These are the fine men and women who get you drunk. Also see: bouncers Want to keep your bartenders happy? Avoid all of the taboos. Bistro 33

  • Bali (Sonic the Hedgehog called, he wants his hair back.)
  • Jonny (Don't make him mad.)
  • Nate (the Frog.)
  • Kevin (Bistro Catalog Model.)
  • Roman (he's at the hostess stand more than he's behind the bar.)
  • Mike (looks sleepy, but he's just Korean.)
  • Lauren (holdin' down Sunday mornings.)

Bistro 33 Tavern

  • Kyle

The G Street Wunderbar

  • Chris (the boss man)
  • Drew
  • Preacher
  • Lance (The Lord of Libations)
  • Bobby
  • Ari (she'll make you a drink and teach you how to dance)

Little Prague Bar

  • Dylan (call him, so he can make it juicy fo ya)
  • Jarred
  • Martha
  • Giuseppe


  • Adam (Fastest and most knowledgeable bartender in town, and a nice guy to boot.)

Tres Hermanas

  • Paul


  • Asa (can play the guitar better than you.)
  • Jarrett (owns weird animals.)
  • Jen (perky!)
  • Vienna (nice cans.)
  • Jeremy (nice cans.)
  • Jim (very nice cans.)
  • Wayne
  • John


  • Matt (wannabe actual marine biologist.)
  • Justin (a minority's best friend.)
  • Little Jim
  • Tony
  • Bridget
  • Aaron
  • Bill
  • Jenny

Luke's Lounge

  • Nate Luke (possibly fictional person.)
  • Owen

The Graduate

  • Scott 'Rock' Stahlberg -Longest serving bartender at the Grad. Nice guy and has some massive guns.
  • Emily-daytime bartender and beloved by all.
  • Kristy-loves animals, bad music and beer. Feeds the beast at least 5 times daily.
  • Maria-Old school Grad employee who has returned to educate the youngsters.
  • David 'Mash" Mashburn-Another old school employee who has come home. Has great stories about bartending in NYC.
  • Johnny-Known as West Hollywood Johnny.Knows that the lion does not hunt the fly.
  • Katrina-very sweet and does not appreciate hurricane jokes.
  • Rita-Has the best collection of absurd headgear this side of the Pecos.
  • Collin-Ex-UCD water polo stud and lover of ATHF.
  • Navit-Killed a man in Reno once just to watch him die. Oh wait, that was someone else.
  • Courtney-A paradox of a woman-a vegetarian who smokes. Loves to dance.
  • Scotty-Bar manager, big Kahuna and makes a mean mojito. Or anything else for that matter.
  • Charlie-BMOC who holds down the fort for Monday Country.


  • Chay-A mountain of a man, Davis legend and breaker of hearts.
  • Geoff-Heavily inked, looks annoyed always and love his Southern Comfort. Ummm, Southern Comfort...