1617 Valdora St. in South Davis, by Safeway and Rite Aid
(Office located at Sorrento Apartments)
Office Hours
Office Hours: Mon - Fri: 9am - 6pm & Sat 11am - 4pm
Tours: Mon - Fri: 11am - 5pm, Sat: 11am - 3pm (during leasing season)
phone: (530)758-2662
fax: (530) 758-1251
email:  sorrento.avalon.brisavillas@gmail.com
http://www.avalon-davis.com - General information and floorplans
Facebook - leasing, community events, contests, and photos
Instagram - leasing, community events, contests, and photos
Twitter - up to date announcements
Portal - Pay Rent Online
Types of Units

3 and 4 bedroom Townhouses.

Each unit features:
Garbage Disposal
Gas Ranges
Fireplace (some units)
Washer/Dryer hookups (rentals available through the office)
Central Heat/Air Conditioning
Balconies and Patios (some units)
Private Parking (some units)
Covered unassigned parking
Garages available to rent through the office
Online Rent Payment

Avalon Apartments has a mix of 3 and 4 bedroom townhomes with big, bright windows and expansive floor plans. Just a short walk from each unit is the W bus stop, M bus stop on Cowell Blvd. and the Oakshade shopping center providing quick access to school and shopping. The community facilities include a pool, spa, fitness room, billiards table and a kitchen. Residents are also allowed to rent out the community building to hold study sessions and small gatherings.

To learn more about rental housing in Davis, check out our Housing Guide as well as our Apartments pages.

Avalon Apartments has the same management as Sorrento Apartments and Brisa Villas in South Davis.

2021/2022 Rental Information

3 Bedrooms: Starting at $3195
4 Bedrooms: Starting at $3990




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  • Pre 2009 - Reviews before the 2009 property management company change

2009-05-05 15:00:31   I shared with 2 other people (3 total) in the largest room and we fit very comfortably. Wasn't cramped at all! It was $295/person in that room so I didn't think it was too expensive, however if you look at the bigger picture you can probably find somewhere cheaper.

On the other hand, it IS expensive for a reason. The complex is really beautiful and the maintenance is GREAT. They attend VERY prompt when you have problems and the yard work is very well taken care of.

I did however run into numerous problems while living here though.. -The smoke alarms are INSANE! They go off even when we're not even cooking in the kitchen! We called maintenance to fix the problem, but they told us that that's how their smoke alarms are and that they're just sensitive to the gas that's on the stove. Sometimes the smoke alarm would even go off in the middle of the night.

-One of our toilets didn't flush very well so maintenance had to come and fix our toilet at LEAST 20 times— I'm not even exaggerating. It kept on clogging up. One time they told us not to throw anything in there— not even toilet paper.

-In the beginning of the year we had a cockroach problem, but after a few traps they went away.

Other than these 3 major problems, I enjoyed living here. —Joe21

2010-03-31 00:20:53   This place is overpriced and cheaply built on the inside. Also, they will hit you hard for the security deposit. Trust me, I know from experience, do not live here. —tneeley

Avalon may not be inexpensive but interior finishes are certainly not cheap. The cabinets, for one example, are each custom made and have

upgraded laminate doors.

I am sorry you feel the security deposit process "hit you hard". You do not give enough information for me to specifically comment on your concerns

but mistakes do happen so, please, contact me at sorrentoapartments@gmail.com and I will review the charges and credits and discuss them with you.

- Jacqueline Mestaz


      2010-09-12 03:35:48   i moved into Avalon recently for fall. The environment and exterior is really nice and it's really green. However, I find the interior to be little bit disappointing for the price we pay. it seems to be little outdated now. I lived in The Drake in the summer and the interior there feels new and clean. Here at avalon i can see stains on the blinds and in the kitchen. however the paint is new. In addition, I find the units to be really not soundproof, I can hear people talking across another unit at night. Maybe its just the beginning of the year, but the repair and maintenance is really slow, like it has been a week now. I find there to be lots of bugs everywhere coming in or around the house. and there is some strange scent present in the house that seems to be related to the trees and grass around the unit, maybe the AC intake? It does have the nicest environment and the pool seems to be one of the best among all apartments. —MatthewLaw

      2010-09-12 03:44:12   oh and Baker from the office is really nice even though the response is slow for maintenance. It would really be nice if the apartment have security patrol like other apartment complexs because avalon at night seems to be empty and especially after the recent community center robbery where several people were held at gun point. —MatthewLaw

      Thank you for the positive comments especially about the office staff. I do not know which house you are in so please give me a call or email and I will come over with maintenance staff because we want it new and clean without delay just like you do.

      Regarding noise, you have at most one common wall and it is built to a STC rating of 50 (very quiet) so I would like to learn more about the problem when I come over with maintenance.

      Thank you for your security comments. We are constantly looking to improve security. Last year we hosted a Crime Prevention Workshop with the Davis Police. They explained that the crime statistics for the area were low and that the best crime prevention is neighbors paying attention. We are scheduling another Workshop this Fall and will explore your suggestion.

      Finally on bugs. Bugs are just part of the environment in Davis, but if any of your screens are off let me know so I can get those fixed immediately. We also have weekly pest control service and we will treat specific areas of your apartment if you show me the problem.

      Thanks again for your comment and suggestions we are always trying to improve. Please contact me.

      -Steven Baker

      Community Manager

        2011-01-24 12:37:42   these apartments are fancy but expensive... —tneeley

        2011-01-31 19:57:32   How much is the rent for a 3 bedroom unit? 4 bedroom unit? —btorres

        2011-08-12 19:57:38   I live in avalon, the thing that pisses me off about avalon is the slowwww bug service. I called about 5 times before about cochroaches in my room and they told me theyd come spray on friday, but they kept on forgetting. Even I forgot about the problem until today when I switched on the light and saw a big roach scrurry under my backpack. The funny thing is i was listening to papa roach at the same time. The great thing about avalon is the maintenence man, I dont know his name but hes great and fast. So advice is dont live on the first floor cuz too many bugs. —mikic0

        • Mikic0, I am terribly sorry for the slow response. If you are still a tenant with us, please send me an email at sorrentoapartments@gmail.com and I will get in contact with you about the problem. We recently switched services so that may have been a factor in the issues, but regardless of the reasons, I'm sorry you've had to wait so long for a response. -Thomas, Community Manager

        2014-09-13 11:02:32   This place is nice and spacious, but it takes forever for my bathroom's shower water to heat up. Even after maintenance came to fix it, it still gives me half cold, half lukewarm water. And while most other apartment complexes that have a fixed water rate (meaning that even if I use too much water, the rate I pay is still the same every month), Avalon/Sorrento/Brisa doesn't. I also never had frequent bug problems at my previous apartments, but I've been encountering spiders and ants galore here, and it's only been 3 weeks since I moved in. —MichelleNguyen

        Hi Michelle,

        I am sorry to hear about your water problem. I can definitely send maintenance in to look at the water heater again to see if that helps solve the problem. What happened is that the previous resident said the water was too hot, so we dialed it down. If you need further adjustments, let us know! If there are ever any maintenance-related problems, please do not hesitate to call us at 530-758-2662. As for the pests, we actually have pest control every Friday! They can most address your concern. In the meantime, we can always do a general bug spray to alleviate the problem until pest control comes on Friday. If you have any other questions, just let us know! We are always happy to help.

        • -Elena, Community Manager

        This place is decent to live in, but management is terrible. The ineptitude of the management are as followed: (1) refusal to enforce parking space restrictions to residents only (forcing those who actually PAY to live in the apartments to park elsewhere),  (2) poor communication on the management's part regarding moving in/out dates, rent payments, unfair security deposits charges, etc., (3) failure to quiet the rowdy parties in the clubhouse (this is happening as I am writing this at 1:14 am)., and (4) repeated calls inquiring the same questions that have been already answered multiple times. The management is terrible, but the repairmen, location, and nearby shops are great. 

        2015-08-30 22:47:01   So my this apartment complex (Avalon Apartments) broke their word and moved out my stuff on their own before the agreed upon move out date. Due to a lack of overlap in moving to my new apartment complex, they agreed to push back my move out date to August 31st at 8am. Well its August 30th, and my housemates who are moving my stuff for me just showed up and said its all outside. A lot of it got stolen, including my bed, HTPC, and ~$1000 RC truck. If anyone knows anything, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! —pomplemus