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I live there for a year... not too bad, not to great. I never had a problem with anything, and it is a fairly quiet setting.

I lived above the parking lot facing Covell, which was apparently the happening place to be late at night -aec

2005-07-25 11:16:27   Really suck with packages. Always forget to send slips up to say they have our shit. "Must have blown off." Had a package delivered July 6th, didn't get it til the 25th. I've been emailing Amazon back and forth. When I had called the office (twice in these last almost 3 weeks), they said they checked and didn't have it. I had to go down today and just ask to "look myself". What do you know, there it was, 2nd shelf. Course book a week before the class ends. Rat bastards. When I'm not really annoyed I'll write about what we thought of this place. —ES 8/15 - Yup....they still suck with packages. Especially one manager, she acts like it's the biggest inconvience ever to let you get your package and can be a bit snippy.

2005-11-15 13:45:51   The apts here are ok. Paying about 900 something a 2bedroom. But be cautious not to get the apts with the windows facing West(where the sun sets) or else, u will have to turn on AC 24/7 in the summer. gl —LanEvo

2005-11-15 14:33:51   Yeah, I had apt #2, right by the bus stop and facing westwards - and upstairs. The smaller room is about 9 by 10 feet. The window is 3 by 7 feet. One entire wall is a wall to wall mirrored closet door. . And...there's no central air. One unit in the living room and that's it. And the hallway to the bedrooms is L shaped, and the air doesn't get past the bend. It was worse then living in an oven. I ended up buying shadecloth and trying to form a screen against the window...which broke rules apparrently. I felt they didn't really care too much for students. Management changed hands after we were there a month. When we originally moved in, the place wasn't clean, and they didn't even say sorry. Just 'oops'. Maintanence spent more time moving shopping carts across the street, except Ed (that guy rocked). Our staircase was loose. The entire thing. The bolt was slipping out, and every step you took made it shake 3 or 4 inches to the side. They told us not to worry, it shouldn't fall, but we nearly fell carrying bags and stuff. Took them 4 weeks to fix it, after multiple complaints. And that was in early summer. Like I said above, they really were dreadful with packages year round. If your apartment is in good condition, its not facing west, and it's not upstairs, you'll be fine here - the price is decent. Oh, you don't have to pay for gas. Shared water heaters. We never ran out of hot water, but my apartment building was smaller then the others. Location was the really only nice thing we found. On the F line and right by G, and cross the street from the shopping center. Parking wasn't ever an issue. You have to camp out the night before or at least by 4 or 5 am to sign a lease. They only have a maximum of 50 apartments they allow for student use. But really, I'd recommend other places first. —ES

2006-01-03 18:43:30   Davis’s ghetto- It’s too noisy, feels like living in an urban ghetto. Some neighbors are so unethical, blasting rap music that can be heard throughout half of the apartment complex. And the management doesn’t seem to care. Even in winter, when you have window closed, the sonorous base sounds can really give you a headache. No central air conditioning, and no air conditioning at all in some rooms, along with bad insulation, it’s fairly cold in the winter. it's cheap but I would like to pay another two hundred dollars to move into a better apartment but it’s too hard to move. Cars are parked at a distance from the apt. and the manager is not so nice to me —GorDon

2006-03-12 17:45:48   I have really likes living here. It —ToNu

Living here has been a mixed experience. I both love it and hate it. What I love is if you want privacy, you got it. What I hate (dislike rather) is that it feels like a cheap hotel minus the cockroaches (haven't seen any and that's awesome). —BryonWright

2007-05-19 16:05:25   GorDon's comment about Anderson Place being like an "urban ghetto" is both funny and sad. Obviously you have never lived in/near a city environment or you would be a bit more careful about what you write and how you write it. It is offensive to me that you liken Anderson Place to a ghetto just because some people here choose to listen to hip-hop. Would you be saying that it feels like you are living in/near a trailer park if there were residents listening to country music/classic rock? WTF? Any apartment complex you reside in in a college town such as Davis is going to be noisy, as many students (regardless of their ethnicity) enjoy blasting music - whether it be rap, country, pop, etc. I take pleasure in the fact that I live in such a diversified apartment complex (something that seems so rare in this horribly boring, stifling, and conservative town). That is one of the many things I miss about living in a city. I have met countless friendly faces here - interesting, unique, and helpful people. The management is wonderful, too, and my apartment is quiet, comfortable, and relaxing.

2007-07-26 15:32:41   I lived at Anderson Place for one year, and I can agree that the office does suck with packages. They left notices on my door saying they were going to send one of my packages back, when I had never even received an arrival notice for it. However, management was very good about fixing things, they would always do it within a couple of hours. I also really liked the location, walking distance to 49er and a grocery store. The apartment was okay, no central heat/air or dishwasher, but not the end of the world. I don't think I would live here again, only because it was noisy all the time since there are lots of families here, and thus, lots of kids. —ani

2007-09-26 14:49:24   I live here and I am sometimes awakened during the night/early morning by people going through the dumpsters and the recycling bins, as these are pretty close to my window. It would be great if we could get locked recycling bins. I haven't met the new staff in person, but they have been very courteous when I have emailed them my maintenance requests. —CalamityJanie