A bait bike is when the DPD or UCDPD leave a relatively nice looking bicycle out in the open in hopes of catching someone stealing it. While long considered a myth, in March of 2012 the ASUCD Senate allocated funds for the UC Davis Police Department to begin a bait bike program. The bill probably took $681 because all of the bikes at the Bike Barn are that overpriced.

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2007-10-01 15:31:20   when has this happened? sounds like a myth to me... —PxlAted

2007-10-01 16:26:52   Rob Roy was the victim of such a sting awhile back, if I remember correctly. But word is that it was a shitty, long-abandoned bike. —GeoffJohnson

2007-10-01 16:29:48   I dont think Rob was a part of a sting, rather he found an abandoned bike which was registered, and when the police stopped him....he got in trouble because it wasn't registered to him....if I remember.


I have never heard of this and I highly doubt this, I mean, it just sounds silly on all accounts, but someone could call up and confirm that this doesn't happen I suppose, I rather think it likely that someone is merely trying to fool us on the issue. ~DavePoole

2007-10-02 00:39:16   James is correct about rob. best not be spreading rumors about rob roy falling for a "bait bike." hahahahahahah. arrrrrrrrrrg. —PxlAted

2013-05-31 14:12:40   There's a bike parked (locked) outside my apartment with a "Bait Bike" sticker. What. —KirstenPearsons

2013-10-13 20:07:39   I saw one of these around the 22nd of September, 2013. I hadn't heard of the program, but the bike was just sitting out in Russel Field on it's kickstand. It looked brand new. I remember thinking that it looked like someone was watching for it to be stolen. —AndrewIrino

2014-12-01 12:09:18   I saw one of these parked next to King Hall around November 24. It looked older and less appealing to thieves, and it had a sticker on the frame that clearly said "BAIT BIKE" with the ASUCD logo and an icon of a bike with wifi-like waves coming out of it (I assume to indicate that it has GPS tracking). But I didn't understand the "BAIT BIKE" sticker — wouldn't that defeat the purpose if it's clearly labeled? —MattSidor

  • Unless it was not a bait bike and some clever person put the sticker on there to keep someone from stealing it. —DavidGrundler