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The UC Davis Art Studio program is an accredited program/major and consists of a diverse group of nationally known artists who seek to share their skills, knowledge and enthusiasm with undergraduate students. Study in studio art allows you to explore and expand your creative abilities, regardless of whether you plan a career as a professional artist. As an art student, you will develop and practice skills in problem-solving and cultivate your aesthetic sensitivity and visual awareness. These skills will enrich your life, broaden your perspective and prepare you to succeed in any career requiring creativity and artistic sense.

Undergraduate Program

The Art Studio Program does not require a background in art. For the beginning student, the major offers an introduction to visual methodologies and art history. Students may then advance to upper division coursework in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, video production, and electronic arts.

The Major

The studio art major provides the knowledge and experience necessary for a broad understanding of practice and interpretation of the visual arts. The major emphasizes fine arts, development of a studio practice, and an understanding of art history.

Major Requirements

The Art Studio major requires 76 units for completion. Requirements include: Lower Division: • 5 Art Studio Classes • 3 Art History Classes Upper Division • 9 Art Studio Classes • 2 Art History Classes


Portfolios are not required for admission to the major. However, admitted students, once enrolled, should keep a continuing portfolio of their art work, which can be evaluated at such times as when the student is requesting independent study courses and scheduling an exhibition in the student gallery.

A Student's Perspective

“My favorite part about being an art studio major is the close connection between the art students with each other and with the professors. I feel a strong sense of community within the major. It feels like the program is really geared at helping the artist to make the jump from art student to full time art maker.”

—Evan Sagal, graduate

A Faculty Perspective

“Studying art at Davis is a rare and remarkable experience, as work is based in extensive and demanding studio practice. Along with classes in contemporary art history, each student is immersed in the discussion and practice of art. Each student has the art department as a think tank to brew ideas in, along with the rest of the university’s unparalleled resources to tap.”

—Annabeth Rosen, Faculty Advisor

Career Alternatives

The studio art graduate is prepared for graduate work in the visual arts or continuing development as a professional artist or art teacher. Students who have career aspirations in the commercial aspects of the visual arts can acquire a broad general education and a creative foundation in the art studio major, establishing a basis for further specialization in commercial art.

The Real World

While many UC Davis graduates have made successful careers as professional visual artists, a number of students pursue degrees in the fine arts with the goal of establishing careers as creative professionals—for example, as graphic or Web designers, as designers or builders of theatrical sets, or in various aspects of the performing arts. Many UC Davis fine arts graduates find employment in such fields as teaching, arts management, marketing, advertising and other areas of commerce as well as in the public sector.

Institutional Support and Information

Staff Advisor Ariel Collatz Academic Coordinator of Undergraduate Advising 752-0616 Drop- in hours M-R 1-3 or call/e-mail for an appointment Art 103

Faculty Advisor

Robin Hill Appointment available by request Art 326

Academic Peer Adivsors

Stephanie Lin Drop-in hours R:12pm, F: 11am-12pm Art 101