Many banana peels were found tied to a tree in the quad with rope.

On 2005-12-02 circa 8PM there were a bunch of banana peels hanging from a tree along the walkway in the quad. Accompanying the bananas was a graphical note that read "HUNG" and had a black and white photograph of a hanging contraption (see below). It seemed to be a project done by some Art students.

I think it's brilliant. Well-hung fruit. Bananas being phallic symbols. It's a comment on the mechanization of culture: the bananas needed human intervention to hang from a tree. It's also a nod to "Strange Fruit" -the Billie Holiday classic.SteveDavison


The Absurdity of Death & Necessity of Martyrdom

A box attached to the tree was dispensing these flyers, with attached hanging bananas.

To those persecuted for their beliefs...

Do This In Remembrance