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The American Planning Association is an environmental student group interested in all issues with regards to the built, soon to be built, and areas kept unbuilt. Discussion of current issues, urban and regional planning, the environment, sustainability, community and economic development, urban design, affordable housing, Geographic Information Systems (GIS), networking, building your resume, finding jobs/internships, grad school information, guest speakers.

Undergraduates, graduate students, all majors are welcome to join. If you're concerned with the environment in which you live and care about what gets built and what doesn't get built, join them.

See the APA Student Chapter in the "Feature Archive: Student Life" on the UC Davis Division of Student Affairs website (under "American Planning Association" 2/12/2007).

We were just published in the March/April 2007 issue of SacValley Planner!


Interested in...?

  • Community development
  • Planning
  • Project management

Come to the next meeting of the American Planning Association (APA) Student Chapter!

See you there!

Rachel Sanders

APA Student Chapter

Future Plans

  • Designing a T-shirt
  • Attend Planning Commission and City Council meetings
  • Guest speakers
  • Grad school information
  • Working with our faculty sponsor
  • Sending students to the annual national conference in Las Vegas

Sim City Pizza Planning Party

  • Each March the APA hosts the "Sim City Pizza Planning Party" where we make citys on pizzas a la the "sim city" computer game.
  • First, you build your city. Put in parks, industrial, commercial, whatever scale and whatever theme you like.
  • The computer game has disasters like earthquakes, fires, nuclear meltdowns.
  • We have disasters like "the oven" and "the mouth"
  • Perhaps the most famous disaster of all was at the 2005 party where CRD student Carrie Harvilla built San Francisco on a pizza, baked it in the over (to simulate the great earthquake of 1909) then poured on vodka and lit it to simulate the subsequent fires.
  • Get your ideas ready for the 2007 party!

Justin warns his city to prepare for Disaster # 1