325 E Street
Mon-Thu 9-5, Fri 9-6, Sat 9-1
(530) 757-5020
Bank of America Corporation
1998 as Bank of America Corp
1874 as "BankAmerica"

While Bank of America is officially a national bank with headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. It was formed when Nations Bank bought Bank of America in 1998. Nations Bank took over the Bank of America name and moved operations from Bank of America's longtime San Francisco Headquarters to the Nations Bank headquarters in North Carolina. Bank of America is one of Davis' many banks and has one branch location in Davis. Bank of America used to be a major employer in the San Francisco Bay Area, however once Nations Bank took over operations, they closed down most of their Bay Area call centers and moved jobs to North Carolina and other states.

Bank of America used to have a branch inside of Save Mart. However, Bank of America closed the branch down and replaced it with a small ATM.

Bank of America has a student checking account, that has no balance requirement nor direct deposit requirement until the age of 23. A checkbook can cost extra but the online and mobile banking bill pay service is free and can be used to write checks.

Bank of America was planning on charging customers $5 per month if they use their debit cards for purchases in 2012. However, due to negative publicity and losses of customers, Bank of America decided to not adopt the new fee. The fee would have cost customers $60 per year if they used their debit card every month.


There are also five separate Bank of America ATM locations (apart from the one at the actual bank branch): at the Memorial Union, Silo, University Mall, Save Mart, and Oakshade Town Center.

You will be charged $2.50 by BofA for using a non-BofA ATM in addition to the fee charged by the non-BofA ATM (usually $3). You will be charged $5 for using ATMs outside of the U.S. in addition to the fee charged by the foreign ATM.

Check imaging fee is $3 per statement starting 01/06/2011.

Holders of Bank of America cards get into numerous museums free around the country the first weekend of every month.


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2010-09-11 21:30:10   Almost every transaction I have with this bank ends up being a hassle and a frustration. I recommend using one of Davis' credit unions instead. —CovertProfessor

2010-12-16 09:26:47   One of the worst experience here ever! I know bank of America is not known for their customer service but this tops the cake.

So I needed to have a document notarized for my apartment complex and my one of my landlady said that your bank should do it for you. I went to my bank last week with the form to ask for their assistance in filling out my form and to ask about the notarize process. The male teller at the desk told me how to fill it out (he didn't know how like whether government funds and grants are included in your income but that was ok bc he tried) and when I'm done to bring it back and one of the reps will notarize for me. I was really appreciative because he was friendly and trying to be helpful.

Yesterday I came back to get my document notarized and another male teller said no the bank only notarizes official bank documents. And I'm like Wtheck? So I call up my landlady and she says that she's had other residents turn in their form and their banks notarize for them—including boa. And my landlady says that it supposed to be included in ur bank service and that i should threaten to close my account if they didn't. I go back in, this time talking to Dale (a female teller) and explain my situation. But she looked pissed off. She even has the notarize lady come over and to assert that no they didn't do it, but I no one explained to my why! And I remember I've had boa notarize before! And I go with my landlady's advice and threaten to close my account and Dale says "we can close it for your right now. Do you have your debit card? Just slide it." I'm thinking "wow what a flip. These people don't care about customer satisfaction at all! No wonder the north Davis branch closed."

Seriously, the only think good about this place is that theres rarely a line. Gee I wonder why! With tellers like Dale who wants to come back. I'm mad about the fact that they didn't seem to care about making the customer happy; they just wanted to get rid of me.

One of my land ladies also told me she closed her boa account 2 yrs ago bc of their customer service and fees. Now I understand how she feels. —LynnNguyen

  • When in doubt, ask to speak with their manager/supervisor before threatening to close your account. —ClarenceL
    • Leaving Bank of America can save you a lot of money in the long run. There are many credit unions that notarize documents for free. There are many credit unions that have more benefits and fewer fees than Bank of America. Opening an account with a credit union is also easy to do and many credit unions in Davis offer free checking accounts with no monthly fees and many give you free checks. Bank of America charges fees in sneaky ways just so that they can make huge profits off of customers. You can get even better deals at not-for-profit credit unions. —MaxLucas
  • Bank of America used to notarize documents for customers. I'm not sure when they stopped doing everything except bank documents, but it has been at least a few years at this branch. (Bank of America locations elsewhere might be different — I know one in another state had no problem notarizing a document for us for free a couple years ago.) They probably did it as a cost-cutting maneuver, but I'd be surprised if notarizing documents was really taking up all that much time. If for some reason, their notary agent is licensed for bank documents only, then it would make sense, but otherwise it is a move that irritates customers without gaining much for the bank. When I asked for the reason a couple years ago, the agent didn't know. FedEx Office has a notary agent that works there sometimes. If you ask, they'll give you his contact info and you can arrange to meet him at a convenient time downtown. (Oh, and Dale's always been friendly to us.) —BigSlice
  • Every person who is a notary in California is able to notarize documents whether they are bank related or not. The staff simply didn't want to waste their precious time to help a Bank of America customer. Apparently, this is the level of customer service at this Bank of America branch. They probably spent more time arguing with the customer than it would have taken to notarize the document. You really have to go out of your way to make a customer have such a horrible experience like this. —MaxLucas

2011-06-25 16:49:41   As an account holder for 9 years I have had a generally positive experience at this branch. Dale, Alex, and Aaron and some others have all been a pleasure to work with. —bartbart

2012-11-06 09:13:55   I've been a Davis BoA customer for 15 years, starting when they had an outlet bank in the Albertson's grocery in North Davis. When it was "local" I knew the banker and had a personal relationship. Now that they have consolidated downtown, I am shocked at their lack of personalization. I closed my account last weekend and went across the street to Chase after my latest bad experience. I went in to deposit my check and was told it would take a week to clear. I have a stellar credit history. This was a new one; hey I do have bills to pay. I asked for an exception and was denied with out any discussion other than being told there are "a number of factors" that go into their policy. Well here's my factor, I'm outa here. —StanSturges

2013-10-30 11:51:08   NEVER send money in a foreign currency to one of BoAs $-accounts. They will take about 4% of everything you send with their very unforable conversion rate, e.g. for EUR->$ conversions. Better choose another bank or have it sent denominated in $. —nivacm