Taken 2007-03-29.

2939 Spafford Street Suite 135
(off Fifth Street, east of Davis Post Office)
in the Fifth Street Plaza shopping center
M-F 8am-6:30pm
Sat 9am-5pm
(530) 756-PETS(7387)

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Animal Wellness Center provides an integrative approach to pet health; in addition to traditional veterinary care, they also provide veterinary acupuncture, chiropractic, and eastern/western herbs. Primary physicians are Dr. Alton Raymond and Dr. Kris Dailey.

Dr. Dailey is 1996 graduate of UC Davis with a special interest in reptiles, small mammals and alternative medicine. Her focus is on integrative care for animals and is certified in small animal chiropractic as well as veterinary acupuncture from the Chi Institute; she also uses herbal remedies and bioresonance therapy.

Taken 2007-4-11

Dr. Raymond is a graduate of Ohio State University and has been in practice for 24 years, establishing a chain of Sacramento area practices. A graduate of the Evergreen School of Herbal Medicine as well as the Chi Institute, Dr. Raymond is additionally certified in small animal chiropractic.

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2005-07-19 16:07:40   Very good staff and physicians. My dog has been treated well here. —MikeSiminitus

2007-02-16 09:46:43   I was really excited to find an Integrative center in Davis, and was very impressed with the care of my dog and the doctor's awareness of current health issues and discussion. —BobbyGray

2007-05-29 21:52:24   I was really turned off by all the products they were trying to sell, and they never really connected with my animal, they didn't seem to care. —DavisGirl

2008-07-03 19:18:10   I had a terrible experience with this vet office recently. I had a situation with my dog the other day and when I called in to see if I should bring him in, the receptionist on the phone was completely rude and not at all helpful. She didn't seem to care about the questions I was asking, and rather than ask someone else she simply told me that it was my decision if I wanted to try to bring him in. She actually giggled at me when I asked her when the earliest appointment was so that I could have my dog checked out. Her behavior infuriated me to the point that I told her I would find another vet to go to. That's exactly what I did, and I never plan on going back to the Animal Wellness Center. The staff is unfit. —davis546

2008-07-09 10:22:16   Dr. Raymond is the best vet I've had. He is competent, knowledgeable and compassionate than any other vet I've taken my dog to. —VisitorFromSac

2008-11-29 08:24:10   All I have to say is that I will never take my pets here again. First time I took my rat here who was really sick and had to be put to sleep. They wouldln't let me stay with him. Then I took my dog here who I later found out had distemper, and they didn't even figure it out. I had to get a waiver for the shelter I got her at to delay her spay, and they wouldn't even give that to me since they said me taking her to the ER vet was considered getting her treatment somewhere else.

Never take your pets here. —Bri916

2009-04-14 20:44:53   DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET THERE!!!!!!! The receptionist was rude. I was in the room for at least 45 mins before anyone remembered I was there. My pet ended up dying within 12 hours (i do not blame them for that) But when I called to let them know(cuz I thought they would care), the lady who answered the phone was RUDE and didn't seem to care that my pet had died. She hung up the phone BEFORE I was done talking. My friend used to work there and just told me HORRIBLE things about that place. DO NOT TAKE YOUR PET THERE!!!! —starshine128

2009-08-20 17:34:31   We are new to Davis and read the reviews here and called around to other vets for pricing on a neuter for our 6mo old puppy. We called 2 other vets to gage the costs, the procedures, the well being of our dog and this was the 3rd place we called.

Acorn, though literally down the street from us wanted: Required $45 vet visit ontop of the nueter at $235

Davis Animal Hospital Required vet visit: $50 required blood work $80-$120 (depending on the size of the dog) Neuter: $150-200 (depending on the size of the dog)

Animal Wellness was by far the best price with everything included (vet visit and neuter) at a normal price of $210 but happened to be running a special the month of August where all the normal optional items could be included for a price of $171.80 (optional items are things like the cone to prevent licking the stitches, blood work, pain meds). They shared with us the itemized list of where all the costs were going to be incured and talked us through what was needed and what he could live without.

They did not try to sell us any addtional products or procedures we didn't need.

We opted out of some of them and our total price came to $118!!

As for the negative reviews here - I have NO IDEA what you are talking about. Dr. Dailey did our little guy and she was sweet and caring to how scared and nervous he was!!She talked to him like we do, in a sweet soft voice. She noticed his nails were a little long, and his ears needed plucking and she said they would take care of that for us while he was asleep! (also - didn't charge us for that either!)

The receptionist(s) were very pleasant and nice, I dealt with one in the morning and one in the afternoon when I went to pick him up and either they fired the one you all reference here below, or she had an attitude adjustment because these ladies were very nice and helpful to deal with.

When I picked him up, the nurses carried him out and walked me through his post surgery care, asked if I had questions and everything done in a patient, caring manner.

For only being in Davis a few weeks, I can tell you that we were more than happy with this place and intend on going back with our puppy and our older dog as well.

Boo to you all nay sayers! —brynacorcoran

2009-08-30 20:03:58   I took my dog here when I adopted her about 3 years ago, since they had a great deal on spays/neuters for rescue dogs. I don't remember anything about the receptionist or the techs except that one of them automatically thought she had to *convince* me to get pain pills for my dog - obviously I'm going to want to give my dog something after an invasive surgery like that! I guess they get a lot of people who refuse because they don't think it's necessary/don't want to pay or something. Anyway, I don't remember the name of the veterinarian, but she had tons of scars on her arms from bites it looked like. She was awesome!! My dog was really shy and a bit of crybaby, and the vet did great with her and gave me tons of information in answer to my questions. So that's my experience - as an aside, I haven't experienced this rude receptionist myself, but I would give her a bit of a break. Working in a vet hospital and dealing with clients who always think the vet is just after their money can be quite taxing, something I know from personal experience. And man, one of the most OBNOXIOUS things someone can do when they take their animal to the vet is say "well, I read this on the internet, so that's what I've been doing and that's what I'm going to keep doing" or try to diagnose the problem themselves.

Aside number 2 - lots of vets do not let the owner be present for a euthanasia. You may think you want to be there, but much, much more often than not the experience proves to be too upsetting and difficult and the vet wishes they had just not allowed the owner to be there to begin with. Plus, quite frequently the owner wants to "just be alone" with their dead pet for a bit and clinics just don't have time to give up the room for that. Don't take it personally. —dontworryaboutit

2009-11-14 12:05:47   I like this place but only when Dr.Dailey is working. I have two kittens, one of which was just treated for a URI (upper respiratory infection) by Dr.Dailey. She was very comforting and knew exactly how to cure my kitten. Months before I had taken my other kitten in to be treated for an eye infection by Dr.Raymond who is a little older and not exactly very friendly with the animals. He has this look that is like "oh I've done this a million times" like hes bored mad and ready to retire. There rest of the staff there is great and i would defiantly go back with the request of Dr.Dailey. —mrskanaan

2010-02-09 17:27:13   Staff very friendly here and GREAT location. But OVERPRICED! Note of advice to dog owners - if you want to get your dog a Rabie's vaccination, then take them to Midtown. The cost of Rabies at Animal Wellness is (I was told by Receptionist) $17 + a $39 office visit fee. This was not ok with me, as I mentioned to her that I'd already been there twice in the last month. Why should I have to pay for another $39-office fee?! In contrast, when I called Midtown, they said a Rabies vaccination would be just $14, with an OPTIONAL office exam. Um, sorry, but in this economy, I can't afford to pay for inflated prices! —katietakara

2010-04-06 21:40:48   If you care about your animals at all, please do not take them here! I have watched them mistreat and neglect animals. They have been reported to the board before and I'm sure they will again. Their attitude and service is horrible and they could care less about the well being of your animal.


2010-05-01 07:46:17   This is by far the best veterinary clinic I have ever been to. We have taken three dogs there, and have been clients since 2001 or 2002. Our first and most beloved dog, Woody, received the best care of his life, which both extended his life and—more importantly—vastly improved the quality of it. In fact, Woody had been fearful to enter the doorway of his previous vet clinic, but he excitedly ran right into this clinic each time we visited it; it was like his Disneyland. Thanks to Eastern and Western medicines as well as chiropractic and occasional acupuncture, Woody had puppy energy right up until his last weeks when he was 13 or 14 years old. When we finally had to euthanize Woody, we were called back into the office a week later, where they gave us an impression of his pawprint, and someone in the office had hand-painted the impression as well as added Woody's name. Very thoughtful! We appreciate having this physical imprint of him in our home.

We have worked with both Dr. Dailey and Dr. Raymond and have found both of them to be terrific. Dr. Raymond in particular has a great sense of humor and is very empathetic with our dogs and sympathetic to us as clients. He has taken time to sketch our dogs' anatomy so that we understand injuries and procedures, and outlined several different options for care in each case.

We have on occasion had to wait for 30 to 45 minutes in the examination rooms, but each time someone has come in to apologize to us and explain that an emergency case walked in the door. Since I figure at some point we may be that emergency case, I appreciate the clinic's willingness to triage, and I'm fine with allowing the needier animal patients to be treated before my healthier dog is seen by the vet.

I can't recommend this clinic highly enough. We will be moving from Davis in the coming months, and I will miss the staff, the veterinarians, and the high level of care—and caring—we have received from them over the past 8-9 years. —LeslieMadsenBrooks

2010-06-05 18:37:06   (only one star because thats the loswest i can possibly score) DO NOT GO HERE. CAT DIED THE MORNING AFTER HIS VISIT.

I am disgusted by this place. I took my cat into the Animal Wellness Center last mintute not knowing too much about the place. My cat was not in too bad of condition before i brought him in, not knowing his visit could result in death. He orginally went into the place because of a few cat fight scratches. They gave my cat drugs that he couldnt handle without mentioning anything life threatening, they made comments like "oh a little skratch" and "big guy will be fine". My cat died the next morning, he was only 2 years old.Not to mention when i told the vets what had happened the receptionest was flat out rude. I ended up crying after taking to her just because of how rude she was.

If i took my cat to another vet, i can strongly say he would stilll bye alive.



2010-07-08 11:33:02   I took my cat here for a routine declaw, as one of the claws was causing her pain. Dr. Dailey incorrectly removed the mentioned claw, for it grew back thicker, and into her pad. When I picked her up from the hospital, she was traumatized, staring up at me in a daze, and would not respond to me speaking to her. I was told Dr. Dailey was going to speak to me when I picked her up. She did not. And her employee gave me the wrong instructions for post care. I contacted their center for my pet's records. They would not release them to me until about nine months later, with the assistance of the Vet Medical Board. Dr. Dailey was issued a citation, (as you can see on her online license) based on the fact that for her many years of practice, she should have been able to perform such a basic procedure. Her colleague Dr. Raymond also has a citation on his record. I had to spend three times the amount that I paid for her treatment at AWC for treatments elsewhere.

My cat has not fully recovered, and it is likely that she will die sooner due to the trauma and subsequent complications of the declaw.


2010-09-03 21:48:36   Today, September 3rd, 2010, less than two months after my previous post about the incompetence of Dr. Kris Dailey of the Animal Wellness Center, my beloved cat was euthanized due to a tumor in the paw that had the botched de-claw procedure that grew as a result of what this monster did to her. The Veterinarian who had to euthanize her informed us that it was the only option to end her pain and suffering, as she was dying. These people need to be shut down. My beloved pet's blood is on their hands. Especially Dr. Kris Dailey. —JM1987

2010-09-13 20:46:23   This place is wonderful. We have been to see Dr. Daily many times. She is always patient, thoughtful, caring, and very well-informed. This office is very smart about knowing when to advise western vs. eastern therapies and always gives you options. Highly recommended and reliable. —jsg718

2010-09-19 14:22:06   Oh yes, Dr. Daily is so wonderful, that is why the Veterinary Medical Board of California gave her a citation, as can be seen on her record here: http://www2.dca.ca.gov/pls/wllpub/WLLQRYNA$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=12666&P_LTE_ID=805 and her colleague, Dr. Alton Raymond's citation can be seen here: http://www2.dca.ca.gov/pls/wllpub/WLLQRYNA$LCEV2.QueryView?P_LICENSE_NUMBER=6352&P_LTE_ID=805 I'm sure the previous bogus review is by one of their employees. It's too late to try to salvage your reputation here. You are responsible for the deaths of at least two animals, and you have no shame for it. —JM1987

2010-10-14 22:30:13   So I have read through most of the comments and after living with someone who worked there who was indeed rude I have to side with the fact that this place is not the best to go to. I adopted a cat here about 4 months ago. She had a problem with her eye where it looked cloudy. Both of the vets had "no idea what was going on and prescribed this medication that was doing absolutely nothing. So I decided to take her to my vet place in Oakland called PETVET an absolutely amazing place to go to. In literally 5 min the vet was able to tell me about my cat and her eye trauma and prescribed meds immediately. My cat in less than 4 days has looked absolutely 50% better. So today i went to the Wellness center to get my cat spayed. They put her under and then due to "emergencies" couldnt do her operation as planned. Not only did my cat had to deal with the side effects of the anesthesia, but had to deal with the trauma of being there. I understand emergencies happen but they should also respect planned and scheduled visits. So after my rescheduled spay for next week, I really will not be returning here ever. Oh and the rude receptionist you all are referring to is Samantha, just to hazard a guess. Yep shes pretty rude. —rosepetal140

2011-04-20 06:41:58   i think this is pretty cool because i love animal they are special:) —krystallinney

2011-09-22 18:18:52   Here's an update on Kris Dailey of the Animal Wellness Center: The Executive Officer of the Veterinary Medical Board filed an accusation against Dailey, citing several examples of negligence. The document can be read here: http://www.vmb.ca.gov/public/vet12666_2011_07_27_acc.pdfJM1987 Note that the veterinary board's website currently (Feb. 21, 2012) indicates Dr. Kris Dailey's license is "clear", meaning current and valid, and that no further action has been taken on the complaint linked in this comment.

2012-01-28 00:02:13   I had heard good and bad things about this veterinary practice before deciding to try it out. On our first visit, Kris and the tech were nice and friendy toward our dog; even the front desk employee was nice. On our second visit, it felt like they were trying to get more money out of us and the receptionist was rude to us. I decided to try South Davis Veterinary Center because they quoted me a substantial lower price for the same service and the person who answered the phone was friendly. SDVC has been better, but I've heard a couple bad stories, and we had a vet tech with the worst bedside manner I've seen in a while. —ClairLee

2012-01-30 10:46:46   I had a terrible experience at this vet. Their visit took ridiculously long, they gave me a excessive quote adding on anything and everything they could to make the bill higher, and their staff was extremely rude. They treated me like a criminal when the gave me my dogs prescription. I have never been so dissatisfied with veterinary services before. —RainaCorson

2012-02-21 10:40:14   We've been taking all five of our pets to Wellness for a decade, less a few years when we were living out of state. Incidentally, we came to Wellness after having a very bad experience with one of the other doctors in town, which involved physical abuse of one of my dogs by an angry staff member, which that doctor felt was acceptable. Dr. Dailey has always been outstanding. In fact, she recently saved the life of that same dog, who like my other dogs, is 13 years old and still thriving under her care. She has also taken the time, on many occasions, to explain all of our treatment options at different price points. I've honestly never felt pressured to accept any particular treatment.

In response to JM1987, who commented about a Board complaint: I see that in that case Dr. Dailey advised the client that her pet needed specialty treatment in a hospital, and the client refused, citing financial concerns. At the same time, the client complains that Dr. Dailey didn't run enough expensive tests on her pet. I don't think it's right to refuse treatment for financial reasons and then file a complaint alleging inadequate treatment. We as pet owners, and our vets, can only do the best we can given our constraints — and most of us do have financial constraints these days, unfortunately.

One thing I would recommend for anyone who finds themselves in a situation where your pet needs expensive care is to look into CareCredit, which (the last I checked) is accepted by UCD. The UCD Veterinary Teaching Hospital does not require a referral, and that's the place to go locally if your pet has a complicated problem. CareCredit allows you to pay for services incrementally with no interest charge or credit fees. Also, some procedures at UCD can be done very economically by students, and if your pet joins an ongoing study, services can even be free.

Anyway, if anyone has specific questions about my experiences with Animal Wellness over the years, feel free to contact me privately. —chrisfmichaels

2012-04-05 17:22:15   As of April 5, 2012, the accusation filed against Kris Dailey on July 27, 2011 is still available on her license page on the Veterinary Medical Board's website. There is a "Clear" license status in the meantime, along with "Citation Issued", which she has been issued at least two for negligent maltreatment to the tune of $500 each. Any loving pet owner who considers to take their pet to the Animal Wellness Center should read the six-page accusation on the VMB's website. No animal deserves to have their life cut short, especially with this tragic result being the cause of a Veterinarian's negligence. Veterinary Medicine has its version of the Hippocratic Oath. Too bad some Vets don't abide by it. —JM1987

2012-06-08 17:28:15   JM1987 seems to be pursuing a vendetta against this clinic. I read the link JM1987 posted. His 11 year old poodle named Angel was brought in with a uterine infection and early kidney failure. AWC attempted to treat it. Surgery to removed the dog's uterus. JM1987 was told the dog needed more tests and treatment but refused that. JM1987 took the dog to another clinic where renal failure was diagnosed and the dog was put down. JM1987 seems to think the dog's death is AWC's fault. The vet board found a couple of things - giving a steroid to the dog without more tests and not taking x-rays as possibly actionable. Given JM1987's unwillingness to spend money this is understandable. The vet was trying to minimize cost while making what efforts were possible to save the animal.

Based on my complete reading of the document, I think JM1987's little campaign is nasty, unfair and needs to stop.

No, I have never been to AWC. I don't know anybody there and I am only going on the basis of what I read here. I expect JM1987 will claim that I am a shill for AWS. I am not. —YogaBhoga

2012-07-21 19:43:15   YogaBhoga, you assume that I am Angel's owner. I am not. I and other pet owners who have had the misfortune of dealing with this clinic have the facts, and only a fraction of them are on display on the Veterinary Medical Board's website; which was enough to warrant the filing of an accusation. I shelled out far more money than you know to keep my beloved pet alive, who ended up dying due to the irreversible damage that Kris Dailey caused. I will keep warning others about this clinic, because unlike someone who has NEVER been there, but insists that this is a malicious campaign against AWC, I care about the welfare of animals. People have the right to know, and that is why DavisWiki is here to begin with: for the benefit of the community. —JM1987

2012-11-23 15:29:10   I created a username just to knock this place.. I'm sure the doctor is competent HOWEVER, he was very rude, saw us for a very short amount of time and barely asked any questions. He seemed to just want to get us in and out which could result in him missing something important. If you want to go somewhere that cares about your pets and takes the time to answer all your questions, don't go here. —Annonymous78