This entry refers to a departed business that has closed or left town. All information here is for historical reference only.


By appointment only
(505) 670-1762
Lauren Asher
Payment Methods
Cash, credit card, etc. and Davis Dollars

I have been trained primarily in Swedish Massage but by May 2013 will have attained a greater knowledge of Deep Tissue, Acupressure and Adhesion and Scar Tissue Release techniques. My goal as a massage therapy practitioner is to listen closely and adapt each session to meet your needs to the best of my ability. To date, I have 124 hours of massage training (including the basic 100hr Massage Therapy certification) from the Massage Therapy Institute in Davis, CA. By May of 2013 I will have finished my 250 hour Massage Therapy program (and will be a CMP) and plan go on to get certified as a CMT with a total of 500 credit hours.


Full-body (or specified areas) table work with oil Full-body (or specified areas) table work fully clothed, using compression (minimum of 30 minutes) Full body (or specified areas) chair massages, fully clothed (minimum of 10 minutes). Rates:


I specialize in providing relief for a variety of needs: General relaxation/de-stress Release muscle tension from overuse/injury Use acupressure points for “computer neck”, shoulder and head Use Cross Fiber Friction to functionally realign muscles Improve range of motion Use passive and active stretches Increase facility of movement Use myofascial release techniques Detoxify Open up lymphnode watersheds, allowing for drainage of toxins

Areas of specialty for releasing muscle tension/fatigue: IT band Achilles tendon Subscapular muscles Tennis/Golf Elbow Foot: Plantar Fasciitis


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