets, books, play food, cars and trucks, musical instruments, Thomas trains, Legos, Playmobil, Breyer horses, Schleich and Papo knights and animals, Webkinz, and much more! Plenty of the merchandise can be enjoyed by all ages. They carry toys made abroad from many countries and toys made in the USA and locally, as well as toys made from a variety of materials including wood, recycled plastic, natural fibers, and organic materials.

There is also a Thomas train table, a play kitchen, a bounce-on Rody, and many other floor model toys for kids to play with while in the store. On occasion the store puts on special themed days, with special discounts, crafts, and prizes. The store has a very kid-friendly atmosphere, and their motto is "Come in and Play!"

Each fall Alphabet Moon holds its Anniversary Sale during which the store's entire stock is 20% off.

According to a Davis Enterprise article, owner Christine Hildebrand said that "two big hits" led to Alphabet Moon's closing: the economy tanked and Target opened in Davis. This was on top of ongoing loss of business due to Internet sales.

The space was soon taken over by Avid Reader Active.


The place to stop off on your way to a birthday party for quality toys! The ever-changing selection of giftwrap Grand opening celebration at 205 2nd St Old location at 235 F Street Old location at 235 F Street


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2005-02-17 08:19:33   This store is great for those last minute kids gifts if you like to avoid corporate branding and prefer educational gifts! The only downside is that the store seems a bit pricey. —AlphaDog

2005-07-05 15:38:50   This store has a wide selection of unique toys, and gadgets. Kids aren't the only ones that will like this place —SiennaGrass

2006-11-03 07:56:31   Cool place that both our tot and dad loves. Re. the alleged downside of pricyness. I rather spend my hard earned cash in a small local store in my own community that a mega corporate box store. Either way, it's really not Am is really not more expensive than other places. Just purchased a $90 scooter for our tot. Sure it's a lot of $ but this is ain't no crappy quality plastic thingy made in a sweat shop in Asia. This thing is German made in what looks like aircraft quality aluminium and definatelly would survive a trip to the moon and back (that's what tots do you know). —ArneAnka

"2007-01-15 22:43:30"   Nice assortment of toys but I agree with AlphaDog; this place is a bit pricey. —RoseNylund

2008-01-20 23:25:35   Love, love, love this place! I take my daughter there all the time, and she absolutely adores it there. —Dr.Lindsay

2008-07-23 20:16:41   One word: Stickers! —SunjeetBaadkar

2009-04-11 22:09:22   You can count on Alphabet Moon to carry the good quality toys you want to buy for your kids (or for the never ending string of birthday parties). They carry wood blocks, trains, play cook sets, doctor kits, etc — real toys that kids play with and not highly advertised toys with blinking lights and loud noises. The prices are a bit on the high end, but I feel good giving them my business. (Also check out Dragonfire Toy Company in Woodland for a similar selection.) —GingerG

2009-06-15 14:38:14   Wonderful selection of toys you aren't used to seeing at big-box stores. A neat selection of everything, especially of educationally-based toys. Centrally located, and they have two train tables to entertain children whilst you shop. Love this place! —JuanaBNDavis

2009-09-20 02:16:10   Took kids here when I was back for the summer. The kids played in there for an hour before deciding what the wanted to purchase...this place has great stuff! —jsbmeb

2010-03-24 18:44:49   I actually didn't like the "arches" in the previous store, thought it obscured the displays. The new location looks so much brighter and cheerier. Good job! —LeeY

2010-08-18 21:43:05   so they sell realistic dolls with realistic organs.... like sex organs.... that is just wrong considering that the dolls are very cute and any kid would love to have them.. there are a lot of them and it is just wrong for a toy store to sell those —Churro615

2011-05-18 14:39:25   AMAZING STORE!!! KEEP THEM IN BUSINESS! The women who run this store are extremely helpful and kind to children. I just moved to Davis and this has quickly become one of our favorite places to shop. The let my toddler explore everything, which lets me know what toys I should be buying him. I went down the street to Mother and Baby Source and was quickly asked to instruct my 18 mth old to play with the toy kitchen in the back of the store. Of course, he wanted to play with everything on display (it's all on the floor and low shelves) and the owners kept telling him to not to touch this, that, Ugh! I got so annoyed I just paid for what I needed and went back to Alphabet Moon where I know I am always treated kindly and where I know my child won't get dirty looks. Of course, you can't all your gifts in one place, but because I am so impressed with the service, I try to do all my shopping at Alphabet Moon. Please try to keep this store in business. It's one place Davis shouldn't be without. —CarolinaWonder

2011-05-31 18:24:13   Alphabet Moon truly is a wonderful toy and treasures store for kids and families. The staff are kind, helpful and love to see little kids in their store. It is a great place to play and shop. CarolinaWonder, I am really surprised to hear about your experience at Mother and Baby Source. I have shopped there for years now and have always found Lori and her staff to be very friendly, kind and welcoming to my children. Like all retail stores, it is not designed to let toddlers and preschoolers play freely in the core product areas; But, Mother and Baby Source does have a rather extensive play/toy area designated for free play. The Davis Enterprise's Personal Shopper Heidy Kellison agrees with me when she sings the well-deserved praises of Mother and Baby Source in her recent article:

2012-01-03 19:03:04   It SUCKS that they are going out of business! I LOVE this store :( —jsbmeb

2012-01-04 08:45:03   Its sad to see them go as they had great unique gifts and did great wrapping jobs on presents. The arrival of Target certainly created some stiff competition and unfortunately they didn't seem to adjust well to this. I went in before Christmas and it was clear they would be closing soon. Biggest shopping time of the year and their shelves were already looking quite empty.


2012-01-17 11:53:00   Stopped by to check out sale items last week. Nobody expects you to sell things at a discount when you're a small business, but some of the board games we saw were priced 30% ABOVE suggested retail price. I'm all for buying local, but the fact that a clearance sale of 20% off the whole store doesn't even bring some prices down to MSRP might be a small hint as to why they didn't survive. —MeggoWaffle

2012-02-08 12:09:11   I am devistated that this place is going out of business! My kids really enjoyed coming here. Every time we came into Davis we made sure we stopped in and picked up a special treat! Great Place! —AndrewBelding

2012-02-08 23:05:38   Aww, man. That sucks that they're closing. I've only been in there once to buy a gift for a baby shower, but it seemed like a neat place. There weren't many things for infants/babies, but I did get this super soft non-stuffed animal (picture a hand puppet but sewed up without the stuffing) that was great. I have another niece on the way, so maybe I'll stop in to see what they have. —MichelleHV