Araxya Movsisyan is an independent candidate in the Winter 2013 ASUCD election.

Her official candidate statement is as follows:

"My platform is to work with you— my fellow UC Davis Aggies— to build your resumes. Whether you are barely getting started or already have a resume in need of editing, I will meet with you anywhere on campus with a list of opportunities tailored to your interests. My experience working in Human Resources and screening students' resumes to choose whom to schedule for an interview among hundreds of applicants taught me the importance of having work, volunteering, or internship experience in order to get that call. Remember: while other candidates are trying to build their resumes, I am trying to help you build yours and vote for Araxya. My goal is to ensure that each Aggie has a resume they feel confident in when you apply for your dream job. Let me represent you. You deserve to be a strong and competitive work candidate and have a credible resume in addition to your GPA.

"My second platform is to break down barriers between transfer- and international-students with students who have been at UC Davis since their first year of college. I will listen to your concerns, plan sports events, and create opportunities for us all to get the most out of our experience at UC Davis, whether you are here for four years, two years, or a quarter. We can all benefit from the diversity among us if we see ourselves as one student body.

"My third platform is bike safety. Pedestrians and bikers will have an easier time sharing the road after I am elected, because I will work to have the “Yield” signs repainted in front of the Student Community Center bike circle and other troubled areas on campus.

"My fourth platform is advocating academic freedom and ensuring free student speech. I will use my role as your #1 ASUCD Senator to represent you and give you the opportunity to voice your concerns about your freedom at UC Davis. My goal is accessibility to policy making at UC Davis. You pay to be here; this position is your position and I will ensure that you are heard.

"My passions: justice, the law, women’s rights, academic freedom, equal opportunity for competitiveness for all students, work, internship, volunteer experience. My experiences include internship at Yolo County Superior Court, King Hall UC Davis Law School KHOP Program, STEP and EOP program, UCDC Washington Program."


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