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A friend mentioned this weekend that there's a new restaurant that just opened up down near 2nd and G, but I don't recall the name. He checked the wiki because he wanted to read a review, but it wasn't on here. Anyone know anything? I think he said it was next to the shoe shop there. —TomGarberson

It's called Rice Kitchen or something. Kind of across from Beer Shoppe, I'm surprised you haven't noticed it! -M

I'm apparently too caught up in anticipation when I go to the Shoppe to notice anything across the street. —tg

"Open Rice Kitchen, an Asian fusion restaurant going in at 204 G St. in Davis, may open in about three weeks, owner Calvin Liu said Tuesday."

Has the Vini Wine Bar really been waiting almost a year for a license, or should that be April 2012?

Vini has been sitting doing nothing for the longest time... Waiting on License even thou multiple other places have shown up and been serving?

??? Weird. —cp

Ya, I was in that neck of the woods and for a second I thought it was cleared out, but that is the location to the left of the stairwell not vini. Pretty sure that it is where the flower shop used to be. I think it only occupies 1/2 of the flower shop location which ran the whole length of the building to Est plaza