Davis, CA
Monday - Friday 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Sales/Support: (530) 231-5835
Sales: admin@astrinet.netSupport: support@astrinet.net
Evan Gray
Sep 2009
Payment Method(s)
Most major CC, Cash, Check, Money order.

Astrinet, or "A-Starry-Night", is a web-hosting, e-mail, and online backup services. The company is comprised of locals.

Astrinet recently acquired the local computer repair shop http://Davis Computer.

Their future plans include a community-wide, community supported WiFi network. They are looking for homes and businesses willing to help them!

(The above project never got the support it needed to develop. Though it is still a well-founded and viable project.) :(


  • Web hosting and domain registration
  • Computer repair for business and home
  • Backup services
  • Office 365 and Exchange 2010 e-mail hosting
  • Hotspot-hosting for cafes and restaurants

Astrinet, is no longer providing internet access!


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2009-11-11 00:57:17   Do you support IPv6? What are your upstream isps? —NickSchmalenberger

2009-11-30 19:46:29   Hello Nick,

Astrinet's current DSL offerings do have support for IPv6. This support is not an official offering, is not supported by customer service and has no official pricing. You can ask for IPv6 support during sign up to receive further information and pricing options from support specialists.


2011-02-04 21:26:42   How are you guys about privacy? Do I have to worry about you handing off information to police without warrants?

I really like the idea of local ISPs and would like to not continue to support a monopoly which is showing very little innovation. —upisdown

2011-04-02 13:14:26   Local company, woo! I love their high speed internet, never had any problems. Beats dealing with a monopoly company (Comcast, AT&T) for sure. I only wish there were more demand for fiber-optic internet speeds in Davis, as the per-bit pricing would be significantly lower. The fastest residential high speed DSL option is quite expensive ($65/mo after 6 months of $35), but this isn't necessarily Astrinet's fault, it's the same with any DSL ISP in Davis. Demand fiber-optic people! —MatthewPorter

2011-08-11 17:19:16   I have been working with Astrinet over the past few years, and it has been great! Since they have installed the internet in our office we have not had any problems, with speeds or connections. Evan, has been great to work with he explains the tech stuff in a way that I can understands, and offers suggestions and solutions to help our business run smoother. When I call they answer, no going through a ton of menu options just to speak to a live person, love that they are local! —KarenMattis

2013-01-07 15:11:05   We have been working with Astrinet for almost a year. Evan set up all the system for the network that we have in the lab and in the office. The service was very fast and well done. We also did some upgrades recently and again the service was good and fast. The internet conection is good, not as fast as cable, but for the price is a good deal. I strongly recommend Astrinet for personal or business use. —FernandoEdagi