These are reviews from Avalon Apartments prior to the property management company change in 2009

2005-06-13 01:32:46   in my opinion, this place is too expensive for what you get, and the management is slow an —JohnWong

2005-06-13 11:35:21   Why not educate us on how expensive it is and what you get or don't get for that money? —JackHaskel

2005-06-23 14:43:55   Holy moly, they are expensive. —SummerSong

2005-09-07 17:25:02   Avalon is expensive, but it was hands-down the nicest apartment experience I've ever had in Davis. The units are lovely and well laid out, everything works, the maintenance guy is kind and prompt, and management is present if you need them, but they are not invasive. In the three-bedroom at least, the rooms are indeed HUGE and quite comfortable and affordable to share. For the record, I lived here from '01-'03. —JoannaHeiple

We have had our apartment broken into recently and items stolen were over 3000$...Other than that, the placesare expensive and work orders get lost or take weeks to be filled,the office hours go til 5pm and if you have class all day it doesn't make thingseasy on you. The manager is a nice person, but the other people in the office are a little slow on the uptake. CortWinkle

2007-03-04 11:27:07   It's expensive but it's pretty big inside. —CourageCowardlyDog

2007-06-09 15:04:32   Don't park here or you'll get towed. Guaranteed. —FeliciaTing

Yes we actively tow cars parked in someone else's assigned space, cars parked in the fire lane, or cars without current parking stickers.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2007-09-12 16:49:26   I created an account just to comment about this managment. Do not rent from these people. Everyone is right about the managment they are very difficult and not willing to work with you. I have had mutliple issues with them entering our property without our consent. They try to cheat you out of your security deposit by not allowing you to request an initial walkthrough inspection which is your right by state law. Please if you are displeased file a complaint with the BBB at I did it and they have not responded. Perhaps if more people do this they will get their act together. —AvalonRenter

I have postponed responding to this former resident's post hoping that he would find the time to update your comments. As you know, you left your apartment in fine condition and you got a full refund of your deposit as evidenced by the cancelled check. Please don't claim you were "cheated". Yes, you have the right to an initial walk through inspection. Unfortunately, you made your request at the last minute as you were moving out and all of our staff was busy with previously scheduled initial inspections. It is true that we were unable to accommodate you at that moment. I am sorry.

Regarding entering your property, it is our policy, and State law, to obtain permission to enter. I apologize for any confusion, but our maintenance staff is experienced and, absent an emergency, would not enter your apartment without some resident giving permission.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2008-01-21 17:12:44   Definitely one of the best apartment complexes here in Davis! I lived here from 2006-2007, and I really enjoyed it. I shared a room, but had no problems with space. The main reason why I moved was because I wanted my own room for a lower price (now I live happily across the street in Sorrento) and I didn't like my roommates very much. They have a really nice pool area, they even held a resident pool party there while I was living in Avalon, which was fun since we don't get that much out of the dorms now.

I lived in the 3 bedroom 3 bath option; the ceilings are really high and there are lots of windows, giving the apartment itself a nice atmosphere. Mine didn't have a balcony or a fireplace, but we did have the side patio area, where we held barbeques and kept our bikes safe and sound. Oh yeah, the management even gave the residents optional patio furniture that we were able to keep after we moved, I thought that was really nice especially since we used them a lot! Overall I think at some point at UCD you should definitely live here, it's worth it —davisAggie007

Thank you for your positive comment.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2008-01-30 07:41:15   this place looks nice on the outside, but the apartments are constructed cheaply there is virtually no insulation. during the winter it is as cold as it is outside and during the summer it is even hotter. and everyone knows how cold and hot it gets around davis. —Cowjo

The contractor, the sub contractors, the owner, and the architect do not agree with your assessment of the quality of the construction.

The apartments are fully insulated (R-15 walls /R-38 ceiling) and the windows are low-E double pane.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2008-02-06 17:43:13   Avalon is one of the best housing communities in Davis. I've lived here for the past 3 years and would definitely recommend this area. Before 2005, the management did suck, but after they changed management in 2006, everything improved greatly. The management replies quickly to concerns and is very accommodating; they'll work with you if you put in the effort (I've had to work with them on a regular basis to figure out leasing concerns or overdue rent payments etc). Maintenance is incredible as well—Horacio, the handy-man for Avalon works quickly and efficiently and is just a really nice guy. I live with 7 other girls in a 4bed/3.5 bath, and he'll even unclog our drains or change light bulbs for us! Someone mentioned not to park in Avalon bc you'll get towed— i totally agree. I left my car in front of my house for about 3 minutes and when i came back out, it was towed. I was really annoyed at first, but it's a good system, or else ppl at parties will take up all the parking spots.

Even though the management is strict about some stuff, i can see it's for the purpose of safety and keeping things maintained well. I've definitely come to appreciate their organization. In sum, the management is great— many of them live in this community as well, so they know how things work and what needs to be worked on—whatever rules they implement, they too have to honor as well.

They make an effort to really get to know the residents, throwing parties for us and giving out free food and such— they even set up meetings with the residents to 1) feed us free pizza, and 2) ask for feedback on how they can improve management or the community in general. —It's really just a great place to live. MASSIVE rooms and spacious living area. awesome rent— I pay $310 to share the upstairs room with the balcony of the 4/3 apartment—(for a few quarters, we had a 3rd person—with a bed and everything—in our room with space to spare). Not to mention that it's right across the street from the W/M line, Safeway, Rite Aid, Office max etc etc. Also, they started an online rent-pay thing that is really convenient so that we don't have to send in checks. If you're willing to share rooms, it's definitely affordable and comes with great management.

*c.chau —PeanuToes

Thank you especially for the positive comment about Horacio. He works hard. Glad you enjoyed the BBQ. What a crowd.

-Linda Rogers

Community Manager

2009-05-05 15:00:31   I shared with 2 other people (3 total) in the largest room and we fit very comfortably. Wasn't cramped at all! It was $295/person in that room so I didn't think it was too expensive, however if you look at the bigger picture you can probably find somewhere cheaper.

On the other hand, it IS expensive for a reason. The complex is really beautiful and the maintenance is GREAT. They attend VERY prompt when you have problems and the yard work is very well taken care of.

I did however run into numerous problems while living here though.. -The smoke alarms are INSANE! They go off even when we're not even cooking in the kitchen! We called maintenance to fix the problem, but they told us that that's how their smoke alarms are and that they're just sensitive to the gas that's on the stove. Sometimes the smoke alarm would even go off in the middle of the night.

-One of our toilets didn't flush very well so maintenance had to come and fix our toilet at LEAST 20 times— I'm not even exaggerating. It kept on clogging up. One time they told us not to throw anything in there— not even toilet paper.

-In the beginning of the year we had a cockroach problem, but after a few traps they went away.

Other than these 3 major problems, I enjoyed living here. —Joe21

2010-03-31 00:20:53   This place is overpriced and cheaply built on the inside. Also, they will hit you hard for the security deposit. Trust me, I know from experience, do not live here. —tneeley

Avalon may not be inexpensive but interior finishes are certainly not cheap. The cabinets, for one example, are each custom made and have

upgraded laminate doors.

I am sorry you feel the security deposit process "hit you hard". You do not give enough information for me to specifically comment on your concerns

but mistakes do happen so, please, contact me at and I will review the charges and credits and discuss them with you.

- Jacqueline Mestaz


2010-09-12 03:35:48   i moved into Avalon recently for fall. The environment and exterior is really nice and it's really green. However, I find the interior to be little bit disappointing for the price we pay. it seems to be little outdated now. I lived in The Drake in the summer and the interior there feels new and clean. Here at avalon i can see stains on the blinds and in the kitchen. however the paint is new. In addition, I find the units to be really not soundproof, I can hear people talking across another unit at night. Maybe its just the beginning of the year, but the repair and maintenance is really slow, like it has been a week now. I find there to be lots of bugs everywhere coming in or around the house. and there is some strange scent present in the house that seems to be related to the trees and grass around the unit, maybe the AC intake? It does have the nicest environment and the pool seems to be one of the best among all apartments. —MatthewLaw

2010-09-12 03:44:12   oh and Baker from the office is really nice even though the response is slow for maintenance. It would really be nice if the apartment have security patrol like other apartment complexs because avalon at night seems to be empty and especially after the recent community center robbery where several people were held at gun point. —MatthewLaw

Thank you for the positive comments especially about the office staff. I do not know which house you are in so please give me a call or email and I will come over with maintenance staff because we want it new and clean without delay just like you do.

Regarding noise, you have at most one common wall and it is built to a STC rating of 50 (very quiet) so I would like to learn more about the problem when I come over with maintenance.

Thank you for your security comments. We are constantly looking to improve security. Last year we hosted a Crime Prevention Workshop with the Davis Police. They explained that the crime statistics for the area were low and that the best crime prevention is neighbors paying attention. We are scheduling another Workshop this Fall and will explore your suggestion.

Finally on bugs. Bugs are just part of the environment in Davis, but if any of your screens are off let me know so I can get those fixed immediately. We also have weekly pest control service and we will treat specific areas of your apartment if you show me the problem.

Thanks again for your comment and suggestions we are always trying to improve. Please contact me.

-Steven Baker

Community Manager