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2323 Shasta Drive
West Davis, between Denali Drive and Arlington Blvd.
Management Company
Professionally Managed by Yolo Property Management
Leasing Office Hours
Weekdays 9:00-5:00
Unit Amenities
Central Heat & Air
Dishwasher, Refrigerator, Stove & Microwave
Patios Downstairs & Balconies Upstairs
Cable access
Community Amenities
Free Parking
On-Site Laundry Facilities
Fitness Center
Media Lounge with HD Flat Screens
Computer & Printer Access
Free WiFi in Clubhouse
Cats allowed
Pool & Spa
Handicapped Access
Water, Sewer & Trash Included in Rent
Located on the Beautiful West Davis Pond
Courtesy Patrol by Patrol Plus

Aspen Village is an apartment complex offering 2 Bedroom-2 Bathroom ranging from $1525.00/month to $1595.00/month and 3 Bedroom-2 Bathroom units ranging from $1940/month to $2015.00/month (Fall 2016 Rates) with security deposits ranging from $600.00-$900.00. Aspen Village is situated along the award winning West Davis Pond & Urban Wildlife Habitat. The neighborhood provides a wide variety of conveniences with walking distance to shopping, restaurants and more. Across from university bus lines and on a 1.5 mile bike path to campus, Aspen Village is an ideal home for those working or studying at UCD. The community offers a fitness center, pool and spa, barbecue spot, and media loft with free WiFi. The apartments are designed to be spacious, open and airy. Take your pick from second story spaces with vaulted ceilings and balconies or first floor apartments featuring private patios. Many of the apartments offer unique pond or garden views.

For more information about rental housing in Davis, visit our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

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2009-01-25 13:53:44   Ive called this place home for two years now. Aspen is a great place to live if your a balanced, non-psychotic, non-frat, type of person. Its quiet, yes, but there is a reason, its by a freakin lake, and a little park, this insulates the sound. Ive had 20-30 people parties and no one complained because the probably couldn't even hear us. The apartments themselves a have a good balance of space and design. Its simple, but not ugly, that is a plus when half of the apartments in Davis look like they were designed by people on acid trips (for further architectural atrocities check "Death Star"). The management is top notch, and you always get the feeling Sherri is trying to work with you. The only thing you can bag on aspen about is the distance from campus, but come on, the bus is only a ten minute ride. This is the trade off, if you want comfort you pay in distance, but gain in affordabillity (thats a word right?). So if you want to "live" come to Aspen, if you want to party all the time, go to Arlington (which is just as far from campus by the way). As for me, I live in Aspen and party wherever there is one, thus not confining myself to my little Arlington, Allegre, or Lexington world. —pmaravelias

2009-2-24 Anybody has 3-bedroom apartment in West Davis and is looking for summer sublet, please let me know. I may be able to take over your lease and renew for an extra year. I can be reached at

2009-03-04 11:26:06   I lived here from 2005-2007 and loved it. The management were the nicest people I have ever met, really helped me when a housemate "suddenly" decided to move out two days before the start of school. I didn't get screwed with the security deposit; I thought it was very fair seeing that the apartment has been passed down for five years (many wears and tears). Parking was great too. —geezlouisexyz

2009-07-09 00:25:29   I have lived at Aspen Village for the past 2 years and I have to say this complex is exceptional. I found this complex my freshmen year online and based on numerous positive reviews I decided to live here. The complex is clean, the apartments are spacious, and parking is plenty. Best value for the price. I lived in a 3 bedroom upstairs apartment overlooking the lake and I have to say it is the most relaxing thing coming home from a long day to a quite place and a great view. Never had a problem with ants, maybe because I had an upstairs apartment. Lastly, the management is above and beyond expectation. Sheri is the most understanding manager probably in all of Davis. Our apartment had our share of problems with coming up with rent on time, roommate issues, apartment issues ect. Sheri has always been understanding and helpful. It has never taken more than a few days for repairs to be made. Quickest maintenance I have ever seen. I don't know any other complex that puts out free donuts and coffee every weekday morning and cookies every weekday afternoon. It is a bit far from campus but the P/Q,K,D lines are literally a 2-3 min walk away. Campus is about a 10-15 min bike ride. Highly recommended. —RLT

2009-12-02 20:18:12   the absolute best thing about this place is that they give me free food when i am hungry. merrrrrrrrrrrrr —aamatsui

2010-03-14 22:03:29   If Aspen had single bedroom or studio apartment, I would stay here forever!

I cannot stress how much I love this apartment complex! The management is wonderful. They are very responsive to complaints/issues, and are constantly upgrading the area (meaning new paths for convenience, new computers for residents to use, weekly landscaping to keep it looking nice, and just general niceties around the complex. on top of this, every time we have had a problem in our apartment (broken microwave, broken dishwasher, mold, light bulb changing, loose outlets, broken light switches, etc) they have gotten to it the next day, or sometimes the very same day. One time our lock got jammed on our door and they can over RIGHT when I told them and replaced the lock and keys, no questions asked. It was as if it never happened. In addition to maintenance, the management is friendly and very generous. They provide donuts and coffee Monday through Friday mornings, and cookies all day Monday through Friday. The kitchens and living rooms are pretty roomy compared to many other complexes I've seen, and the closets in the bedrooms are huge. The scenery around the complex is one of the biggest draws for me. Aspen village is right next to a wildlife reserve where there's tons of water fowl, and a bike/walking path that runs all the way from Arlington Boulevard to Covell. There are tons of trees and flowers around the complex and the surrounding area, and it's very calming. Also, this is a QUIET complex. There's no partying here (which could be good or bad I guess), and many of the residents are families or non-college students, so everyone is fairly respectful. Parking here is wonderful, especially if you live on the side with the 30- apartments, as not many people park on that side. Parking is free for everyone. They hand out parking passes, but they are not necessary. You may park anywhere.

The only negatives are these: no dogs allowed, a little far from campus (a few miles), and only 2-3 room bedrooms.


2010-10-01 06:59:52   I loved this place. It's on the D/K/P/Q line, which is nice. Free donuts and cookies on weekdays!!! Pool is nice, not usually crowded (except a few days out of the year... like Picnic Day). Decent gym. Really quick with maintenance requests/repairs. They've fixed the fridge (leaking water), replaced our microwave (they also let us borrow countertop microwave while they ordered a new one to replace the one above the oven). Really friendly and helpful staff. Pretty quiet complex (unless you get annoying people living above you who seem to like to jump around as if they're playing tag or all day). NEVER had a problem with guests parking over. I know it's permit only, but there's usually still lots of parking space for residents AND guests.

I only moved out of Aspen because I wanted to bring my dog to Davis... and was tired of living with so many people so I moved into a different place that's a 1 bedroom (I lived in a 3 bedroom at Aspen). I guess the only con was that we lost most my deposit, but that's because my housemates didn't help clean, so it's not like Aspen was evil about it.... It was fair, I thought. Oh wait, the other con was that our door had huge gaps and wasn't completely sealed... qhich may have contributed to our high PGE bill whenever we used the A/C. And I guess the dishwasher sucks and was totally incapable of getting rid of food particles, no matter how small (rice?!). I dunno, I heard from people that it's because of Davis water, but our new complex's dishwasher works perfectly fin. So I don't know. Oh well. —JenniferGiang

2011-04-05 18:31:53   I'm looking for roommate(s) to replace me for the master bedroom in a three-bedroom for Fall 2011. You will be living with 4 other friendly girls. The rent will be about $619 and 1, 2, or 3 people can occupy that room. If anyone is interested, please contact me at colao@ucdavis.eduConnieLao

2011-07-14 21:23:04   I loved living here! I lived in a 3-bedroom upstairs unit for 3 years, and have great memories from the experience. Everything in the apartment was clean and in good condition, repairs and improvements were made in a timely manner, we never had any major maintenance issues. The location is great - its just the right distance from campus, West Davis is a great neighborhood. Ultimately its an apartment that can really feel like home (not just a place to crash after classes). Also the management is exceptional! Sherri is professional, straight-forward, and very helpful, and it makes a huge difference in the rental experience, especially when compared to some other complexes in Davis. Highly recommended. Besides there's fresh cookies in the office every afternoon. —MatthewCCoker

2012-07-30 12:21:01   Aspen Village has been my home now for five years, and since I'm moving out this year, I thought I'd leave some thoughts on my experience.

First, the management. They have been super helpful and friendly and are always quick to respond to any issues that come up. We had an issue with our pool key, and Sheri, the manager, stopped what she was doing and spent a good 15 or 20 minutes with me until the problem was fixed. They're also available for most of their posted office hours, with the exception of lunch breaks (which they post on their window with a "will return at" clock). Another bonus is that they always put out some breakfast goodies (or snacks) in the morning for those on-the-go people who need a quick bite. The management here rocks!

The communal facilities are great - there's a pool by the office, a mini-gym in the office building, and two laundry/dryer rooms that aren't that busy (aside from Sunday nights). They also provide a small grill by the pool for miniature BBQs. Everything is well-kept and clean!

Now, on to the actual apartments. The rooms are spacious and clean with huge closets! We haven't had any serious bug issues in our five-year stay, aside from an occasional spider. But hey, over the course of five years, there's bound to be one that slips in the door when you open it - management keeps the apartments clean, and when we moved in, it was spotless. The central heating/A/C unit works great, though in one of our rooms, it definitely gets way colder than the others!

The location is great with wonderful scenery included, and I have to agree that it's an incredibly quiet and relaxed environment for families or students. If you really must party, there are the occasional ones scattered about, but be sure to ask the security patrol for tips on doing so respectfully and responsibly!

All in all, Aspen Village has been an incredible accommodating and relaxing place to live, and the management makes it even better! My only worry is that they've spoiled me on what to expect from other apartments in the future! Be sure to check this place out if you're looking for a quality place to stay! —JeremyHsia

Thank you Jeremy for that glowing review! It is always great to hear that our Residents appreciate good management just as much as we appreciate great residents :) —Yolo Property Management

2012-08-30 12:47:24   I chose Aspen Village because it was the only place I remember having consistently good reviews, and I found out why. The people and the setup are all great. There are quite a few amenities and benefits to living here, and the best part is the service. The office people are always friendly and responsive, and the service crew is always around and also always really fast with getting things done. I've never had a complaint about living here.

In short, this is a nice, quiet apartment complex with friendly staff and great benefits. —DChang

2012-09-02 15:12:25   The place is well situated near a scenic path that's great for walks or runs. The apartment complex is a short bike ride to the Westlake IGA (local super market) at Westlake Plaza, which as great food options. The staff was always friendly, welcoming, and accommodating. Sherry was great and easy to interact with (she has since moved on, but the staff is still as responsive as before). I'd recommend it. —DanTee

2013-06-10 22:38:18   I'm looking for anyone to take over my lease ASAP for this fall (9/5/2013), I have a 2 bedroom 2 bathroom upstairs apartment, please contact me through this ad: