So these days, you order a "pint" and you get something that is less than 16 ounces. This page is dedicated to those bars that serve real pints. If you go to a bar, bring a measuring device with you. If the bar does not serve you a pint, then post their name on here. If the bar does serve a real 16 ounce pint, also post them on here.

There are many reasons why bars might not give you 16 oz of beer. A pint might be considered something served in a "pint glass" (16 oz capacity)... and you can't fill it to the brim without spilling. Some room might be made for head. If you want a 16 oz pint of beer, the glass needs to be closer to 18 oz (a real pint glass).

Of course, all this stuff about an "honest pint" is nonsense. The only honest pint is a British 20 oz (570 mL) pint and you can't find those in Davis you can find those at The Davis Beer Shoppe and De Vere's Irish pub.

Bars That Serve HONEST Pints

  • Berryessa Brewing Company - 18 or 20 oz pint glasses. Or growlers, if you're not driving.
  • The Davis Beer Shoppe pours 20 oz. pints, so you wind up with a healthy head and well over 16 oz. of liquid. They occasionally run out of clean glasses when they get really swamped on Friday evenings and don't even have time to run dishes because the line is out the door. They're really apologetic when they cut you down to a 16 oz. glass, and they make sure it's full to the brim of liquid. Not much head, but at least still close to a full pint.
  • De Vere's Irish Pub is the "HOME" of the 20oz pint, unless otherwise requested
  • The Graduate This is a rumor only and needs verification
  • Little Prague Bar
  • Sudwerk Brewery Dock Store serves into .5L (16.907 oz) glassware. Mug Club members drink from .5L mugs.

Bars That Do Not Serve Honest Pints

  • Cafe Bernardo ... 3 separate measurements each came out to 13.5 ounces; let's call it a 14 ounce pint.
  • Uncle Vito's... they are a 14 -15 oz pour. They are advertised as such so as to not be deceiving.
  • Bistro 33 Tavern...they serve beer in cheater glasses with thick bottoms...14oz glasses. They blatantly LIE by stating they are 16oz. pours on the wall. Someone should call the Dept. of Weights and Measures.
  • Sophia's ...thick-bottomed glasses! (cue the "boo!" lady from Princess Bride)

Bars with different volumetric options

  • Sudwerk sells beer by the Glass $3.25, Pint $4.10, 1⁄2L $4.25, and 1L $6.35. You'll need additional measuring cups for this verification. The 1L beer seems a pretty good deal; what do average "pitcher" size pours cost elsewhere?

$14 is pretty typical for a pitcher (approximately 4 pints) of non-crap beer most places.