2121C 2nd Street #109
Mon-Fri 10:00AM - 7:00PM
John Reedy

Aria Communications is a locally owned and operated WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). Provides Instaconnect wireless service.

US Housing shares office space with SoliSys and U.S. Housing.

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2005-08-31 00:20:36   Do they do anything else besides Instaconnect? If not, they should just call themselves Instaconnect — it'd be so much easier. —DatNguyen

2005-08-31 00:53:05   Another company named Aria Communications does telemarketing. And I posted this, you know, just because. —BrentLaabs

2005-08-31 01:02:37   Well, the only answer then is to ask Ryan to add better country music to the ariacommunications.com website. —DatNguyen

2005-09-06 20:42:48   What does country music have to do anything? And why would I touch the website? I am not a webmonkey. —RyanCastellucci

2005-09-06 20:47:25   You should put up arias. Plusmore opera on the internet! —BrentLaabs

2007-02-11 20:08:33   According to the Yolo County Recorder, John Reedy is the owner of both SoliSys and Design Works. Aria's site lists Reedy as CEO. US Housing and Aria don't have fictitious name records at the recorder, though. Unless Aria's own site is inaccurate, it is accurate to say that Reedy owns Aria, SoliSys, and Design Works. —WilliamLewis

2008-07-31 18:15:51   Instaconnect is perpetually poor in certain areas of Davis. If you can use Comcast instead, I highly recommend it, because instaconnect can be down for hours at a time. Very disappointing. —PhilosopherDave

2008-09-13 20:09:25   Couldn't agree more with PhilosopherDave's comment. If you're moving into the Viking, make arrangements with Comcast beforehand because the internet will not work the lion's share of the time. —AlexChiang

2009-01-10 19:27:10   Consistently unreliable service, out for days at a time across multiple apartment complexes. Customer service's efforts entirely directed to playing defense and strong-arming customers to meet 100% of their contractual obligations to pay for services, despite said services failing to be rendered - e.g., ignoring their own repeated and flagrant breaches of contract by failing to provide contractually obligated services. Instaconnect's network has had nothing even approaching five nines (99.999%) of uptime, nor even three. Internet loads at pedestrian speed during hours of common use, at least until the network goes down for a day or more and logs everyone off. Aria seem to employ a revolving army of secretaries who, to an absolute fault, are never "authorized" to do anything but shill to protect their polluted profit stream. No refunds, no discounts, no amnesty, no customer care or service of any kind. Wretched company with a pathetic product, both of whic reliably and consistently disappoint. —GWHenry

2009-02-20 12:39:02   I couldn't disagree with PhilosopherDave's comment more. I have had HORRIBLE experience with Comcast and would recommend a friend to sever a limb before accepting a contract from them. —MasonMurray

2009-10-05 10:14:39   John Reedy is the slimiest owner imaginable. Do not let InstaConnect have your credit card number! They continued to charge my account after I had cancelled the service and deployed to Iraq without access or knowledge of the charges. Lie after lie to my face and months and months of calling and leaving messages I have given up on the promised refund. This is no business! This is a racket for defrauding Davis students. —reidgardner

2010-10-04 13:49:56   I have to agree with the comments about Aria Communications and Instaconnect. There is neither anything instant nor connected about their so-called service. They have a revolving door policy as far as employees go, and now that John Reedy is doing the tech repairs none are happening. Connectivity is sketchy at best and down on average. Use any provider but these guys or you will be sorry. —Britva613

2013-10-04 14:00:39   Are they any good with user privacy and data integrity? How do they afford to stay in business? Do they get any subsidies? Any silent partners? —gdnystrom