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2134A Hart Hall
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(530) 752-NNNN
(530) 752-NNNN
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The American Studies department focuses on interdisciplinary studies of various facets of American society. It's one of the main majors that students pursue as undergrads before law school.

The American Studies department here is fairly small, which give a nice intimate feel to upper division classes.

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2008-06-24 20:46:50   I took an American Studies class this last winter, and I must say I was less than impressed. The class I took was AMS 005, or The American Technoculture. Unfortunately, it was about global warming. The class itself was quite good, as far as classes about global warming go, but it was not about the American technoculture. I understand that teachers for 'soft classes' like this tend to try to focus the class on a certain aspect, but this class was entirely about climate change, and any overlap with Americans or technoculture seemed incidental. —JoePomidor