Art Building Room 101

The Art Department was established in 1958, the same year as the Music Department. It has undergraduate and graduate level courses.

Art Studio

The UC Davis Art Studio program provides the education necessary to to prepare students for graduate work or to be professional artists or art teachers. Many courses are available to students in other curricula for their own personal enrichment.

UC Davis offers students a full array of facilities for the following media: drawing, ceramic/clay sculpture, painting, photography, printmaking, video, and sculpture.

The UC Davis Art Studio program is accredited and has a diverse faculty of nationally and internationally known artists.

The Master in Fine Arts (M.F.A.) at the UCD Department of Art & Art History gives Graduate students an opportunity to explore a range of practices in a variety of media. The program is unique in that the curriculum is not limited to one specialty and the students are encouraged to explore what works most honestly for their artistic expression.

A total of 76 units required for the major

LOWER DIVISION COURSES—32 units Five courses chosen from Art Studio 2, 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, 11, 12 Three lecture courses chosen from Art Studio 24, 30, or Art History 1A, 1B, 1C, 1D, 1E, 5, 10, 25

UPPER DIVISION COURSES—44 units Nine courses, chosen from Art Studio 101, 102A, 102B, 102C, 103A, 103B, 105A, 105B, 105C, 110A, 110B, 111A, 111B, 113, 114A, 114B. 114C, 114D, 117, 121, 125A, 125B, 125C, 125D, 129, 138, 142A, 142B, 143A, 143B, 147, 148, 150, 151, 152A, 152B, 152C, 152D, 152E, 152F, 152G, 171, 190 36 Any two upper division Art History courses

Art History

A total of 60 units are required for the major


Four of the following:

AHI 1A Ancient Art, AHI 1B Medieval and Renaissance Art, AHI 1C Baroque to Modern Art, AHI 1D Asian Art, AHI 5 Introduction to Visual Culture, AHI 10 Twenty Monuments, AHI 25 Introduction to Architectural History, AHI 1E Islamic Art and Architecture


One course in art practice offered by the Art Studio program, lower or upper division. (Please note that such courses in theory and criticism as ART 10, 30, 132A, 132B, 147, 148, and 150 are ineligible for meeting this requirement.)


1). Choose one course from two of the following three areas:

A). Ancient art:

AHI 172A Early Greek Art (formerly AHI 154A), AHI 172B Later Greek Art (formerly AHI 154B), AHI 173 Roman Art (formerly AHI 155), AHI 175 Architecture & Urbanism in Mediterranean Antiquity

B). Asian art:

AHI 163A Arts of China, AHI 163B Chinese Painting, AHI 163D Visual Arts and Culture of Early Modern China, AHI 164 Arts of Japan

C). Islamic art:

AHI 155 The Islamic City, AHI 156 Arts of the Islamic Book

2). Choose one course from two of the following three areas

D). Western art, Gothic to Baroque

AHI 176C Art of the Middle Ages: Gothic, AHI 178A Italian (Gothic) Renaissance, AHI 178B Italian (Early) Renaissance, AHI 178C Italian (High) Renaissance, AHI 179B Baroque Art

E). Western art to 1900:

AHI 168 Great Cities, AHI 182 British Art and Culture, 1750-1900, AHI 183A Art in the Age of Revolution, 1750-1850, AHI 183B Impressionism and Post-Impressionism, AHI 183C Modernism in France, 1880-1940 AHI 188A The American Home, AHI 188B Architecture of the United States, AHI 188D American Painting and Sculpture to Civil War, AHI 188E American Painting and Sculpture, Civil War-WWII

F). Western art after 1900:

AHI 189 Photography in History, AHI 183C Early Modernism, AHI 184 Twentieth Century Architecture, AHI 185 Avant-Gardism and its Aftermath , AHI 186 Art after Modernism, 1948 to the Present


One proseminar from AHI 190 A-H; different topics will be offered each year. Majors may participate in up to two undergraduate seminars, the second of which will be counted as an upper-division course.


Any five additional upper-division art history courses. These may include courses among the area requirements above or any of the following:

AHI 110 Cultural History of Museums and Art Exhibitions AHI 151 Arts of the Americas AHI 192 internship AHI 401, 402 Museum training AHI 199 Independent study AHI 194H Honors thesis (recommended to students with a GPA of 3.7 in the major)

NOTE: Technocultural Studies (TCS) is currently housed in the Art Building, although with the completion of the new Technocultural Studies Building (remodeled Art Annex), in early 2007, they have begun setting up and moving into their new home, a couple hundred feet away. The Technocultural Studies and Art Departments, while having some similarities, are distinct and separate departments.