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2006-08-16 11:56:25   The old management was awful, but the current management is FANTASTIC! I've been living at Anderson Court for 6 months, and they've always been extremely polite and accommodating. I've needed 3 repairs in the last 6 months, and typically they were serviced within a day or two. They also have monthly drawings for a free months rent, and a monthly newsletter. The pool and grounds are kept in perfect shape, I don't think I've ever seen the pool REMOTELY dirty. My only complaint would be that they do their grounds keeping at 8am, with loud, motorized leaf blowers. But if your only problem is that they're cleaning too much, you know you live in a fantastic complex. —JustinKudo

2008-10-09 12:58:53   no internet access in the study lounge =/ (that's my biggest problem) —Tokie