636 4th Street
between E and F
Monday-Friday 9:30am-7pm
Saturday 9:30am-6pm, Sunday 10am-5pm
(530) 758-2775
Young S. Holzmann
April 21, 2009

Ara Spa is a salon that prides itself on being clean, and for specializing in customized care. With the use of unique equipment, they ensure a germ-free pedicure, and a relaxing experience.

Nail services include conditioning, shaping and filing, hand massage, and polish. Ara Spa also offers exfoliating treatments, hot stone massage, and the option of a deep hydrating ,or cooling masque.

Ara Spa uses the best possible products to benefit their customers.

Manicure & Pedicure Special $35 Manicure $15 Pedicure $25

STUDENT SPECIAL Brazilian Wax $45 Eyebrow Wax $15 with Student ID

Other Services Include:

  • Skin Care
  • Waxing
  • Permanent Makeup
  • Eye Brow and Liner

To learn about other businesses in Davis that provide professional aesthetic services, visit our Beauty Salons and Barber Shops page.


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2009-05-19 21:38:19   I loved this spa! Vincent and Anna are wonderful. I got a pink and white full set from Vincent and it was gorgeous! Anna gave me a very fantastic pedicure with a unique flower design, which I loved very much. My sister and I went there and got a relaxing eyebrow wax from Young. She is the best! I would recommend you to come here to be relaxed!!!!!! The people here are very friendly and cheerful. —reba123

2009-05-19 22:11:46   How long will the $30 special be going on? I definitely need to visit this place before I go to Japan! —ArianeMetz

2009-05-22 13:48:46   I got an amazing pedicure yesterday for $22! I just walked in without an appointment. The pedicure includes a really nice leg massage WITH HOT ROCKS, which I have never had with a pedicure! The place is super clean and the tools are sterilized. They have mostly OPI polish. I will definitely be going back for pedicures in the future. I have also seen Young-Sook in the past for a bikini wax and highly recommend her. —Ratatat

2009-05-25 21:20:42   Professional, relaxing and high quality spa! I have been going to Young for several years now for waxing and facials and she does a beautiful job every time. Her facials are amazing, I always leave feeling so relaxed and refreshed. Last week I got a pedicure at Ara spa as well and everything from the massage chair to the pedicure itself was awesome, and they used new supplies for each one of us - very clean! The coffee candy is also delicious. —moglishapiro

2009-05-30 18:45:47   Sent my other half here recently for a mani and pedi. She's 9 months pregnant and was looking for a nice clean freshen up before making the trip to the delivery room. I had read some nice reviews here on the wiki and noticed their $30 special so figured it was a good recommendation. Happy to report she really enjoyed the experience. The facilities were clean, the tools they used opened fresh and her toes and hands look wonderful. Vincent did a great job and was very professional. —loneshark

2009-06-05 13:21:55   I went to Young-sook today for a bikini wax, and was very pleased. I chose her off the wiki because she seemed to be the only person recommended by someone who was not an obvious sockpuppet. I should mention that I have never had a waxing before, so I don't have much to compare the experience to. But Young-sook was very nice, professional, and put me at ease. The place is very clean and the waxing was quick and relatively painless (again, not much to compare it to, as it was my first time, and everyone's pain tolerance is different). I ended up having both thighs waxed in addition to the bikini area, which cost me $70. If you are nervous about getting a bikini wax and want a good first-time experience, I would recommend Young-Sook. —Virginia

2009-06-08 17:29:50   Visited this salon for a mani/pedi on recommendation from a friend. Could not have been more pleased...the hot stone component was included in the pedicure special and just felt so amazing, and they took plenty of time to scrub my feet thoroughly, which other salons sometimes don't. And for once, my fingernail polish hasn't chipped 3 days later (I am really, really rough on my nails, and have done some gardening in the interim). One of the best mani/pedi experiences I've had in Davis, hands down. —AmandaCaudle

2009-06-15 23:24:13   I took my cousin in today to get a french mani/pedi for my sister's wedding and while I made an appointment for the two of us they where a bit too busy to get to us initially, but did seat us in the pedi chairs within minutes. They quickly got back into good graces by being incredibly clean and detailed in their work. The hot stones are awesome! It was a wonderful surprise with the pedi. They do an amazing job with the french tips and made my out of town cousin's first mani/pedi memorable. They also give you the file, buffer, and foot scrubber/pumice thing to take home and bring back next time we come in. I'm very sad that I found this place in the last few weeks before I move away. I highly recommend them. —CGall

2009-06-16 18:13:18   I usually go to Y2K Nails for pedicures but decided to give Ara a try. The pedicure I received from Anna was a little rushed; however, the foot massage with the hot rocks was nice. Overall. I'd give Anna a grade of "B." I still prefer Y2K and will go there next time. —nowhereman

2009-06-18 10:53:59   I had a pedicure and french manicure with Vince yesterday and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The spa is clean and well-maintained, and they have a nice selection of polishes. Vince was pleasant, professional and did a fabulous job - I have received a lot of compliments on my nails already. As others have mentioned, the hot stone leg massage was a very nice suprise and treat. I would go back and am comfortable recommending Ara Spa to my friends. —AG

2009-06-18 18:01:41   Tried this place today: wanted a brazilian and decided to throw in the mani/pedi since the special is still offered. The mani/pedi was lovely but I was especially impressed with how careful and thorough my wax was. The other places I've tried in Davis barely prep you, slap the wax on, rip off your skin, and call it done but the attention to detail here is unique and worth its weight in gold. Plus it was less painful. And cheaper. I'm happy to have finally found a place in Davis I want to return to. —cecicou

2009-07-09 16:50:40   Ara spa is beautiful and the staff is very friendly. My mother and I have been seeing Young Sook for years now for facials. I had really horrible acne for most of high school and with young's treatments my sink is perfect now.Young is excellent at waxing as well I have been to her for bikini, leg, and brow waxing and it is always painless and looks great. I have also gotten pedicures and manicures at ara. They always have fun designs to paint on and my toes look like works of art. Young is the only aestician I would see in Davis and I even wait to get my treatments from her until I come home from college. Go to this place!!! —Madelinepbj

2009-07-11 16:39:17   After reading all of the comments on this page I decided to try Ara out and it was one of the best experiences I've had in Davis! They still have their $30 special going on for a mani and pedi and it's $5 more for a flower which is def. worth it and really pretty! The mani/pedi comes with a hot rock massage (they recommend that you don't shave your legs right before going there). I also got an eyebrow wax and Young is absolutely amazing! I came out with gorgeous eyebrows that she actually took the time to shape. She also (in a very nice and not pushy kind of way) told me about the facials that they have for everyone, including special ones they have specifically to target acne. While they have almost every shade of nail color, they seem to not have as many as I've seen at other places. This was a great experience and I will be going back there! —franfran

2009-07-11 19:01:59   I went to get my nails done with my sister and my mom and the service was great!!! I think the whole foot massage and the embellishing process was quite thorough and I have told all my friends about this place. GO!!! —changers

2009-07-11 21:33:58   Ara Spa is great! I went there for a brazilian wax (first time) and Young Sook did a wonderful job. She really took the time to do a good job and minimize the pain. Plus, she is really nice and professional. I would recommend everyone go here. I am sad that I'm only here for summer. —HI808

2009-07-15 19:04:04   I went to Ara Spa for the first time today for a pedicure with Vincent and had a great experience. I highly recommend Vincent as he was friendly and professional, and worked at a leisurely pace. Among other things, the facilities were clean and well-lit, and the hot stone massage was heavenly. I will definitely be going back! —planetgrrl

2009-07-16 17:46:10   Finally, a spa that is friendly, professional, and affordable! I live in south Davis,and have had manicures and pedicures at Y2K in the Oakshade Shopping Center. At Y2K the atmosphere felt as though I were in an assembly line, with the employees often involved in their own conversations. When I walked into Ara Spa, I was delighted to see Vince and Anna, who previously worked at Y2K. The pedicure experience was wonderful. When I sat down in the massage chair I was immediately handed a chilled bottle of water. Anna checked with me to see that the water temperature in the soaking tub was just right, and then meticulously worked to trim, massage, and polish. The hot stone massage/oil rub felt heavenly, and my nails and feet look great. At $22.00 for a pedicure this is a better deal than the other salon. Best of all, the customer service is priceless. I will definitely be back. —lookingforservice

2009-07-20 15:12:13   I've been going to Young for facials for six years - she is so good that I have followed her to various locations, and it is good to see her finally in her own place. She is wonderfully caring and careful. Her attention to detail extends to the entire salon. Just walking in to Ara Spa is relaxing, and Anna and Vincent are both terrifically skilled and careful. And the hot rocks are terrific. —akbd

2009-08-01 10:39:47   As a hairy middle eastern woman who has been getting waxed since puberty, I can very easily tell the difference between someone who knows what they are doing and someone who doesn't. I had a full leg and bikini wax done at Ara with Young and she was fantastic! Her technique is perfect, very thorough yet quick. The private room in the back is clean and professional, everyone was very friendly, and the price was reasonable. There were no stray hairs, irritated skin, or left over wax. I highly recommend this place for waxing and can't wait to try their other services. —Zeeba

2009-08-12 14:11:41   I finally tried out this new nail salon, and I liked it better than my regular place (Davis Nails). I got a pedicure ($22), which included a fabulous leg massage with hot stones. I've never had that before, and it was wonderful! My mom also enjoyed her manicure ($12). They gave each of us the nail file and buffer they used to bring back next time, which is nice from a hygiene perspective. I highly recommend this salon! —xarcadia

2009-08-13 02:53:20   Best mani and pedi I've gotten in Davis by far. The hot stone massage was nice during the pedi. Not sure how long the $30 combo deal is going to last but it is well worth it. Vincent did both mani and pedi and did a great job! He knows what he's doing. I'm bummed that I found Ara less than a week before I move away. Highly recommended. —kmpulido

2009-09-14 14:35:19   Ara Spa is fantastic. I live in Woodland, but happened to be in town running an errand and since I heard such good things on the Wiki, decided to give them a try. I'm glad I did because this was the cleanest nail spa I have seen. Not only did I get to keep my scrubbies and file, but the foot baths were very clean. I loved the stone massage and was very surprised to get my bill and have it be the same as I'd pay anywhere else for a pedicure. They go above and beyond. —AmLin

2009-09-18 14:57:38   ARA Spa is the absolute best for pedicure/manicure services. We are lucky to have such a beautiful, calming spa in Davis! The staff takes great pride in sterilizing their equipment; entire facility is extremely clean and fresh. The staff is very professional, friendly and attentive. I have been to every salon in town and have finally settled at ARA. Please support this gorgeous business! sschaefer —SylviaSchaefer

2010-01-07 13:09:05   Happy New Year! All of us at Ara Spa would like to thank all of our loyal clients for their continued patronage and encourage potential new customers to come experience our spa. Please call or email if you have any questions!

Cheers to 2010! —araspadavis

2010-01-09 19:19:01   I had a wonderful pedicure at Ara today. The salon is impeccably clean (the cleanest I have been to in a long time), the quality of the pedicure was great, and the salon has a very relaxing atmosphere. I highly recommend Ara! —EBP

2010-02-06 23:16:55   I had my eyebrows done here a couple of weeks ago, and I was really happy with the results!! I've have bad experiences at other places, but Young did a fabulous job of shaping my brows and giving me advice on what to do in the future. I will definitely be returning! —KB@CSUMB

2010-02-20 23:01:08   ABSOLUTELY MUST GO!!!! The people are soooo nice and friendly. They don't really talk to eachother in their language, once you have been once, you are treated like family and they really interact with you. Mom and I have loved them since they opened and I have never had a more enjoyable experience. DEFINATELY GO!!!!! —its.sydney

2010-03-16 16:55:52   So amazing! I'm picky when it comes to getting a pedicure. Did NOT like Dianna's Nails. Ara gives you a wonderful massage, with warm stones too! I'm pretty sensitive when it comes to temperature but they made sure everything was just right. I was very impressed. —jenb

2010-03-31 07:33:25   This has got to be the most pleasant, cleanest nail shop in the Sacramento area. Young, the owner is an incredible estetician, wonderful facials, brow and lash tinting, and shaping, waxing. Went in yesterday, came out relaxed and my face felt incredibly soft. She's really helped me with acne problems. I've had the manicure/pedicure there, seems like a really good value. Just a nice play to relax and get pampered. —helena

2010-04-18 20:33:48   This is by far the best nail salon in Davis. I highly recommend it. Everyone who works there is very professional, the atmosphere is really relaxing, and the hot stone massages are great! —MEW

2010-06-24 13:21:27   Usually i go and get a mani & pedi from the two Anna's that here, but yesterday i got a different worker. She was a new employee and she had glasses. When she gave me a manicure, she didnt fully polish my whole nail! Also, When she did my pedicure i was very nervous because she had her glasses on to cut my cuticles and took them off when she massaged my feet. Im very worried that she will cut my cuticles. Overall i was very disappointed since i was not relaxed!! She did a terrible job! —reba123

2010-07-17 17:38:55   This was my first experience getting a mani/pedi, so I don't know how qualified I am to judge the quality of their services, but for the most part, I was satisfied. Everything was very clean and the tools were sterile. The massaging and hot rocks were nice. One issue I had was that the lady (the one with glasses) filed my nails unevenly (but she went back and corrected them when I asked), and made my thumbnails very square while everything else was curved (like I wanted). Also, my nail polish seemed to smudge really easily compared to my friend's, but that might just have been me. I would go back here again, though. —AlishaTran

2010-07-20 20:13:14   Went here this morning for mani/pedis with 3 other people. I got the girl with glasses and she did a great job! I had a cut on one of my fingers and while she did my manicure it didn't get hurt at all! She still did a great job while avoiding the cut near my nail. I always have an excellent experience here. —jsbmeb

2010-08-13 01:50:00   I used to LOVE this place when Vince worked here. He and his wife both gave great french tips that would last for at least 4 weeks. I bite my nails constantly and he would make sure to clean up the cuticles so I had nothing to bite. I went back this summer to get french tips and my 2 favorite employees weren't there. I asked for french tips and they continued to try and convince me to get a different type of manicure and I kept insisting that this is what I wanted. Finally they gave me what I was asking (and paying) for and so she puts the white tip on and cuts it and I said, "oh can you do it shorter" and so she did it a little shorter but not as much as I wanted. After this and the whole situation when I walked in I was fed up arguing so I just sat there. The nails looked okay as I left, but she did not clean up around the nail as much as I usually like. Now, A WEEK later, all of the fake nails have fallen off! Normally these last 4 weeks and this time I felt ripped off because they barely lasted a whole week. I asked what happened to Vince and his wife and I guess they don't work there anymore... needless to say, I will not go back. This used to be the best spa in Davis but now I would not recommend it to anyone! —EmaMiille

2010-08-16 17:21:04   This was my first time here but it definitely will not be my last.Very professional and clean. I have been to two other places in Davis to get pedicures including Y2K and this was by far the best and exceeded all of my expectations. As soon as I walked in the door the place is clean, well cared for and charming. The staff is polite, friendly, and very social sharing stories with me throughout. I opted for the pedicure deluxe and manicure. The chair is very nice to sit and has a good amount of settings. They have a wide array of magazines and the tubs are super clean. Kim was excellent, she was very through, nice, and good at what she does. She took her time and communicated with me which is rare for spas making sure the water wasn't too hot. The sea salt scrub and masque is definitely a must. My legs are so smooth. The hot stone massage was amazing. The hand massage was relaxing and the hot towels made for nice relaxation as well, but at one point they were too hot so I asked Kim to cool them down. The whole pedicure was amazing and Kim took her time and I didn't feel rushed and was able to relax. The total for the pedicure deluxe and manicure was $45. —ElizabethBarthel

2010-08-17 13:21:26   I just had a pedicure and a manicure for my friend wedding at this spa. The looking is good overall but the girl did my pedicure and manicure was too fast that I think I got rip off. I think she did it fast like that so she could jump over my friend to do it for her. I think she did my pedicure for only 15 minutes including cleaning up my toes, cut my cuticle, rubbing my heels, massaging and polish my toes. It ended up with my cuticle also got polish too. I don't think I will go back here again. —GinaM

2010-08-25 18:17:17   This is such a pleasant place! Had a wonderful french pedicure. Kim is very nice and the others employees seemed just as friendly and professional. As everyone says, this is the cleanest spa I have EVER seen, but not priced like fancy day spas. I'm going to come back with some of my friends. —NellBrom

2010-09-07 22:11:39   I have been comming in here for several times. I had always satisfied when I came in before and had Anna did my nails. I was a little sad when I came back and she was gone. But Jane was indeed a wonderful girl, she made my nails clean and beautiful, nice massage, too, and we had a nice talk. I came back again and had another girl worked on my nails. She was new. She did ok, though, but I would refer Jane again for my next visit. I told all my friends about this place. This is where people should get their nails done. —heathermaryshannnon

2010-09-14 11:50:45   A fairly large group of us decided to get pedicures to celebrate the fact that we had a random day off in the middle of the week. The ladies at Ara Spa were incredibly accomodating of the fact that we needed to make an appointment for six people at the same time. Every single one of my friends agreed that it was one of the best pedicures she had had in a while. They did an overall fabulous job, including painting some adorable little flowers on everyone's nails. I would highly recommend them. —JMWoodchuck

2010-09-28 23:53:39   Well, I came here only one time to get my nails done. It is clean and looks sanitized but I am not sure about the technician that I had. I got french pedicure. So the one that seems to have a longest hair compare to other girls did my nails. She did not talk much but that was ok because she might have a bad day. However, she did not do a good job on drawing my french tips ( no curving and chip off so easy-next day). After done, one of my big toe nail did not smooth at all, and she did not push my cuticle all the way back, since I still could feel the old cuticle line on my nail. I may give it another try. —JulyQuinn

2010-12-11 16:17:32   I recently went there and it is the best nail salon I have found in Davis! It was incredibly clean and Kim did a great job on my pedicure and gel-manicure. It is very busy so I would recommend making an appointment. Great place and I will be going back for sure. —Tier

2011-01-29 14:27:39   I went in for an eyebrow waxing recently and had a very pleasant experience. I have very sensitive skin and this was the first time that I've had someone besides my mom wax my eyebrows so I was very hesitant. When I walked in, I was told that I would be able to get my eyebrows waxed right then and was taken to the back room. It was private and pretty nice. I could tell that the person who waxed my eyebrows knew what she was doing and had a good experience. She talked with me while she was waxing and was pleasant to talk to. I had minimal redness afterwards and will def. be coming back here. —HeartAlong

2011-02-23 13:47:03   Visited this salon for the first time for a pedicure. I am very pleased with the work Lisa did. I especially loved the hot stones. The place is very clean and all the equipment is sterilized. Lisa did mention that they sometimes close earlier than 7 if they are slow, so call ahead. I will definitely be going back to this place! Only 4 minutes from work. —flowr32

2011-06-24 15:52:23   A great place for a pedicure. Lisa and Kim are both excellent, and the owner, Young, went out of her way to be sure I was happy today. I will continue to recommend them to friends. Great price! —MelissaMelissa

2011-07-31 22:23:31   This place was great. Very clean. Very nice. Awesome pedicure. For $25 you get a massage chair thing, foot soak, exfoliating leg and foot scrub, lotion leg and foot massage, hot rocks and, of course, paint. Would definitely go back. :) —alpmille

2011-09-10 21:46:16   I just went to Ara Spa for my first manicure and pedicure. The staff were extremely friendly and professional and did a fabulous job! I walked in and they were able to help me right away. The prices are very reasonable. —SRAJ

2012-04-06 10:07:39   If you are trying to find a place to get waxed in Davis this is the spot!!! I was hesitant to go to any waxing place in Davis. I tried out a few and then I came across Ara Spa where Young does the waxings and now I will never go anywhere else. I am from Los Angeles and I will rank Young on the same level as many salons there. She takes care of your skin and wether you have a pimple on your forehead or an ingrown hair somewhere else, she takes care of it while taking care of your skin. Another bonus, she uses hard wax for your bikini area. —JenniferUrrutia

2012-04-15 16:54:58   Hooray for Ara Spa! Young treats my skin with good care every time I get a wax. She's a boss at waxing (and sometimes tweezing) me smooth so I'd definitely recommend visiting her, especially for bikini waxes. I don't think I will ever truly enjoy having hairs pulled out but at least her efficiency makes my trips there worth every dollar I spend too. 'Nuff said. —JoyceChu

2012-05-29 16:10:34   This is both my mom and my favorite spa in Davis! We have been going here for 6 years and have always been pleased with the results. Young always does our waxing and she is great, even with bikini wax. When getting a pedicure, they use hot rocks which is a very nice touch and the flowers are pretty and creative. Definitely recommended to anyone searching for a good spa —EllaGallawa

2013-06-12 19:15:24   Young did my eyebrows today and they are AMAZING!!! finally I found someone who knows what I like. Also got a pedi from Kim and was very sweet to talk to and good at her job. It was my only second time getting a pedi in my life and my toes have really small nails, and Kim made it seem like i have good toenails! The place is very clean! good price too —VioletHuetter

2013-07-30 10:48:44   Vicki did my pedicure this morning. It was the best pedicure I've ever had! Seriously the best pampering in Davis. Vicki was very gentle and very thorough in the massage (my favorite part). I could've fallen asleep I felt so relaxed. —jenb