Between TB 204 and TB 207 (south of Campus Data Center) someone committed a senseless act of beauty. Lacking a better name for this page it has been dubbed Angkor What after the temple complex Angkor Wat. This creation has been there for several months already, though it seems to be in less repair recently. The enclosing rectangle was at least 8 foot by 4 foot, and at one point there were more auxiliary features in the rectangle.


TB 207 in the background, the border rectangle is barely visible

Front View?

TB 204 in the background

View from North

bike pods for scale

High from Northwest

one of the avenues is visible from this angle

High from Northeast

the central complex with its tower

Update taken August 8th 2006

The ruins in ruin

I saw a sleepy stray calico cat curled up inside the walls of the temple complex today! It was awfully cute. Spooked and ran away before I could get a picture though. — BarnabasTruman

I happened to be in this area of campus yesterday (November 5, 2010) and the ruins are still there! Most of the earthworks have long since washed away in the rain, but the skeletal framework of twigs and planks yet stand. —BarnabasTruman