Teddy (far L), with fellow Appetite members, including Jon BafusAppetite is a local music act on the local label Crossbill Records. Its founder, Teddy Briggs, has also performed under the moniker Chief Briggum and with the Davis band Boss the Big Bit. Appetite has performed at venues like the Robot Rocket Residence and Beach Hut Deli in Davis; The Hub, Luigi's Fungarden, and Bows & Arrows in Sacramento; and Adobe Books in San Francisco. They have played cities in the Pacific Northwest like Eugene and Portland, OR and Seattle and Bellingham, WA. They have played events like the Bay Bridged's Music Fest, the Phono del Sol Music & Food Festival, and the Davis Music Fest.





The Ambiguous Garment LP, 2008Scattered, Smothered, Covered LP, 2011



Video footage of local and regional shows

at Adobe Books in SF

at the Cunt Factory in Davis

at The Hub in Sacramento

at the Phono del Sol Music & Food Festival in SF

at the Robot Rocket Residence in Davis

Music videos

"Herbivore," directed by Gonzalo Eyzaguirre

"Tussy," directed by Sean Stout and Teddy Briggs

In the News

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