Asexual Awareness Week is held annually in late October as a time of education and awareness around asexual, demisexual and grey-asexual issues and experiences. It is a national event and began in 2011. On 2011, events were put on through the Asexual Association in collaboration with the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center.

The 2011 Asexual Awareness Week was from October 23rd to 29th. The schedule was as follows:

Tuesday, October 25th (A)sexual Screening An exciting brand-new documentary on asexuality, (A)sexual provides a friendly introduction via history, personal stories, and insightful questions. Followed by a discussion further exploring the nuances of asexuality and related identities. For a more detailed description, click here. LGBT Resource Center, University House Annex 5-7pm

Wednesday, October 26th Asexual Spectrum 101 Want to know more about asexuality, demisexuality, grey-asexuality, and the ace community? Is there a difference between sexual and romantic attraction? How do asexual people form relationships? Come with questions or just to get more information! LGBT Resource Center, University House Annex 5-6pm

Friday, October 28th Crafternoons! Come make asexual-themed crafts and hang out at the LGBTRC! Everyone's welcome - supplies and abundant crafting knowledge provided! LGBT Resource Center, University House Annex 3:30-5pm

Asexual Association Meeting A Squared is a closed social/support group for anyone who identifies as asexual, demisexual, grey-asexual, hyposexual, semisexual, or any other identity that may fall under the asexual umbrella. People questioning their a/sexuality also welcome! Come chat with us! We meet weekly and everything! (Location & time may have changed. Contact for current info.)1st & E St, by the old Borders 5-6:30pm

Other events in the past, which occurred before Asexual Awareness Week's inception, included David Jay (the founder of AVEN) as a keynote in February 2010, and DJ again presenting a panel and 201-level discussion as part of Generation Sex Week in February 2011.