Asian American Association's 2019 Banquet


2019-2020 AAA Logo

The Asian American Association (AAA) founded in Winter of 2000 is a student organization that serves to unify the UC Davis Asian American and the Pacific Islander American student community by promoting cultural and self awareness through an arena of political and social events, like the annual Film Festival and the API Searchlight, an Asian American themed student directory. Everyone is encouraged to join, and no individual is turned away or excluded because of ethnicity, orientation, religious affiliation, class, ability, age, etc. The Asian American Association is also affiliated with the Cross Cultural Center and its S.o.D.A. (Students of Diverse Associations) Council.

Meetings for Winter Quarter 2020 are every other Thursdays at 7:00pm at SocSci 1100.

2019-2020 Officers

  • Co-Presidents: Annalisa Barlin and Karen Cai
  • Vice President: Rafferty Leung
  • Secretary: Melanie Siu
  • Treasurer: Julia Lu
  • Fundraising Chair: Hannah Lee
  • Events Coordinator: Morgan Ng
  • Co-Historian: Joey Yee
  • Co-Historian: Peter Lo
  • Graphics Co-Designer: Adrienne Lee
  • Graphics Co-Designer: Deep Kaur
  • Film Fest Co-Director: Danielle Tam
  • Film Fest Co-Director: Nathan Kong
  • Senior Adviser: Kevin Ha

2018-2019 Officers

  • Co-Presidents: Kevin Ha and Rafferty Leung
  • Secretary: Karen Cai
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Tran
  • Fundraising Chair: Harriet Lee
  • Events Coordinator: Danielle Tam
  • External Affairs: Nathan Kong
  • Graphics Designer: Miranda Wong

2017-2018 Officers

  • President/Films Curator: Kevin Ha
  • Treasurer: Henry Luo
  • Events Co-Coordinator: Eva Yam
  • Events Co-Coordinator: Harriet Lee
  • Events Co-Coordinator: Nathan Kong
  • Publicity Chair/Webmaster: Rafferty Leung
  • Graphics Designer/Films Curator: Emily Gu

2016-2017 Officers

  • Co-Presidents: Laura Nguyen and Chelbert Dai
  • Secretary: Sam Tsoi
  • Treasurer: Bonny Lieu
  • Events Coordinator: Linda Chen
  • Publicity Chair: Haley Fang
  • Films Curator: Li-Wei Chu

2015-2016 Officers

  • President: Catherine Chiang 
  • Secretary: Tiffany Do 
  • Treasurer: Cathleen Bui
  • Publicity Chair: Thien Tran
  • Films Curator: Li-Wei Chu
  • Webmaster: Lilly Chen 

2014-2015 Officers

  • Co-Presidents: Andrew Tran and Kevin Lee
  • Co-Treasurer (Finance Chair): Khang Lai
  • Co-Treasurer (Fundraising Chair): Winnie Yiu
  • Political Events Chair: April Lat
  • Social Events Chair: Ming Yin
  • Secretary: Kevin Sham
  • Historian/Graphics Designer: Beatrice Lee
  • Webmaster: Jonathan Huynh
  • Film Fest Director/Searchlight Editor: Jesse Chung

2013-2014 Officers

  • External Co-President: Jonathan Mai
  • Internal Co-President: Kevin Lee
  • Secretary: Setzer Taris
  • Treasurer/Historian/Film Fest Co-Director: Victor Vu
  • Fundraising Chair: Eileen Lu
  • Events Co-Chair/Graphics Designer: Vanermi Remoroza
  • Events Co-Chair: Marryanne Tran
  • Webmaster: Andrew Tran
  • Searchlight Co-Editor: Christine Siu
  • Film Fest Co-Director/Searchlight Co-Editor: Emily Nguyen

2012-2013 Officers

  • Co-Presidents: Jamie Lam and Jenny Giang
  • Treasurer/Historian: Christine Yung
  • Secretary/Webmaster: Diana Nguyen
  • Campus Relations/Searchlight Editor: Roger Moy
  • Events Co-Chair/Graphics Designer: Wingsze Lam
  • Events Co-Chair: Tyler Foxx

2011-2012 Officers

  • President: April Hien
  • Treasurer: Lily Wong
  • Secretary/Webmaster: Diana Nguyen
  • Events Co-Chair/Searchlight Co-Editor: Roger Moy
  • Events Co-Chair/Graphics Designer: Wingsze Lam
  • Historian: Jason Bi

2010-2011 Officers

  • President: Kimberly Law
  • Vice President: Lourenz Balayan
  • Treasurer: Anita Mei
  • Secretary: April Hien
  • Events Co-Chair: Brian Le Van
  • Events Co-Chair: Mindy Huynh
  • Public Relations: Jenny Giang
  • Publicist: Prabina Shrestha
  • Webmaster: Melody Yeung
  • Graphics Designer: Donna Belle Ibarra
  • Internship Coordinator: Nguyen Le

2009-2010 Officers

  • President: Bruce Lam
  • Vice President: Tommy Lam
  • Treasurer: Anita Mei
  • Secretary: Lourenz Balayan
  • Events Chair: Nguyen Le
  • Events Chair: Kimberly Law

2008-2009 Officers

  • President: Wayland Lee
  • Vice President: Courtney Lee
  • Treasurer: Tiffany Young
  • Events Chair: Hilland Chiu
  • Events Chair: Laura Lee
  • Events Chair: Yikki Wong
  • Public Relations: Tommy Lam
  • Community Chair: Bruce Lam
  • Adviser: Jonathan Chee

2007-2008 Officers

  • President: Vic Du
  • Vice President: Patrick Zhou
  • Adviser: Jenny Kim
  • Secretary: Jonathan Chee
  • Events Chair: Benny Ng
  • Events Chair: Amy Lin
  • Events Chair: Lester Lowe
  • Internal Chair: Courtney Lee
  • External Chair: Samuel Shu
  • Webmaster: Wayland Lee

2006-2007 Officers

  • President: Tran Pham
  • Vice President: Tina Tran
  • Secretary: Vic Du
  • Events Chair: Hilland Chiu
  • Events Chair: Jenny Kim
  • Events Chair: Khoa Nguyen
  • Internal Chair: Patrick Zhou
  • External Chair: Kelly Chen
  • Webmaster: Wayland Lee

2004-2005 Officers

  • President: Jimmy Yung
  • Khanh Tran

2003-2004 Officers

  • President: Justin Lim
  • Jimmy Yung

Asian American Association Film Festival

The Asian American Film Festival is a two-week festival of films involving Asian Americans and Asian American issues, which is held annually in May. The Film Festival was started in 2003. It aims to break stereotypes and to show a side of Asians and Asian Americans not generally seen in the American mainstream media. Admission is free! It is held at 194 Chem.

More information can be found here: AAAFF

Directors of AAAFF

  • 2004 1st Annual:
  • 2005 2nd Annual: Danny Yeung and Justina Shih
  • 2006 3rd Annual:
  • 2007 4th Annual: Khoa Nguyen and Chun Wai Tam
  • 2008 5th Annual: Hilland Chiu and Angelina Yu
  • 2009 6th Annual: Tiffany Young and Allison Arachea
  • 2010 7th Annual: Men Chun Wong and Jessica Li
  • 2011 8th Annual: Lyia Jalao and Tuan Minh Nguyen
  • 2012 9th Annual: Prabina Shresta
  • 2013 10th Annual: Doris Low, Carmen Zhou, Wendy Chen
  • 2014 11th Annual: Victor Vu and Emily Nguyen
  • 2015 12th Annual: Jesse Chung and Emily Nguyen
  • 2016 13th Annual: Li-Wei Chu
  • 2017 14th Annual: Li-Wei Chu
  • 2018 15th Annual: Kevin Ha & Emily Gu

APIA Searchlight Directory

Run by the Asian American Association in conjunction with the Asian American Studies Program for over ten years, it is a yearly publication that contains a history of the Asian American Studies (ASA) Department at UCD, including information on ASA classes, ASA professors, and major/minor requirements; a listing of many Asian organizations on campus; a listing of campus resources; and some local Asian owned businesses in Davis. Every winter and spring quarters, volunteer internships are available to students who create the next school year's Searchlight. Units and/or transcript notation are available.

This is the mission statement of the APIA Searchlight, as found in the beginning of the 5th edition: "The APIA Searchlight has been created as a resource for students interested in enhancing their knowledge and involvement in the Asian American community here at the University of California, Davis. This guide serves as a valuable resource to gaining information about academia and history within the Asian American Studies program. In addition, students will become familiarized with the many leadership and community oriented organizations and events on campus. As you will see, there are many opportunities here at UCD, and we hope that you will use the Searchlight as a way of exploring such opportunities."

Editors of APIASD

  • 2003-2004 1st Edition: Khaing Sabe
  • 2004-2005 2nd Edition: Khaing Sabe
  • 2005-2006 3rd Edition: Khaing Sabe
  • 2006-2007 4th Edition: Raymond Orque and Judy Hinh
  • 2007-2008 5th Edition: Raymond Orque and Judy Hinh
  • 2008-2009 6th Edition: Jenny Kim and Jenkey Hu
  • 2009-2010 7th Edition: Courtney Lee, Cherie Buenaflor, Bruce Lam
  • 2010-2011 8th Edition: Jackie Ho and Kerri Loh
  • 2011-2012 9th Edition: Lily Chen and Winnie Siu
  • 2012-2013 10th Edition: Alex Garcia and Roger Moy
  • 2013-2014 11th Edition: Alex Garcia, Jessica Nabonne, Roger Moy
  • 2014-2015 12th Edition: Christine Siu and Emily Nguyen
  • 2015-2016 13th Edition: Jesse Chung and Emily Nguyen


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