The American River Trail near Nimbus Dam on the morning of 03/15/2007

Temporary Partial Closure - Due to a recent railroad trestle fire on March 15, 2007, a portion of the trail is closed just to the West of Business 801. There is no planned re-opening at this time.

The American River Bike Trail connects Folsom Lake and Old Sacramento and is the site for the annual Eppie's Great Race triathlon. The official name is the Jedediah Smith Memorial Trail, and it is part of the coast-to-coast American Discovery Trail. Roughly 33 miles long, it is set away from major metropolitan areas, providing a peaceful and beautiful getaway. The trail officially starts in Discovery Park at mile marker zero, and heads due East to Beal's Point (about where mile marker 32 would be). Mile markers appear every half-mile along the trail. The distance between Old Sacramento and mile marker zero is roughly one mile, bringing the total end-to-end trip to almost 33 miles. Open to foot-traffic and cyclists, the trail is also one of the few places in Sacramento to formally allow horses. A 15 MPH speed limit is in effect. Be aware that the off-road trails are not for bikes, even if you have the best mountain bike in the world. You will be cited and possibly fined if caught. Likewise, citations are commonly issued for walking dogs or riding horses on the paved bike trail, walking dogs off their leash, and not cleaning up after your dog. The trail is maintained by the county of Sacramento.

The trail follows the American River Parkway and loops over the American River a number of times, hence its name. Although it used to be a series of disjointed smaller trails, integration of those trails have made the path what it is now. Because the path runs through some secluded areas and is rife with homeless camps, crime along the trail is not uncommon — bring a friend to enjoy the scenery and for safety. Users should be especially aware of the high risk of rape along the trail.

Any person can enjoy the trail - from novices to experts. There are several campgrounds and access points, as well as water fountains, so short trips are as easy to plan as ones that go to Folsom and back.

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Start of the American River Trail in Discovery Park on the morning of 03/15/2007 Miniature Railroad of the Sacramento Live Steamers Club bordering the bike trail in Hagan Park on the morning of 03/15/2007 The American River from the bike trail in Hagan Park on the morning of 03/15/2007

Wildlife along the trail on the morning of 03/15/2007 Nimbus Dam from the bike trail on the morning of 03/15/2007 Folsom Lake from the East end of the trail just beyond Beal's Point on the morning of 03/15/2007