These are reviews of Americana Arms Apartments from 2005 to 2009. For more current reviews, visit the entry.

2005-03-23 00:09:06   I live in a corner unit in Americana Arms. I don't like that it's a corner; the walls are slanted funny. Beyond that it's wonderful. The internet is a little unreliable, but they work on that. As far as I know animals are not a huge issue. I've been considering moving into an apartment in the complex that isn't a corner; but I'm relatively happy. This place comes reccomended from me. —SS

2005-06-09 15:27:05   I do not recommend living at Americana Arms. There's no dishwasher or garbage disposal. The internet is completely unreliable. You're not allowed to download music without the threat of being charged for extra bandwith usage. The managers are unfriendly. When you move out, you have to pay for the carpet cleaning and other all normal wear and tear, unless, of course, you want your security deposit to be docked. The rent is ridiculously expensive considering that the apartment is small. Two of the four buildings are right on the railroad tracks, so unless you like being awakened to the sound of screeching trains, insist on living in apartment off F Street, not H Street. The only decent thing about Americana Arms is that it's close to downtown. Other than that, don't bother. —SarahNicholson

2005-06-09 15:32:04   By the way, when Americana Arms advertises "free internet," that means YOU have to buy a $60-80 wireless internet adapter (wifi) to even start using the network. The apartment recently switched from Instaconnect (which was great) to this dinky little company. Apparently the apartment complex and the company underestimated how many people would log onto the internet at one time (probably because they wanted to save money), so most of the time you can't even use it. You're also constantly being disconnected. Sometimes pages like Google won't even load. —SarahNicholson

  • It is ridiculous to get a wireless adaptor for $60-80. They can be gotten for $5-15 although sometimes you need to send in a rebate form. -jr

2005-06-09 15:34:49   If you have to live at American Arms, live in a downstairs unit facing one of the courtyards. Those are the quietest and coolest (in temperature). The apartments facing the railroad tracks also face the sun, so imagine waking up to a hot apartment the sound of honking trains. —SarahNicholson

2005-08-05 19:29:35   Any residents of Americana Arms who have been denied internet access, please contact me regarding a fraud lawsuit against Americana Arms. ( —BobMcElrath

2005-08-08 22:10:15   I've lived here for almost two months and have had no problems. The maintance staff is great. The drain pipe on my sink split one night. The next morning I went down to the office to report it and it was fixed within the hour. Maybe it's because I went to college in a real city, but the amount of road noise and train noise are nothing compared to what I'm used to. The only problems that I have are that the internet can be unreliable and if you face the parking lot, there is enough ambient light to read by at night. —SarahFischer

2006-03-05 16:52:43   This is a great find for a working student who can't afford much! Sure, I would love a huge apartment with a dishwasher but you wont get one in Davis for this low price! The size is perfect for my boyfriend and I, we have lived here for 5 months and have had no problems. I highly recommend this complex and don't know where you could fine anything cheaper for a 1bd. —NicoleGasteiger

2006-03-12 13:25:38   Think really hard about moving in here. DO NOT get a downstairs apartment. The floors of the apartments above you squeak REALLY BAD, and your sink will clog from the person above you. There's a possibility of asbestos. Management won't tell you about it untill after you've signed the lease. They also don't tell you that the building was built on an anthill untill you're at the lease signing. Your toilet will clog, your heater will stop working, and you'll smell whatever anybody is cooking. And, the shower is horrible. It takes forever to warm up, and once it does, it just keeps getting hotter and hotter. So, you spend most of your shower adjusting the water temp. And too, management wants to know about four months in advance if you plan to move. —HiYall

2006-04-06 00:57:37   Yeah ... uhm, about the internet ... I have one of my favorite troubleshooting guides for laptops: Try moving your computer around your apartment. If you are still unable to connect, open your apartment door and take your computer for a walk down the hall or outside. If you receive a connection outside of your apartment, give it a couple of minutes and then walk back to your apartment." —SS

2006-08-29 09:49:36   This place has been the worse place i have ever lived in the aprtment is small and the kitchen is only sectioned off by tiles and no walls. the apartment is cramped and you can hear all your neighbors and smell who is cooking and what. the internet is unreliable and the management or should i say the owner doesnt care about you she just cares about you paying rent. bathrooms clogged and the water situation was posted before. there is no garbage disposal nor is there a dishwasher....the only thing that was worth it was cable but for $800 a month its clearly not worth it..... —HideoNomo

2006-09-01 13:48:47   Management’s very rude, nosey & tries to restrict comfortable living by implementing ridiculous rules. Mail gets lost or stolen since delivery can't get in after 5pm. Mice & spiders tend to get inside the apt. Upstairs & downstairs plumbing is connected so toilet clogs downstairs all the time (maintenance hardly ever fixes it and only one guy knows what he's doing). Free cable & internet, but internet is weak & often very unreliable. Kitchen isn't separated from the living room (only by vinyl flooring) & is about 2’ wid. No dishwasher or garbage disposal (manually take out all the food scraps from the sink). Hardly space to prepare food or dry dishes. Halls smell of what’s cooking. Ceiling’s very thin (hear people walking around). AC in living room hardly reaches the bedroom, so it's often stuffy. No full deposit cuz they're very picky & mark things even when they were there prior. Laundry room uses a card & clothes often stolen. Parking’s hardly enforced, so it's very difficult to find available spots! —UnhappyStudent

  • USPS delivers your mail and packages to your mailbox. It doesn't matter what time it is; the mailboxes are outside and easily accessible by the mailman (or mailwoman). You will get your mail/package if it is delivered by the postal service. For UPS, FedEx, or some other non-government delivery service, you should arrange to pick up the package yourself, since, as UnhappyStudent mentioned, the delivery persons cannot reach your doorstep at all without a key (much less after 5pm). —MattLow
  • Oversized packages do NOT make it into your mailboxes (especially if there's a lot of people receiving packages). I've ordered many things and had problems with nearly every package. Couple of them were lost or stolen. I had to start sending them to my home address so I would be assured I'd receive my packages. —UnhappyStudent

2006-09-27 00:33:20   I live in the apartment right now, just find out that if you have two computers, only one of them can have access to the internet. They never told me before. That is why I brought my second computer. I had connection for both of them for two monthes(the officer staff setup both connections for me). Now they told me I can only have one. The connection is bad as well, every week there is at least one night there will be no connection. I won recommand anyone to live here. I am moving out for sure for next year. The sink block up all the time as well. also, the security door bell system is so old that the names in it are from maybe 20 years ago. UPS or Postoffice can't come in. I have to go to Sacramento to pick up my stuff.—YuHou

2007-02-17 10:25:46   Their advertisement on the website about this being a "quiet" place for students is totally ridiculous. For one things, trains crash by every hour, even after midnight. However, the trains are nowhere near as bad as the noises other people make. The walls are incredibly thin, so whenever my neighbors listen to TV or talk on the phone I HEAR EVERYTHING. I hear every step the people upstairs make because the ceiling crunches, and they like to wake up really early and talk loudly. Don't forget the mice. —SamuelJackson

2007-03-01 22:32:35   I worked for the company that set up the wireless internet there and I'm not proud. They shouldn't have taken the job. Budget and banhammer constraints from the complex and an abundance of bandwidth abusers have ruined the network. That is the worst network I've ever been involved in setting up, but then again it was the only one I've set up that has people using it for free. You get what you pay for I guess. —BradBenedict

2007-03-01 22:34:52   Oh yeah, the point of my comment was that if you need a reliable connection you should pay for one. And if you plan on using bittorrent all day and all night, you should also get your own connection, cause you're ruining it for everybody! —BradBenedict

2007-06-07 11:07:23   DO NOT LIVE HERE. I have lived here for three years, and only because the price was somewhat decent. I was paying $740 per month for 2006-2007, but if I were to stay my rent would rise to $820, a $70 increase, and I have seen no improvement or renovation being done to merit such a dramatic increase. I personally know a person that has lived here for about 10 years, and her rent will be raised even higher! The only renovation I have seen has been in the main office (which looks great), and in the exterior. I haven't seen the model apartment, but I'm assuming it's also been made to look nice. They've also put in brand new flooring around the pool and invested in nice outdoor furniture. In other words, it seems that the owner is trying fool people into renting at Americana Arms by giving it a shiny exterior. But there has been absolutely no improvement to the actual apartments.

When asked why they were increasing the rent so much, the management said that it was necessary because they offer free expanded basic cable and wireless internet. However, I would prefer to keep those $70 and pay for my own internet connection, because as many people have mentioned, the internet connection is terrible.

The network is separated into three connections per building, so my building has 1124north, south, and central. You can only connect to one of them (it provides the strongest connection), but if for any reason you can't connect to your own (south for me), you are not allowed to connect to any of the other ones, even from your own building! I have had several experiences during which I had to make an important email (turning in papers and such), only to turn on my computer and be unable to connect (or worse, find that the "1124South" network does not show up at all)! Checking with other computers, I've found that the network sporadically ceases to exist. It shows up sometime later that same day, but I'm sure you can imagine how inconvenient that is when you have deadlines.

There is possibility of asbestos, which they do not warn you about until after you have signed the lease. About a year ago maintenance came to clear out the heater chimney because crap had become trapped inside it when they were working on the roof. They took the heater out of the wall, and out came a bunch of dust and roofing materials, most of which they gathered before they left. But they didn't even bother to vacuum any of the dust that spread out onto the carpet; I had to end up doing that myself. The maintenance people were all wearing heavy masks and goggles, but they never told us that what they were doing could be harmful to us or even told us to step outside. I felt very uncomfortable, remembering the release we had to sign stating that there might be asbestos in the walls.

Also, the faux wood kitchen counter has been separating from the kitchen sink (because of the way the sink was placed in the counter and because of the short faucet, water gets trapped in the space between the sink and the wall on the counter while you wash dishes). Even though we make an effort to soak this water up, over time the silicone or caulk or whatever creates the seal between the sink and the counter has come apart, and now there is a hole big enough for my finger.

Now the water falls through, straight down into the cabinet under the sink. We asked them to repair it, but all the maintenance people did was place some more of that cheap sealant, which only lasted about a month or so before it started leaking again. It seems that they are unwilling to actually repair it; placing more sealant should only be a temporary solution. We've resorted to putting a bucket under there, which catches that water and the disgusting water from the drain pipe, which also leaks (we've asked them to repair this about five times as well, and they've only tightened it each time, without replacing anything).

I've also had two bikes stolen from the premises. While this is not necessarily the management's fault, the fact remains that the bike parking is inadequate. It is very difficult to lock your bike to anything solid, especially if you only have a u-lock, if you can even find space to park it at all (I keep my bike inside now).

'm glad to be moving out. My partner and I were willing to put up with some of these things because of the apartments' location and relatively low price for a one bedroom. But now with the drastic price increase and lack of improvement to the actual apartments, it is no longer worth it.

P.S. Now that it's time for people to renew their leases, I've noticed that the management is "rewarding" residents that renew their leases by giving them free shower curtains and by cleaning out and providing maintenance to their air conditioning units. Shouldn't maintenance of the air conditioning units be something offered to all residents, not just those that renew their leases? What the hell! —FerGonzalez

2007-08-28 11:07:23   EVEN IF YOU HAVE NO OTHER CHOICES, DO NOT LIVE HERE!!!!!!! I only lived there for three month and then subleased my apartment because I moved in with my new family. I really didn't mean for the people who subleased my apartment to suffer this much. But I had no other choices because there is not even a slight possibility to end the lease early than you have agreed on the contract and the shortest period is ONE YEAR! One year is a long time if you think about it and many things will happen and you might need to move out at some point. BUT YOU HAVE NO CHANCE OF LEAVING WITHOUT FIND ANOTHER PERSON TO SUFFER FOR YOU!

My three month of leaving there wasn't pleasant at all. First of all, the apartment building is probably the oldest building I've ever seen. The early wall paint was at the time that people knew nothing about lead poison. But they claim that the level of lead is lower than the amount to cause any harm. This maybe we can stand if the apartment is cheap. But no, no, no, no, no! The small badly designed one bedroom apartment is close to $900! For a another $100 more you can find a lot better new apartment buildings for two bedrooms apartment. They charge so high because they think they have a very good location. But to be honest, don't trust that, Davis is not big at all. With a $100 bike you can go anywhere you want in 10 minutes. So there is no difference in terms of location. Also they claim they have free internet, but as other people have talked about it so much. The internet is really restricted to one computer for one apartment and it is never reliable! Think that if you want to buy a new computer and keep your old ones. You won't be able to connect your new computer at all without going through loads of trouble asking them to give you new access. And at the same time, your old computer will have to sit there just as a decoration because you cannot have two access at all!

For the price they charge, it doesn't include the electricity or gas! Even worse, the building is so old, the wall is so shaky that everytime the door is closed you can hear and feel the wall shaking. To tell you the truth, one of my nights, I was waken up by some sound that seems like somebody was trying to crake open my door. And I couldn't go back to sleep for two hours scared.

These are not the worst about it yet. The office people are the rudest I've ever seen that working in an apartment. And they can not be any more lazy as they are now. They only office hour is 1:00pm to 5:00pm. And don't be fooled by their long working hours around July and August. They just wanted to behave a little bit so that there are more people renting their place. And if you want to have Fedex or UPS deliver, don't count on the office to accept the package for you at all. Because they will be at home enjoying their life when the packages are coming (normally they come after 5:00pm or before 1:00pm). And if you have any emergency like clogging toillette after working hours, don't even think you can have anyone to solve the problem. I had my frige broke down one day. I found out about it after coming back from work and I had to wait till 1:00pm next day to report it. Think about how much food you will have to throw out in the summer!

The most unbearable experience I had with them is about the sublease. They refused to help me to find sublease. But whoever I find to sublease I will have to go through the office just like they are going to rent the place, all kinds of paper work, financial check and everything. At the end of my lease, they charge me about $400 for not making the place clean which is a complete over charge because we spent two days to clean the place. And if you left one water stain spot somewhere, you will have to PAY FOR IT. If you don't have a priest like heart to stand their bad service and rude attitude, don't live there! —Jenifer seesea

  • It's very possible to have more than one computer connected. I don't remember if it's allowed though. I think it was more because they wanted low end (cheaper) hardware that doesn't support having very many MAC addresses in the access list. Last I heard, there was not a lot of bandwidth there to go around, so they might not want you to have more than one computer. —BradBenedict
    • It may be possible to have more than one computer, but it is not allowed. The apartment manager blocks all MAC addresses except the one per apartment she has on file. So you can get a connection if she is not watching the network, but you will get blocked eventually. They need to just have a sign in system and that would fix the issue. I guess people were stealing internet so that is why she had to resort to this. The internet has vastly improved compared to when I first moved in. —BrandonBarrette

2007-08-28 14:50:01   The pictures currently posted are fairly mis-representative. I haven't lived in AA, but I've visited a couple of times and there were way more bugs, shady characters and carpet stains. —jefftolentino

2008-04-09 16:36:06   I was never a tenant at American Arms, but I did work part-time for the complex as a leasing agent while as an undergrad. I think that while the quality of the apartment is fair (relatively affordable and "clean-enough"), management is absolutely horrible. Working conditions were so bad, and the employee turnaround so ridiculously high, the maintenance staff were actually placing bets on how long each employee would last! Check out craigslist, and you'll see a new employment ad listed almost constantly. As a tenant, your relationship with the property manager is fairly important; based on that alone, you should steer away from this one. —MaraDog

2008-04-09 16:51:04   I have not had any problems and I think the staff is really nice, at least the staff they have now. I enjoy living here, but the rent is a bit overpriced considering the age of the building, the actual size of the apartments, and the fact that there is no dishwasher and very little counter space. The internet has definitely improved, and the manager is very responsive when the internet goes out. The walls are quite thin, so there is definitely noise from neighbors, but most seem to be respectful to other residents. The building is locked from the outside, which is nice. I am happy and renewed my lease, but was not happy that rent increased $35 per month. Other than that, I feel like this is a nice place to live. —BrandonBarrette

2008-07-03 10:46:13   I lived there for 9 months. First of all it is the oldest complex in Davis. I also experienced the internet problems and after about 2 months I could not log on at all. They "tried" to fix it but I never could get back online so I ended up paying for cable internet service. One of the main reasons I moved in there was it was fairly cheap and it had the free internet and cable to save me some money but that was gone once I had to start paying for internet service. They contacted me about 6 months before my lease was up and my rent was going up about $60.00 so I chose to move. I had a place several months before my lease was up but there was no way they would let me out of my lease early so I paid the rent even though I was only there for lunch most of the time and staying somewhere else. The place is really overpriced for what you get and they have done some improvements, mainly outside to make it look better but inside its still just an old place. I got dinged on my deposit for dust over the doorways and carpet cleaning so they seem to always find a reason to charge you for some kind of cleaning so dont expect to get all your deposit back no matter how much you clean. The apartments are hot in the summer, no insulation and the A/C only cools the main room. I never used the heat but used a space heater instead but to be honest with you your better off turning the oven on broil with the door open. If I used the space heater and had my computer on at the same time it would blow the circut breaker. There is also a smell in the buildings, and I dont just mean the smell of other peoples cooking or smoking pot but a funny smell these places have had for years. I dont mind trains but you can hear everything your nieghbors do. I had one next door that played the TV loud, I could hear the bathroom fans one one side and upstairs, I could hear every time the guy upstairs went to the bathroom, yawned, talked, walked, everything and he made no effort to be quite. I also had a tank of gas stolen in the parking lot, there are a lot of homeless people in the area due to a shelter down the street and people living in trailers along H st. they only allow you one computer online and one parking space. The police hang around the area and will find a reason to stop you and check you out also. For the prices I'm seeing posted now there are other places in town much nicer for around the same price. As far as location goes, Davis isnt that big so it really doesnt matter. In my opinion it really isnt a good location, H st is in poor condition and F st is always busy, plus a lot of the high school kids cut through AA to get to and from school. I also saw several vehicles with broken windows in the lot while I was there. One of my windows wouldnt close properly and I came home and found it open one day, sink caught water behind the faucet as someone else mentioned, sometimes no hot water, people block the outside doors open so friends can come in without a key, funny smell worse when hot, smell other peoples cooking, smoking, pot smoking, noisy, walls thin no insulation, poor A/C, very poor to no "free" internet, water issues, electrical outdated, package delivery issues. Live somewhere else. —SteveV

2008-07-23 20:19:58   I had to jump through an insane number of hoops to get my lease here. They wanted official copies of my financial aid statements and told me that I wasn't a good credit risk unless I had a parent co-sign on my lease. I've never been subjected to that kind of scrutiny before. Is this normal for renting experiences here? —SMCareBare

2008-09-04 11:32:10   So I moved in last week and the results so far have been better than my expectations (low that they were ). The doors get stuck sometimes, the AC unit wasn't working and when used smelled like urine, and the two of the drawers on the 'newly remodeled' kitchen literally broke apart when I tried to use them. So all in all, it was a stressful moving experience. On the other hand, management was cheerful and prompt in addressing every complaint we had (except the doors). The internet and cable are both working very well and management even agreed to accept separate checks from leases with multiple people. Over all, it's been ok. Not great, but not bad either. And for the cheap rent (my share is only 445$/month + free internet and cable), it's fine by me. I'd recommend this place. —SMCareBare

  • Nothing in this world is free, you are paying for the internet and cable in your monthly rent. That is how they can justify charging so much per month... And this way they can have control over everything, which seems to be what they like best. —BrandonBarrette

2009-01-23 17:43:46   Do not live here. The ladies in the office are nice enough and remember your name, but that's where the upside ends. I had a couple spills on my carpet and as I got ready to move out I told the office I'd get it cleaned as per the lease that allows me to get a steam cleaning service and give the office a receipt for credit. They pointedly told me not to, so I didn't. Then they went didn't like the damage to my carpet and replaced my carpet and took my entire security deposit for it and then billed me for more!

The internet sucks and is wireless only and part of your rent so you can't alter it! So first of all I don't own a TV but yet I'm paying for cable because its in the package, secondly I work in the security field - wireless is good for casual browsing - you never use wireless to do your banking or business - its incredibly easy to hack by anybody in a nearby apartment with software free off the net. It is safer to walk around the corner and use the public library's internet to balance my checking account. So the slow internet was only there for my amusement - and then you are limited to how much you can use! Forget about downloading music on your iPod or watching TV shows on the net - the office will shut your internet down and you have to go beg them to turn it back on. That's 5GB BANDWIDTH not memory that they limit you to. Watch streaming shows to catch up on Hell's Kitchen for an afternoon and you are over your limit. Or buy a new iPod and need to fill it up? More than a couple hundred songs within one month and they will cut you off.

The plumbing is also incredibly old and I always struggled to keep my kitchen from stinking from water that wouldn't drain in the sink and went through baking soda and liquid plumber in bulk. —NT

2009-02-27 00:48:30   The internet absolutely sucks. If you watch youtube, you are likely to go over you bandwidth in a month's time. Additionally, there is an annoying Meraki bar that sits at the top of every web page. Probably the worst part about the internet is while you are browsing, the internet will periodically be shut off to your computer until you try to go to another web page and you are directed to a note from the complex reminding you that you need to renew your lease, or some such thing. Then after pressing "ok" you may browse some more.

No garbage disposals seem like a small thing, but I was VERY VERY wrong. You have the option of taking out your trash every day (to avoid any smell from old food), or you can do what I do: flush it down the toilet. Yes, that's right. My toilet is my garbage disposal. I would laugh if it wasn't so annoying.

This is the fourth apartment I've stayed in in Davis, and this is the FIRST TIME I have ever complained. —DrDemocracy

2009-03-17 11:56:21   My wife and I and our two cats wanted a place for three months, and they were happy to rent to us for that long, but they wanted $325 deposit plus $20*2 key deposit, plus $1000 dollars deposit for each of our two cats, for a total deposit of $2365! This for a three month stay. That is almost $800 in deposit per month. I spent a good 15 minutes trying to get an answer about what their policy is on how much of the deposit is returned, how they decide what needs to be charged to the deposit, how much we would get back assuming we left the apartment as clean as we found it, what the minimum possible charge would be, and couldn't get any answer to any of my questions except that "it varies." If there is no policy they are willing to tell me, it makes me think the $1000 per cat deposit is basically a scam, and no matter what I don't get my deposit back.

We did not move to Americana Arms. —DanL

  • That is crazy that they were wanting so much for just a 3 month stay. Especially the $1000 deposit for EACH cat. That is ridiculous. I live in these apartments and to my knowledge I believe its $300 per cat. Maybe $500. Unless they charged more because of your short stay but that just seems way too high. You can find a much better deal somewhere else I'm sure. —mash

2009-08-05 00:43:39   This apartment complex is horrible. Every night it smells like rotting fish and/or garbage. The saying "you get what you pay for" is a big overstatement in the case of this apartment. It is "constantly maintained" by basically the cheapest means possible. The air conditioning units are old and do nothing to cool the apartment. In ours, it is located close to the ceiling and we are only able to read the controls by standing on a stool. The vents point up and we feel nothing from it. Feels like were living in a motel.. a motel that smells horrible every night. Too add what others have already said, DO NOT LIVE HERE. Oh but its great, if you want your car to end up on cinder blocks like one resident has had the joy of. —VMCrymore

2009-08-07 18:42:58   If you have no money or You are not Home very Often. then live here. You do get what you pay for. Place is cheapest and oldest in Davis. Its alright, its run down, squeaky floors, things break and you can hear everything. Its alright though, you get what you pay for and should accept it. Problems: manager coming into apt w/out informing resident, if you are lucky you won't have bad neighbors (if so, talk to them or manager immediately so it stops), toilet issues-its very likely it will get stopped up. water issues, it turned off a few times and it was brown water when turned back on, after that i no longer trusted tap water.

its not a terribly place, but i would not want to live here again. you can find a better place by paying a little extra because rent is on the rise. The location near railroad tracks, not good location, someone got their bike stolen and something happened to someones car here, apartment lay out bad bcause ur right on top of ur neighbor and the "kitchen" is a kitchenette, its basically a tiny square that is in ur living room. They installed nice new windows, which i used to leave open until i saw flies were coming in some how. other than what i said, if you can deal w/ it, then its alright. Crappy places are usually fine, its crappy people who actually ruin them, well at least its what i believe. I dont like the management, they compromise until you inform them you are moving out, then they treat you badly. oh yah and the internet, new tenants are hella lucky, when i first moved in, crap connection. then they changed it so that u could basically do nothing on ur system, ur net would be shut off if u used too many MBs, u use MBs for many things though. Many residents got net cut off randomly, they saw that system did not work and then they let us be free to roam the internet again. I always thought that was a bad idea, only allowing u to use a certain about of MBs. connection is much better, but u get kicked off of the net a few times. so they've improved.

only positive is that maintenance gets to ur problems right away, just tell the office and they fix it w/in hours or earlier. Your toilet will get backed up, count on it. I just think you can find some place better for a little bit more money if u can stand it as i said. Just do good search for nicer apartment, don't waste money on a crappy place.

my review is actually nice compared to others i am reading, but i felt violated in the apt complex. if management wants to know things, they should tell u. They often email you of things, but if they going into ur apt w/out telling u, that is rude. maybe it was allowed, but its incredibly rude. I found this out when manager was explaining something to me and she mentioned something, then it all went back in my head and i realize she'd been in there w/out me knowing. when maintenance or any other workers come i hide my laptop and other valuables or i stay and watch them work. I am extremely happy to be moving and i am never that excited about anything, sooo yah. —Sandlot3

2009-10-16 15:45:06   Management is ridiculous. They will yell and treat you like that are better than you. It is absurd and entirely disrespectful. Don't rent here! —yen

  • 2010-03-16 17:39:23   I am surprised at the last comment. I can't imagine the management yelling. My husband and I have lived here together since December and we love it. They just reduced the rent too! It's hard to find reasonable living in Davis but Americana Arms is pretty decent, plus we love the train. —jenb