Bath & Body Works as seen from the back Parking Lot.

500 1st Street (in Davis Commons—entry on the parking lot side)
Open Mon. - Sat. 10am - 9pm and Sun. 11am - 6pm

Bath and Body Works is a store that sells body products like soap, lotion, scented oils, etc. This chain store is part of the Limited Brand (Including Victoria Secret). The scents are pleasant and based on natural oils, which is great for people allergic to synthetic scents. BBW perfect place to get a gift for any occasion.


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2009-04-05 14:53:23   I was wondering if this was a creative way of saying "We do test on animals, but not on the very end product"?: This Finished Product Not Tested On Animals... —EricaMacGregor

  • It's pretty much the same thing as "Not animal tested," but more honest in my opinion. I'm sure other people will counter, but the basic idea is: all these lotions, oils, soaps use a random array of chemicals and who knows what. Somewhere, sometime, these chemicals were almost certainly tested on animals, before they were deemed safe to use in these sorts of things. So B&BW buys a bunch of these chemicals up, uses them in their lotions/oils/soups, and then sells these. I believe I've read that this is pretty common even for a sizable majority of "not animal tested" products in the mainstream markets. Which is why I consider it more honest: while the "finished" product overall wasn't animal tested, many of the components/ingredients likely were sometime/somewhere by someone. (In general, I'm sure there are lots of more detailed info and exceptions or what not out there). -ES

2013-02-23 19:52:17   I only went to this particular location once, but I recall that the employees were especially polite and helpful. —LoriOrf