Russell Blvd. Flanked by Trees

Avenue of the Trees is the section of Russell Blvd. west of Highway 113. It was created around 1876, two years after eighteen residents west of Davisville petitioned the Yolo County Board of Supervisors to create a road between Davis and Winters. There is a Lincoln Highway marker at the intersection with Arthur Blvd.

This is a very beautiful drive, bike ride, or jog/walk — like a Dali painting. The road is shaded by black walnut trees planted by the LaRue family around 1876. Today, these trees are recognized as City of Davis Landmark Trees. Close to Highway 113, the new West Village development lies just south of the avenue, somewhat somewhat distracting from its idyllic scenery.

Olive Tree Lane off Russell Blvd. is another road that is shaded on both sides with trees. Purdue Drive is yet another street that has an interesting relationship with its trees, as is Olive Drive, although the latter has a "shady" reputation and the streets are in a state of disrepair that makes its bike lanes less than pleasant. Oak Avenue also provides a pleasant stroll or bike ride, but take caution with the dimly lit and oversized speed bumps at night.


This bike path runs from Campus alongside Russell Blvd. all the way out past Lake Blvd. Village Homes The trees are beautiful in the springtime. And in the early fall. Photo by Dustin Lambert Russell Blvd. from a distance shows the long line of trees extending west.