2901 Portage Bay West in West Davis
Office Hours

Monday-Friday 9:30am-5:30pm


Phone: (877 )888-6051
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Types of Units
1br/1ba, 2br/1ba, 2br/2ba, 3br/1ba, 3br/2ba, 4br/2ba
Price Range
Starting at $740

Arlington Farm is an apartment complex consisting a variety of residents, including students, couples, families, and professionals. Students, in particular, are the primary residents of the complex. Arlington Farm is professionally owned and managed by Tandem Properties.

Students most commonly refer to Arlington Farm as "Arlington", "The Farm" also "A-town" or "Arlington Farms" (with an "s", especially by Unitrans drivers). Residents note that the east side of the complex is less dense, and for that reason tends to be more quiet than the West side of the property.

The name Arlington Farm refers to the original farm in West Davis. There is a memorial plaque along the bike trail on the Lincoln Highway, just across the street from the original farmhouse. Arlington Boulevard is also named after this farm.

Management Notices

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Features & Amenities

Covered Parking Available
24 Hour Pool & Four Hot Tubs
Four 24 Hour Laundry Centers
Central Heat & AC
BBQ & Picnic Area
24 Hour Fitness Centers
Cats Allowed with $300 Deposit
Study Lounge, can be reserved after hours
Microwave, Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Gas stove
Large Walk-in Closets & Cathedral Ceilings
Basketball, Tennis & Hockey Rink at adjacent West Manor Park
Free fax & copy service
Storage Available
Ample Free Parking
Affordable Housing units available
Roommate Program
Resident Social Events
24 Hour Emergency Maintenance
Fresh Baked Cookies in Office
Grassy Courtyard Areas with BBQs

Other Notes: Some units have upgraded interiors including granite counter tops, and hard surface flooring. Many of the students that live here are affiliated with the greek system and/or other groups or organizations on campus (Band-Uh) get their apartments passed down. Management hosts a variety of events during each year, including Finals Breakfasts and free laundry for a year!


Public Transportation - Arlington Farm is located on Unitrans D and K bus lines which goes to both the Memorial Union and The Silo.

Bicycle - Arlington Farm is adjacent to The Davis Bike Loop via the Russell Boulevard bike path. The UC Davis campus is 1.1 miles away. There are many bike lanes, bike paths and bike-only connectors throughout the neighborhood. The bike path to campus is designated for bikers only, and does not share any lanes with cars or motorized vehicles.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, walk to West Manor Park or behind Village Homes to connect to The Greenbelt. For grocery, shopping, some services and dining, Westlake Plaza is a few short blocks blocks away. Check out the new grocery store there, Westlake Market

Parking - Covered and uncovered parking is available.

Accessibility - Accessible units are available.

Floor Plans

Please inquire at the office (877) 888-6051 for current rental prices.


  • To learn more about rental housing in Davis, as well as our Apartments pages.

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2009-04-07 12:31:00   I'm considering two specific apartments: 1403 (which shares a wall with laundry room) and 409 (which faces pool and presumably lots of pool-parties). They are both 1-bed with Study, on first floor. I'm a quiet person and prefer a quiet place. Can anyone tell me which apartment is better? Is sharing a wall with laundry room going to be very noisy (and shaky)? Thanks!!~ —garb

2009-08-28 20:10:46   This is the WORST place i have ever lived. Not only is it EXTREMELY loud but they have a spider and roach INFESTATION. it's horrifying. but on a good note the parties were so wild that a cop camped right outside my front door every thursday-saturday. However, peeping toms are still in business on week days... Anyway maintenance is good. —christinag

2009-09-13 13:46:18   arlington is waaaaaay loud. whoever wanted a "quiet" place needs to look somewhere else. people party like crazy here. its basically the sophomore loser dorms. everyone does drugs and smokes pot. lots of frat losers and asian wannabe gangsters. very loud. management sucks. my friend got his tv stolen there. lots of people still there. beware! dont do drugs here or u will get caught! —andy quieer —andy890

2009-11-19 15:50:30   Just a quick note about the noise — the East side of Arlington Farm is relatively quiet, so don't judge the whole apartment complex from the numerous complains about LOUDNESS in the larger, more "party-oriented" West side. —Gareth

2010-03-17 23:32:00   I currently live in Arlington and I have to disagree with most of the comments. It is occasionally loud but never to the point of being a problem. The bus line is super convenient, its basically outside my front door. We have had no insect problems. We did have a problem with our stove, and the management replaced it with a brand new one within 72 hours, and came to look at the old one only 10 minutes after I made the maintenance request. The management is really nice, they learn their residents names and they are doing a complimentary breakfast during finals week. The maintenance guys and staff are friendly and helpful. We were late on our rent and they were really nice about it and didnt charge us a late fee. The gym is really handy to have access too. There are parties but definitely not 3 nights a week, and I havent ever found myself in a situation involving drugs (in response to andy890). Everyone is pretty cool and lots of people from your classes if youre a sophomore live here so its easy to get together and study. —cj2012aggie

2010-06-03 08:55:39   Arlington is a horrible place to live, absolutely awful. The place is falling apart, the rent is too high for what you're getting, and they have absolutely no respect or courtesy for their residents. It's DEFINITELY got a bug problem (my apartment is filled with spiders and despite my complaints, they've done nothing), the amenities are old and consistently out of service, and they love doing loud and completely unnecessary repairs at 8am, during dead week and finals week. No wonder they are having difficulties finding new renters. I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone —Kris90

  • Hey Kris90, Sorry to hear about your thoughts about Arlington :( We do have a contracted Pest Management company, Welty Terminte and Pest Control, that comes to service the entire property twice a month, and we can also call them for individual apartments. Something to keep in mind so you don't have any eight legged friends raoming around. And, if anything is ever not working right either in your apartment or elsewhere please let us know...you can place a work order via our website: www.tandemproperties.com or by calling/stopping by the office. Again, sorry for your experience. If you have any other concerns, please feel free to email me at abutler@tandemproperties.com.

-Amanda Residential Manager

2010-06-06 18:48:27   I love A-Town. I have lived here for almost a year now, and it has been amazing. I have had nothing but great interaction with the management team, if anything they have been very understanding and helpful. I have never had a maintenance request that was not addressed in 24 hours, and I have never had any spiders. One time I had a funky looking bug, and all I had to do was call the office and they has a pest control person come out that day. It was nothing be a strange lookin' bug. Nothing to worry about. The grounds are maintained very well and the rooms are SOOO large and spacious. They keep their grounds up really well and have recently been working on a fresher look with some new pool furniture, etc. I would recommend Arlington to anyone. The staff understands your wants and needs and works hard to exceed their required duties :) I also love that all my friends live around and are easily, it has made my year even better. —skidavis

2010-11-15 11:09:18   I lived here my a while I was in college and have since come back for work. I came back to tour it, because it was a place I was familiar with. I was very impressed with what I saw, and the changes that had been made since I lived there. The staff was pleasant to deal with and the office still had the cookies. The feeling of the complex was very nice, and I didn't feel like there were an overwhelming number of undergraduate students. All of their common areas were tidy and appealing. I was very impressed, and plan on renting there again. —KatilinAdams

2011-03-04 00:44:03   I live next door to here in Stonegate Village and I wish the entire complex would burn down. It is loud as hell from Thursday to Sunday. —inu

A former manager for Stonegate Village told me the police used the laundry room for a staging area. She and her husband purchased the first home in Stonegate. —BruceHansen

    2011-05-30 01:33:16   Arlington is not the place to live. On top of loud parties which always end up in a group of people yelling at like 3 in the morning. The apartments also have a huge issue with mold in the bathroom and around the window. Although being exposed to mold is very bad for your health Arlington does not take any responsibility to clean it up. The complex, like noted by others has a huge problems with bugs. If you leave your window open for a bit you are sure to find bugs all over you room. You will also find bugs tend to nest right out side your door which is never really cleaned up. If that was not enough the people who are contracted to do the landscaping tend to blow all the trash and yard waste all over the cars in the parking lot. There are many times in which I have just clean my car to find it covered in dirt, leaves, grass, and trash while being parked inside of a cover parking spot, in which I pay $20 a month for. I do not recommend for anyone to live here. —MELR723

    2011-07-18 16:38:53   I've lived here for a couple years and never had problems with roaches or ants. I don't know if there are more spiders than in other apartment complexes or not. The management and maintenance used to be really good, but ever since they changed managers things have gone slightly down in terms of quality and friendliness in the main office. During the school year the west side seems to have a cop camped out most every night, whereas the east side seems to be full of older long-term residents who are hostile to their younger party oriented neighbors. Residents in general are very rude, inconsiderate, and trashy, and I'm not talking about the noisy parties. They leave trash laying all over the complex, discard their furniture and unwanted belongings wherever they want, take up 2 parking spaces, park in the fire lane outside their apartment for hours and/or overnight, hit other cars leaving giant dents, leave bikes blocking the pathways, store trash and broken furniture on their balconies/patios, leave beer bottles floating in the pool, and stake claims on the laundry rooms to the point of trying to kick people out of machines because it is "their time" for laundry. Is there some schedule/sign-up sheet or website I'm missing out on here? Speaking of the laundry rooms should have more machines, be serviced more often so that the ones they do have work, and be spread out more through the complex. The apartments are all kind of old and falling apart. Mold is a huge problem in the bathrooms, the base of almost all walls is crumbling in several apartments, carpets are in terrible shape (when I moved in there were huge holes in mine), window blinds go defective quickly, appliances are old and functional but fussy, etc. Each time the weather changes and I need to switch from heat to A/C or vice versa I have to call maintenance to come out and fix it so I can heat or cool the apartment. They are usually very prompt at least, but if the heater/AC can't handle 4-6 months of inactivity without breaking down (or getting "stuck" as maintenance puts it), I think that says something. Also, the pipes in the apartment are VERY noisy, particularly after a shower or running a load of dishes. —mellibean

    Hi Mellibean, I am sorry to hear about your experience at Arlington. Out of curiosity, if you were having this many issues, what made you stay at Arlington Farm for two years? That being said, I want to address some of the issues discussed here. We do have our grounds and maintenance staff walk the property cleaning up trash and debris every morning. If you ever have a serious problem with neighbors patios and/or trash lying around just bring it to our attention at the management office and we are happy to address it. For the laundry rooms, it is first come first serve with the machines. The busy days tend to be Sundays (people getting ready for the week) and Wednesday (people getting ready for the weekend). If there were any problems with your apartment upon move in or over time, the holes in your carpet for example, we as management strive to resolve these problems before they become larger issues. In your case, it sounds as if there was some miscommunication in letting us know about the holes initially—otherwise, I assure you that the problem would have been remedied at that time. Additionally, apartment circulation can be a problem, which is just in the nature of apartment living. We have a list of mold prevention techniques that we are happy to distribute to our residents, and we also do biannual inspections that check for things like mold, etc. Lastly I apologize for your A/C not working, sometimes if the HVAC system is not used for a while, it has potential to have trouble firing back up, however this is a problem that is maintenance can fix in a timely manner that is not invasive or labor intensive. I wish you the best of luck at your new place, and thank you for your feedback.

      -Kaylin (Residential Manager, Arlington Farm Apartments)

        2012-02-23 19:09:56   Good to know this place takes safety seriousy. I was walking back to apartment from the bus stop and saw fire trucks and ambulance in the parking lot. Walked a bit further and saw 2 cars parked illegally in fire lanes on the other side, including one blocking access to another parking lot. Considering that every other night there is a car parked in the fire lane with its lights flashing outside my apartment windows for literally hours this is not an isolated occurrence of lack of parking and safety enforcement. So: If you want to live here, don't start fires! On the other hand, free curbside parking for your guests! —CaroBaro

        Dear CaroBaro,

        We are glad you brought this to our attention. We do have on site management make rounds at night to look for cars parked illegally, etc. Any resident at Arlington Farm has the right to call and report cars parked illegally at any time. We encourage you to talk to management about these cars/instances as well. Management has a log of all cars registered with Arlington Farm stickers, which can make it easier to identify the source of this problem. As for the ambulances, Arlington Farm Management has no control over emergency calls and or emergency response vehicles. If an ambulance is at the property they are responding to a call they deem to be an emergency. If you are having an emergency please dial 911. If you see cars parked illegally and would like them moved you can call our contracted towing company at 530-756-3431. Please contact management with any other concerns. It is our sincere hope you enjoyed your stay here.

          -Kaylin (Resdiential Manager, Arlington Farm Apartments)

          2012-02-24 00:14:33   I lived here a few years and have no complaints. Bit overpriced, but that's just like any place in Davis. Place seems safe, management is pleasant, and maintenance is amazing. The west side is noisy and the east quieter. The bus stop is really convenient and it's close to campus. There are a lot of spiders, but it's never bothered me. they're not noxious like roaches, ants, or wasps. I've lived in other Davis apartments with bigger problems. —DanaMace

          2012-03-17 23:17:11   This is such a horrible place to live, I created an account just to say my piece. I lived here sophomore year after being told great things but everything is falling apart, it's loud as hell, and to top it all off management threw all my stuff out a day after the end of the lease before I could drive up from home to pick it up. Literally hundreds of dollars thrown out and hundreds of dollars wasted on a sh*tty, cold, depressing apartment. —djma

          Dear djma,

          I am sorry that your experience was not positive. We try to confirm move-out appointments multiple times in an effort to avoid situations like the one described above. We also encourage residents to contact us if they will have trouble being moved out by their appointment. I'm sorry to hear of the apparent miss-communication in your case. I am not sure when the situation occurred, but please contact the office with the details and I'd be happy to do my best to make it right. Wherever you are now, we hope you enjoy your stay and if you find yourself uncomfortable again, I encourage you to bring concerns to management’s attention. If issues are not reported to management, problems can not be remedied, it is important to mangement that residents enjoy their time at Arlington Farm.

            -Kaylin (Residential Manager, Arlington Farm Apartments)

            2012-04-09 23:08:26   I have lived on 'The Farm' for about 2 and a half years and could not be happier with my decision. My apartment is located on the East side, which from my experience tends to be less rowdy than the West side. Arlington suited me well because I am a student who strives to do well academically, but also doesn't mind to go out and socialize and I feel that Arlington was there to provide me with both a study environment and a place to have fun. I absolutely adore the management and believe that they truly care about their residents; they are both friendly and professional. The mantainance men are very punctual when something needs to be repaired and are always very courteous when they eneter your apartment. I love that there is an on site pool for the hot spring/summer/fall months and that there are also multiple hot tubs to relax in. The gym is small, but it has all of the necessary equipment to get a well rounded work out. The bus lines stop right in front of the complex and take you to both the MU and the Silo. There is also a variety of walking/biking paths in close proximity which I really enjoyed. The only thing I didn't like about Arlington Farm was that the study lounge is only open during office hours, so it is unavailable after hours unless you reserve it in advance. Overall, I am very happy that I was able to call Arlington Farm my home here in Davis and would most definitely recommend it to others. —KathleenCrawfish

            2012-07-09 19:31:53   Arlington is a great place to live. I lived here for 1 year, and the staff is really relaxed, but also prompt and responsible. Appliances and quality of room is not high, but maintenance is timely when necessary. Most of these negative reviews come from the tenants lack of research, not from any fault in arlington... Everyone coming in knows what they are getting in to: These are party apartments, particularly the west side. There will be noise, and if that bothers you then look elsewhere. As far as quality goes, you get what you pay for. Don't expect a 70 dollar showerhead, 5 star appliances and a marble fountain if you're paying 1200 dollars a month. The value is good. 2 thumbs up —BenHolmquist


            We lived in Arlington Farms this past year, and it was not a pleasant experience.

            Here are some benefits of living in Arlington: -Lots of space—large bedrooms and common areas -Management pretty much lets residents do as they please -Convenient bus lines (K and D come right to Arlington)

            Here are some major issues with Arlington: -Constant noise—jack hammering, leaf blowers, drunk frat boys. We understand that larger apartment complexes are noisier, but we couldn’t believe that Arlington decided to complete major construction in the middle of finals week! -Management constantly sent us condescending emails concerning out energy usage. They actually said they were trying to “teach us a lesson”. As SSA students, we paid a flat rate for rent and utilities, and the management had no legal basis to threaten us with raises in rent. -Apartments look fine from the outside, but are pretty run down on the inside (same goes for the workout room). -Arlington internet was pretty horrible, although they did eventually pay for Comcast because we were part of SSA. For those outside of SSA, good luck. -Our showers had odd water temperature issues. We were like shower whisperers, listening for changes in pressure that brought on scalding water. Despite numerous complaints and attempts to fix the problem, we dealt with it all year. -Maintenance came promptly, but rarely fixed problems (despite leaving a note saying they did). In some cases, this wasn’t a big deal. But it was a major problem when we had a gas leak in our building. We smelt gas and had headaches, so we contacted the management. It took multiple phone calls to get their attention, although they did thank us for our persistence. When maintenance finally came, they couldn’t find a leak and decided there wasn’t one. Well, there was. We called PG&E to have them test the gas levels, which were dangerously high. We were evacuated, and Arlington paid for us to stay in a hotel for a few nights. We had no problem with the maintenance guys (they were really nice and helpful), the issue was how they were managed. The whole mess could have been avoided if Arlington management was more receptive and responsible.

            We aren’t just bitching and moaning about our experience, we want to give you an idea of what your in for if you sign a lease with Arlington. Good luck!


            We also do our best to promptly address and resolve maintenance concerns. While most problems are fixed on the first try, occasionally issues are a bit harder to trouble shoot. In the case of your gas concern, all fittings in your apartment and your immediate neighboring apartment, were thoroughly examined and when no leak was found, we advised you to call us immediately if the problem persisted. When the problem persisted, the gas source was later detected in another unit that had residents who had been on vacation for two weeks. As soon as the leak was detected, we moved all affected residents to a hotel until the problem was resolved.

            Again, I apologize for any frustrations you felt during your time at Arlington, and am sorry to hear that your experience was anything less than positive.

            • I'm sorry to hear of your frustrations during your tenancy. We do our best to address residents' concerns when they are brought to our attention. If we at any point made you feel that you couldn't come to us with your troubles, I apologize. Our notices to residents on the Single Student Apartment program are approved by the University and are not meant to be condescending in any way. All SHA residents are provided with Comcast internet. Residents that are not part of the SHA program are given the option between service providers—the free wireless, is not as fast as some other service providers, but is an option available for residents who find the cost better meets their needs. Maintenance and management try to avoid noise imposition as much as we can, especially during finals week, but occasionally the needs of the property require work to be completed at inopportune times.

              Kaylin (Residential Manager, Arlington Farm Apartments)

              2012-09-07 15:21:14   Arlington has a very attentive and friendly management team, and maintenance will take care of any request you have in a timely and efficient manner. I used to go into the office and watch soccer games in their lounge, and during finals week was a regular for their free breakfast. Although there was the occasional party, I never experienced officers camping by the complex. In addition, the bus stop right next to us was very convenient for getting to class in the morning. Even though there was occasional noise from maintenance in the morning, I actually found it useful for waking up for class and it was all to keep the complex tidy and clean. —DavisStudent92

              2012-09-28 16:32:04   I'm astonished to see some of the negative feedback people have posted on here; that's ridiculous. If you're a sophomore Arlington Farms is the place to be, hands down. Maintenance expediently fixes any problems you have with your apartment, the pool/hot tubs are open 24/7, you can rent out the study rooms all to yourself for a whole night or day where they provide you with cable and a loaded refrigerator, the bus lines run to campus every 15 minutes, the large majority of the residents are extremely nice and social so you're bound to make new friends, and the girls that work the front desk are super nice and accommodating, not to mention good looking. Does is get noisy sometimes? Yes, no shit, you are living in an apartment complex with college students who stress out and study all week so some partying goes on Thursday-Saturday, no one's sorry for partying on the weekends. If you had a problem with the noise, blame yourself for not doing your research and residing in South Davis. If you're a sophomore who enjoys nice management, affordable housing, socializing and an overall college filled environment, Arlington's the place to live. —payamvadi

              2012-11-18 11:12:36   I love Arlington Farm. I lived there for 3 years and only moved out because I graduated and moved out of Davis. The amenities are great. I used the hot tubs all the time, and the pool was a perfect way to cool off in the Spring and Summer. The management and maintenance staff are wonderful. They are very friendly and accommodating. Like they've said in response to some of the negative reviews here, if you have any problem during your stay here, tell them! You can call or mosey on down to the office. They will fix it, happily and quickly. Covered parking was great and the grounds were always clean and well maintained. The parties were a little noisy when I moved in in 2009, but by the third year the noise was minimal. I think they worked on regulating them in the time I was there. The apartment was light and cheery with plenty of windows and well insulated. I would definitely recommend living there. —DanaCoutant

              2013-12-12 08:44:43   I have lived at Arlington for over a year now and cannot be happier! Arlington has the best apartment management, hands down. Arlington is a hot spot for sophomores to move in as they're coming out of the dorms, which is why so many complaints are understandable. Apartment living is not the same as dorm living, and you really have to learn to be a little bit more independent and seek help from management when you need it, rather than complaining about problems that you didn't act upon yourself. The management and maintenance staff is not here to hold your hand through your whole lease, but if you bring any problem to their attention,they genuinely will try their best to fix your problems and take care of you! Never have I experienced an apartment staff that is so thoughtful about their residents (one time my friend thought it would be funny to mail me a bunch of frozen deep dish pizzas from Chicago, and I couldn't be in Davis in time to pick them up and put them in my freezer, but the girls in the office offered to hold on to them in their freezer for me. So sweet!). They really try to engage with their residents and always do fun things around the holidays. They even provide free breakfast and testing materials during finals week. I don't think that the complaints on this page are Arlington's fault; rather, past residents' unwillingness to work and communicate with management. I have had many minor issues with my apartment, as do all apartments in Davis, but I have NEVER had a negative experience in communicating with management and maintenance.

              That being said, if you are looking to sign a lease that's affordable, clean, and has awesome amenities/management, Arlington is the place to do it. Many students say that it is too far from campus, but the value/frequent bus lines make up for it. Plus, it's nice to live away from campus so that you can kind of get away from all the stress and hubbub of school. It gets loud on the weekends, but if you're a student, you should appreciate that you yourself don't have to worry about noise complaints! If you're fresh out of the dorms, the girls of Arlington Farm management will make sure your first apartment living experience is wonderful. —Srhch

              2014-07-17 22:42:47   I'm thinking about getting an apartment here because it looks so perfect to me, but there are some things that I'm really confused and concerned about: One, I really want to bring my cat along with me when I get here, but the Davis site says that the most I can have are some fish. Here it says that I can take her if I make a $300 deposit (Yay). I'm wondering which is more true. Also, would it be OK to let her out of the apartment if I can? Two, I'm a practicing Wiccan, and I'm concerned that if I bring my candles and athame (blunt ceremonial dagger that would only be able to cut room-temperature butter), I'll get in trouble for it. I'm wondering if I would. I'm also wondering if there's a flat open space for me to do my rituals undisturbed close-by.

              Thank you! —GraceMcD

              Hi Grace McD, Thank you for reaching out to our community at Arlington Farm! I saw your questions and wanted make sure you'd gotten an answer. I am happy to report that our pet policy does allow cats with an additional $300 Pet Deposit. While we do not currently have a policy prohibiting cats taking the occasional stroll out on the property, we do encourage our residents to consider their pet's safety and remember that they are responsible for their pets during their tenancy.

              As for candles and the like, we encourage our residents to make their apartments their home as long as you avoid damage to the property and imposition on your neighbors. As for space on the property, we do have the community room to offer and but that space is open to other residents as well. Because as managers, we are also responsible for ensuring all our residents are able to quietly enjoy their space we do have a Community Guidelines policy given at lease signing that we ask our residents to follow in terms of noise and use of the common areas. If you'd like a copy of those, or if you find yourself needing a special accommodation after reading them, please feel free to contact us at arligntonfarm@tandemproperties.com or give us a call in the office. We have found that over the years residents have loved calling Arlington home and we happily work to accommodate everyone to the best of our ability. Let us know how we can help!

              Thanks for your inquiry,

              Kaylin (Residential Manager)

              2016-03-30 15:40:11   I smelled people smoking last night, at this apartment complex. And not cigarettes I might add. It's annoying because I got an eviction notice, the third day I moved in, for smoking very little in my room, which was attached to a noise complaint. It's annoying that, people can get away with this, as I have to hear people slamming their car doors, outside my window, at all hours of the day and night, and here college kids yelling and screaming constantly. Maintenance is not good either, there are better at different apartments for sure. Luckily I don't pay the expected 865$ and only pay 450 as I'm taking over someones lease temporarily. —timothytj1

              Hi Timothy- Thank your for taking the time to voice your concerns. While as managers, we are obligated to enforce certain policies meant to help our residents receive their right to quiet enjoyment of their living space, it is important to us that we do all we can to ensure your comfort and enjoyment at Arlington Farm as well. If we've fallen short of that in our maintenance services, or if you have a noise concern, or are witnessing a lease violation you'd like to discuss, we invite you to come into the office and chat. While there are certain policies we must ask our residents to respect, we're here to help in any way we can, and we do our best to resolve these types of conflicts for all involved whenever possible.-Kaylin


              2016-06-21 20:42:15   Fucking hate this place and the people who live here. —student_d

              Hi Ty, I'm sorry to hear you are still feeling frustrated with your living situation and your roommates at Arlington Farm. My door is always open to you if you have a different solution you'd like to discuss. Please feel free to let us know if we can help. -Kaylin

              2016-06-21 20:47:52   Fuck this place is crap. —student_d