Postal Address
P.O. Box 1684
Davis, CA 95617

The Davis AquaStarz Synchronized Swimming Team is a competitive, youth synchronized swimming team. The season consists of spring and fall clinics, the May through July competitive season, and our water show. During March and April the swimmers get in shape with conditioning. See our calendar at our website for practice times. The meets are generally on Wednesday nights in June and early July. Swimmers between the ages of 8 - 18 are welcome.

The team competes in the Valley Foothill Competitive Aquatic League, with both Novice and Intermediate swimmers.

The 2012 show will be July 13th and 14th, 7:30pm, at Community Pool.

Our Mission is to produce high caliber, goal oriented young people through a synchronized swimming curriculum that emphasizes the development of technical, physical and mental ability, creative movement and cooperative functioning as a team member.


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2009-08-26 14:35:12   Why do they have a z in their name? —NickSchmalenberger

2017-02-07 15:32:21   Hi my name is kathleen tessa newman but i don't go by my first name kathleen i go by tessa. I have been on the davis synchronized swimming team for 4 years. If you guys want to join the davis Aquastarz i just want to tell you something, the head coach is very strict, when i got injured she didn't care and sometimes i can't swim because of stuff that goes on in my life that i have to take of and when i come to practice the next time she just yells at you. Also the Denise Johnson she can be rude. And i'm not joking. But synchronized swimming is very fun. if you want to talk and get more information contact me at —2525Kathleen