Anni Kimball is a second-year International Relations and Psychology double major. She is a member of the ASUCD Outreach Assembly, a delegate on the Panhellenic Council, and an out-front employee at the CoHo.

Candidate Statement

Hi everyone! I want to be your ASUCD Senator because I love UC Davis and want to continue to improve it so that past, present, and future students can share the pride that comes from attending such an outstanding university. I hope to represent the student body as a whole and I would love any and all input that you may have; please feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions!

Platforms: CREATE AN ASUCD SERVICE FAIR As a non-profit organization, I believe that ASUCD needs to be more proactive in connecting students with volunteer opportunities. Students should be able give back to our community and be knowledgeable about non-profit organizations on campus. I would like to institutionalize a service fair that will showcase the amazing opportunities that are available to students, but are not always easily accessible. This fair will occur bi-annually in both Fall and Spring Quarter. Students will be able to get information regarding Cal Aggie Camp, The Pantry, and student groups with charity-related goals. Additionally, students will be able to gain hands-on experience by volunteering on campus with the Davis Special Olympics Team, partaking in a clothing drive, donating blood, and more. The fair will also hold a fundraiser which will benefit Cal Aggie Camp. This event will promote student involvement in our community and connect them to student-run philanthropy groups and organizations.

REDUCE PLASTIC CONSUMPTION UC Davis is a leader in sustainable efforts because of the passion and advocacy that has been shown by students. Plastic waste is a huge environmental epidemic and as a leader in sustainability efforts, it is time our campus took the initiative to address one of the underlying issues. By taking extensive educational measures and offering affordable and sustainable alternatives, such as re-usable canteens and cloth bags, we can take further action to reduce plastic consumption. I will work with ASUCD’s Environmental Policy and Planning Commission and the Campus Center for the Environment to design an educational campaign that will promote the use of more sustainable alternatives to plastic and educate all students on the detrimental effects of high plastic production and consumption.

Please remember to vote me, Anni Kimball, #1 for ASUCD Senate and BOLD #2-6! Thanks!


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