The Art in Public Places program has sponsored many pieces of town art in Davis. According to the City of Davis website, "Since 1973, the City has set aside 1% of all funds allocated for Capital Improvement Projects to purchase art that enhances the quality of the Davis environment. The artists selected through this program represent a diversity of style and media. Sculpture, murals, paintings, tile work, and functional pieces are located around the city for your enjoyment". The city offers a walking guide to the art located around the city, accurate as of 2010, and available in print and online. There is also a local blog with a map of the public art in Davis that is more up to date.

Currently, the money is allocated every year through the Community Arts Grants program. Anything that contributes to the culture of Davis is eligible for these grants, including visual artists, performance artists, educational programs about the arts, and festivals . For 2019, the city allocated $50,000 and each applicant is eligible for up to $5000.  The aesthetics of many of these pieces are often critiqued by a diverse range of people. You can check out the application online, which is then submitted to the City Manager's office.

Sponsored Works

This is an incomplete list

For art in public places that was not sponsored by this program, see Urban Art.