Anderson Road is one of Davis' main north-south thoroughfares. It is named after John B. Anderson, the first president of the Board of Trustees, akin to the mayor, of Davis, and his brother, Gordon Anderson, who also served on the Board of Trustees, the precursor to the city council. Gordon Anderson's descendants, his son Don Anderson and Don's daughter Jennifer Anderson, have continuously run Davis Lumber & Hardware Company, today known as Davis Ace, for more than 100 years.

Anderson Road begins at its intersection with Russell Boulevard where it becomes La Rue Road upon entering Campus. Anderson runs north paralleling Highway 113 until it veers northeast, north of Peregrine Avenue and then turns due east, east of Tanager Avenue, ending where Anderson Road intersects F Street (aka County Road 101a) near the northern city limits. Bike lanes run along its length and there is a traffic circle at Alvarado Avenue north of the Covell Boulevard intersection.

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