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Aspen Pest Management is a local pest control company offering pest control and termite inspections and treatments in Yolo, Sacramento, and eastern Solano Counties.

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2008-09-23 09:42:24   We've used their bi-monthly (every other month) service for a couple of years. They come by and spray around the house foundations to control ants. Works pretty well. They will also drop off traps for mice and so forth. I like using a local business rather than some huge corporate chain that is not responsive. —RalphFinch

2010-04-22 19:13:30   These guys are GREAT for termites! They will not make a mess, use pretty ECO-cool stuff and are extremely reasonable as far as pricing. Over a few years we've only needed 2 sprays - they give great suggestions for how to use the inexpensive termite stakes and not waste money. Also, they show up on time! —KimPruett

2010-11-08 15:06:08   I called for an inspection and there was no charge. The guy who came out was super helpful, he gave me lots of advice for do it yourself pest management and then even gave me some free ant traps. Honest customer service is a great asset in a company and Aspen seems to have lots of it. Aspen is now the only pest control company I will ever use. —DagonJones

2011-01-08 15:44:44   We completely agree with the comment by DagonJones. Amazing and honest customer service! Basically, our inspector told us how to resolve the issue....resulting in zero cost to us. Wow. —JAD

2011-08-02 13:18:21   The technician who came out to inspect our bed bug problem was really friendly and knowledgeable. —CarlosOverstreet

2013-07-17 14:18:35   I called for an inspection of our shed from both Terminix and Aspen. Terminix said the damage to our shed floor was from termites; however, David from Aspen told us to simply replace the floor with pressure treated lumber as the damage was from rot not termites. He then inspected the garage and found a few small termite tubules. He said he had just finished a job and it would be no problem to drill a few holes in the concrete, insert the termite poison and fill the concrete. There was no charge at all for his assistance! He was knowledgeable and provided amazing service. I highly recommend this company to anyone in Davis. —ChristyannDarwent

2014-12-13 14:02:58   I have to agree with the other comments. This company is highly recommended. David came out to my house on a Saturday and was very helpful and very pleasing to work with. He was very knowledgeable, thorough, and re-assuring that my problem wasn't as bad as I thought. He took care of what he needed to do in a quick manner and left me feeling better about my pest situation. I will use Aspen again in the future if and when another pest problem develops.