The VMTH B Barn is a campus building that is part of the large animal facility at the Vet Med Teaching Hospital (VMTH). In addition to housing recovering horses, B Barn includes two surgery rooms, an anesthesia recovery room, and an Intensive Care Unit.

Because most of the horses at B Barn are ill or in recovery, the facility is not open to visitors. The Vet Aides Club offers internships in B Barn at the start of each quarter for those interested in equine medicine.

How To Get There

The VMTH is a mess of buildings and you'll probably have trouble finding B Barn if you haven't been in the area before.

If you're biking or walking, continue past Schaal Aquatics Center on the bike path and turn left to bike/walk down the two-lane road to the main Vet Hospital buildings. Walk to the other end of the parking lot (you may want to walk up on the sidewalk by the hospital) where you'll see a little garden area (look for the tables, green umbrellas, and brightly colored silhouettes of dogs). Keep going past the tall concrete wall at the back of the garden, and turn right. You should see a bunch of hay and straw stacked up ahead. To the right of the feed barn is B Barn - it's nestled between the wings of the hospital. If you're a badass you can always walk though the hospital and find the barn, but for those unfamiliar with the facility, this is the route to take.

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