This page is to archive comments from 2007 for Amy's Nails.

2007-04-22 11:44:49   I really like it here. They give you your own special files, new, to bring with you each time. If you're a student, let them know and you'll get a discount—at least $5 off their advertised price. The woman does excellent fills, never has made me bleed or my fingers hurt like some of the other salons in davis have. The woman does an excellent job, but I wouldn't trust the man at fills because he usually does the pedicures.

Highly recommended! —madanielelwicz

2007-04-22 13:34:47   Grammatically, shouldn't it just be "Paris' Nails"? —KaiTing

2007-05-19 14:34:41   Grammatically, you add 's to signify possession of a singular noun, even if the noun ends in "s" (like a Ross's house or Paris's nails). The lone apostrophe is added to the end of the word when it is a plural noun ending in s and you wish to make it possessive (like several kittens' whiskers). —CoryUnruh

2007-07-27 10:52:25   Even though the hours are posted from 10-7, they don't really open at 10. I went there today at 10:30 and they still weren't open, and I went there the day before at 6:30, and they told me to come back the next day. I really liked it here, but they need to change their hours if they're not ready to open or close at those times. —Sandrapanda98

2007-08-13 14:03:28   Sometimes we have other appointments in the morning or in the afternoon that's why we open/close the store different than the hour shown. Please call to make an appointment if you want to come in early or later than 6pm. —TuyetPhuong