This page is for archiving comments from 2009 for Amy's Nails.

2008-02-15 18:13:42   I have to say, I've tried at least 7 places for fills in Davis, and this is by far the best of them all. Once you get over the initial shyness and tell her what you want, she will get your nails perfect every time. She's never made me bleed, my nails never peel off in the first week, in fact, I've had a fill last up to 5 weeks without falling off. I highly recommend this place. Not to mention that they are super clean, and give discount cards so that you get a free fill or a free pedicure after x visits (i think 10?). With the student discount and the free fill it comes to like 13.50 a fill, which for me is totally worth it. I just had to come back a second time and say that after a year, this is still the best in Davis. I've even come in to have her fix what other nail places have done! They have won my loyalty. —madanielelwicz

2008-03-17 16:24:00   They do totally awesome pedicures! They guy there gives the best foot massages that I've had done by a pedicurist. The polish lasts so long too! —Rachelottlinger

2008-11-15 21:57:34   The place here is really clean, and the owner/workers are friendly. Very sanitary. Each customer gets their own file when they leave so you can take it back and use for your next visit. I had a french pedicure done, and the man did a very good job. My toes came out lookin neat and the paint is still on even after 2 weeks. They have 20% coupons that you can use too! —gato

2008-11-21 17:42:51   The lady did a fantastic job on my acrylics. The man.... didn't do such a good job on my friend's French Tip. Maybe it varies? Overall they are really friendly in here and it's pretty cheap. —renee415