Andrea Jao is a candidate for ASUCD Senate in the Winter 2014 ASUCD Election running on the SMART slate.

Candidate Statement

Hey Aggies!

My name is Andrea Jao, I am a third year international relations and economics double major. I have been involved in ASUCD since my sophomore year. I have worked with both the city of Davis community and on-campus clubs, serving as a commissioner for the External Affairs Council and as a member of the Outreach Assembly.

Aside from the fancy titles, I am just a student like you. As students, we juggle between classes, clubs, friends, etc. while trying to make the college experience a blast. Sometimes it gets tough. And, we can all use some help here and there. As commissioner, you learn just how many resources and opportunities ASUCD has available. I was inspired – if there was only someone who would bridge students’ needs with those resources, students could benefit so much more! I decided, and now I know I can! I am organized, analytical, and synergetic. I seek to first understand our community. I want to help ASUCD to help you succeed, which is why I am running for the senate. I have the experiences, and I have the devotion to do even more. You and I and the ASUCD, we can do this college thing together! We can face challenges. We can get through the stress. We can have a way to voice our needs and have it heard! So dear Aggies, let me serve you – let me represent YOU because together, we can do so much more!


Running late to your midterm but don’t have a scantron? In need of a bluebook for your final at 8 am but the bookstore is closed? Testing materials vending machines will be a convenient supplement to our campus. You will be able to purchase testing materials from more places than just the MU or Olson.


Our student clubs frequently need extra support or a place to voice their concerns. However, on a large campus such as UC Davis, there may oftentimes be a disconnect between resources and needs. Even when there is a bridge, it might not be an easy one to get across.

As a senator, I intend on actively outreaching to student clubs to understand their on-campus experiences, listen to their suggestions, and voice their concerns. I will do so through utilizing and cooperating with existing ASUCD commissions and units that already work with clubs on various aspects and for various school-wide events. There needs to be a first step to create a sufficient and permanent exchange of knowledge between ASUCD and clubs in order to improve future cooperation.

Applying for funds shouldn’t be complicated. Becoming a sports club and gaining school backing should not be met with difficult hurdles. Reserving event and practice spaces should not be a headache. Ultimately, clubs should feel more supported and that acquiring resources and opportunities are easy and straightforward.

Vote ANDREA JAO #1 Senate,

SMART #2-6, and FIGUEROA/KAPPES for ASUCD President/VP!


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