217 B Street
Managers/Office Hours
Brittain Commercial Properties: (9-5pm, Mon-Fri)
Manager's Office
Phone: (530) 757-1562
Brittain Commercial Properties Office
Phone: (916)568-1800
Types of Units
Price Range
1br/1ba = $925

Apartment Name is B Street Apartments.

Complex has fifteen 2-bedroom townhouse style apartments, one 3-bedroom apartment and one 1-bedroom apartment. The complex only has hours set up by the Property Manager who lives in the complex at Apartment #1 and whose hours are from 3-6pm Mondays - Fridays and any other time by appointment.

Management Notices

Management can leave timely notes here. Please don't spam!

Features & Amenities

There is AC
Parking Spot
No Pets
Shared patio with the entire complex, which is accessible by second story stairway
No study room
They supply the kitchen with a microwave and Dishwasher
Living room comes with apartment
Laundry Room at back of building


Public Transportation - Apartment is located on Unitrans E bus line. Several Yolobus routes stop nearby at Russell or at the Memorial Union. That Street and will take you to Sacramento, West Sacramento, Woodland and Sacramento International Airport

Bicycle - You can get to The Davis Bike Loop by going through campus. The UC Davis campus is less than 2 block away. There are bike lanes/connectors on all/some/these of the surrounding streets.

Pedestrian - For recreational adventures, walk to downtown. For grocery, shopping, some services and dining, the Co-Op Grocery Store is on G street. Farmers market is across the street in the park.

Parking - No guests are allowed to park within the complex. That is strictly for residents. You will be towed if you over extend your stay in the Black Bear Dining Parking Lot. Street parking is available but limited. Also bike parking is limited.

ADA Accessibility - The bottom floor units are ADA Accessible.

Floor Plans

If you know the different apartment sizes with their corresponding rent, you can put the information in the following table for easy reference:

Apt Size
2#bedrooms, 1#bathrooms
$ 1350 per month
$ 1495


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I'm sure people have perfectly fine apartments in this complex. However, my apartment has termites and mold, which is apparently common in all of the apartments. My garbage disposal broke, my microwave doesn't rotate and my light switches (the electrical wiring of the house) are on the fritz. I talked to them two and a half weeks ago and they have yet to do anything about the termites, except bring in a maintenance man to look at the pile of dead carcasses on my window sills, floors and dishes. Also he helped himself to my toilet and forgot to put the seat down. Professional, much? The property doesn't allow pets but the property manager has two dogs living with her. The Management (Brittain Property Management) has received terrible reviews, which can be viewed on several different sites, including the one that is posted under Website at the top of the page, and I think I'll let those reviews speak for themselves. Apparently they do not have an email, which I find sketchy as far as businesses go. How does a business not have an email in the 21st Century? OR a website?? Parking is bad for visitors because Black Bear will tow if you stay long enough and you'd need to buy an extra permit (one time fee of $12) from the city in order to park on the street. Overall, this place is next to squalor. The structural integrity, the management, the maintenance, and the services are terrible and the rent is ridiculously high. The only thing positive I could say about this is the location, but I'm sure you could move on over to A Street Apartments or Villa Verde instead. If a Building Inspector came into this place (let alone a Health and Safety Inspector), this property would be foreclosed or, at the very least, the business would lose most of their credentials. THAT is how bad it is. Keep looking.

2012-01-11 10:53:25   Really? I live here and the place is not as bad as the previous reviewer stated. Parking is tough for visitors and they really should have a webpage or email. But my place is pretty nice and the management is really quick in sending in repair requests. He is right about location. 1min bike ride to campus. —shalimar