Street sign by Catalina. Alvarado Avenue is a North Davis street that runs east from the back of the Marketplace, through the roundabout at Anderson Road, and ends in a figure 8 just past Catalina. The stretch between Anderson and the Marketplace is lined with several apartment complexes and Atria Covell Gardens retirement home. Confused residents of nearby Fountain Circle apartments occasionally show up at the retirement home for parties. They are promptly sent on their way.

There is relatively little traffic on the East half (between Anderson and Catalina). One thing bikers should be aware of, however, is the awkward overpass over a bike path tunnel between Fortuna Court and Espana Court where the road has a somewhat blind bend and becomes more narrow. There are almost always piles of tree clippings turned sidewalk compost piles present, which can make navigating this particular stretch a little interesting. There are also large yellow triangular bumps dividing the vehicle lanes, making drivers much less likely to increase the buffer zone between car and bike.

Apartment complexes on Alvarado:


Bus Routes on Alvarado:

One interesting fact about Alvarado is that the set of intersecting courts between Catalina and Anderson are in alphabetical order:

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