Azubah Skinner Chiles (1809-1873) was born March 14, 1809 to Cornelius Skinner and Jane Carr, and was the sister-in-law of Joseph B. Chiles by marriage to his brother, Joel Franklin Chiles, Sr. The two were married August 6, 1828 in Clark County, Kentucky and together bore Isaac Skinner Chiles, Cornelius Carr Chiles Sr., Richard Ballinger Chiles, William G. Chiles, Henry Clay Chiles, Caldwell Chiles, Phineas Skinner Chiles, Mary Jane Chiles, Sarah Margaret Chiles, Joel Franklin Chiles Jr., Elijah Gates Chiles, Anna Azubah Chiles, Collie Chiles. Note that Azubah's son, William G. Chiles is not the same William Garnhart Chiles who built the Chiles Mansion.

Azubah was a member of the Christian Church and never settled in Yolo County, but some of her children followed their uncle Joseph B. Chiles to the area. Azubah Chiles died August 5, 1873 and was buried in Chiles Cemetery, near Six Mile Church, Jackson County, Missouri.