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SF Headquarters
521 Gough Street
San Francisco, CA 94102
Office Phone
Line 1: (415) 772-1977
Line 2: (415) 710-4284
Manzar Azari

Azari Property Management manages properties in Davis and has business licenses in 26 other cities around the Bay Area.

If you are a property owner in the area, they offer various services to assist in tenant acquisition and retention.

They also offer various other services, as wells as relocation services. (See their website for services and fee structures)

Many reviews can be found on CitySearch here:


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2011-01-21 18:27:15   Website needs a way to disable the muzak...

What are some of the properties that are managed in town? —StevenDaubert

2011-01-21 23:00:50   The actual adresses of the properties managed in town are not listed when occupied. You'll find them on various housing sites, magazines, and craigslist when they become available. Obviously, the company and their clients, value their tenants, and do not want them disturbed. Azari P. M.'s clients are homeowners looking to get their time of day back and no longer worry about their properties. Reviews can be found all over the internet, and wiki savvy folks will have no problem locating them. With so much negativity surrounding property management companies in the area, it's nice to see positive customer feedback on our end. I am the Sacramento Area's leasing agent, and long time student/resident of Davis, CA. This wiki page is meant to be informative, not an advertisement. Public, as always, is free to do their research. We would like them to know we are here should they want/need us. And I'll let Manzar know the music on the site is "annoying." :) —JamesGallerani