3030 Explorer Dr., Sacramento CA 95827
Saturdays 8:00AM - 12:00PM
+1 (916) 833-1112
Medical Director
Dr. Luz Guerrero
Clinical Affairs Coordinator
Melissa De Guzman and Darrion Yang

Bayanihan Clinic is a non-profit health care provider. The mission of Bayanihan Clinic is to provide culturally and linguistically sensitive primary care to the underserved population, particularly, the Filipino World War II Veterans and the the uninsured population in Sacramento and surrounding communities. They provide preventative services, referrals to specialists, social services, and health education.


In February of 2002, a group of four UC Davis undergraduates, Julienne Angeles, Thea de Borja, Rosalyn Moya, and Voltaire Sinigayan, recognized the need of a free clinic catering to the Filipino community, specifically the Filipino World War II Veterans. Richard Ikeda, executive director of Health for All, became the group’s sponsor, and supported the development of this community-oriented primary care project. During the following months, a name was chosen, a mission statement was drafted, a major fundraiser was held, and a site was chosen for the clinic. In August of 2002, the clinic was designated a non-profit organization by the Internal Revenue Service.

In October 2002, the group began its efforts to recruit undergraduate clinic volunteers, and specifically targeted Filipino pre-health students in hopes of encouraging students from this underrepresented group to pursue a career in medicine by giving them the rare opportunity of being able to learn and serve while fulfilling community needs. By 2007, Bayanihan Clinic officially joined other student run clinics affiliated with the University of California Medical Center. The UCDMC affiliation has helped clinic in various ways such as having lab services provided by the hospital.

In 2013, the Bayanihan Clinic Board of Directors recognized the changing patient population in the Greater Sacramento region and revised Bayanihan Clinic's mission to be inclusive of new underserved communities visiting out clinic. The mission has been revised to the following: "The mission of Bayanihan Clinic is to provide primary care and preventative health services to the diverse, underserved communities of the Greater Sacramento area, including Filipino veterans and immigrants."

The Tagalog (one of many Filipino dialects) word, “Bayanihan”, was chosen as the clinic’s name to capture two essences of the clinic:

  • Bayanihan, when translated from Tagalog into English means “a collective group of people working together towards a common goal”
  • Bayani, which is the literal term for “heroes” recognizes the focus of the clinic’s target population, the Filipino WWII Veterans.

Primary Care Service

  • Preventative Services: A patient generally comes to clinic with a particular health concern, and this concern (the patient’s chief complaint) is addressed at the clinic. Includes flu shots, cholesterol counts, etc. Also includes physicals which serve to address any health issues discovered during the physical.
  • Referrals: Because the clinic is able to only provide limited health care delivery, patients with more serious complications will be referred to specialists in the area.
  • Social Services: During an examination, a student working in the clinic may learn of a social issue that may need to be addressed.
  • Health Education: The public health component of the clinic. Includes a workshop on a particular health issue, posters placed throughout the clinic, brochures distributed to patients, and health information available in the waiting room.


Bayanihan Clinic serves the Veteranos at Magellan and Tower II monthly, providing vitals and patient education.


Undergraduate Volunteers

Volunteer applications for the time being are now closed. Stay tuned for updates!

Medical Students

Codirector positions are offered annually around November to first year U.C. Davis Medical Students. The cycle is now closed.


Our clinic is always looking for new physicians of all specialities! If you are interested in volunteering for our clinic, please send an email to .

Healthy Breast Program

In 2010, Bayanihan Clinic received a grant from the Susan G. Komen foundation to promote breast cancer awareness in the Sacramento populations, particularly the Filipinas. In two years, Bayanihan has been able to give over 100 free mammographies and has educated hundreds of women.

In 2011, Bayanihan Clinic partnered with the Sacramento County Cancer Coalition SCCC 2012—2013

  • Brandy Truong, Healthy Breast Co-Coordinator
  • Mariel Lerma, Healthy Breast Co-Coordinator
  • Guenevieve (Aprwil) O. Del Mundo, Healthy Breast Co-Coordinator

Healthy Breast Committee

  • Lorna Echipare
  • Stacy Saephan
  • Kathleen Yumul


  • Brandy Truong, Healthy Breast Co-Coordinator
  • Mariel Lerma, Healthy Breast Co-Coordinator
  • Guenevieve (Aprwil) O. Del Mundo, Healthy Breast Co-Coordinator


  • Janelle Hernandez, Healthy Breast Administrator
  • Jessamine Faustino Kojima, Healthy Breast Promatora

Undergraduate Representatives


  • Melissa De Guzman, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • Darrion Yang, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • Rachel Suk, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Andrew Cuyegkeng, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Sofia Gasacao, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Kim Nguyen, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Nima Manavi, Finance Coordinator
  • Siddharth Selvakumar, Undergraduate Coordinator
  • TBA, IT Coordinator


  • Victoria Nugent, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • Traci Bourne, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • Emerald Nguyen, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Darrion Yang, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Theresa Pasion, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Adrian Racela, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Maria Bala, Finance Coordinator
  • Mercedes Posadas, Undergraduate Coordinator
  • Siddharth Selvakumar, IT Coordinator


  • Melissa Chan, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • Victoria Tran, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • James Aguila, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Daisy Prom, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Cristina Musngi, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Ray Dizon, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Jenice Cheah, Finance Coordinator
  • Traci Bourne, Undergraduate Coordinator
  • Victoria Nugent, IT Coordinator


  • Jonathan Ho, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • Michael Hahn, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • James Aguila, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Melissa Chan, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Jorvic Ramos, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Donita Barrameda, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Akashdeep Singh, Finance Coordinator
  • Joni Chow, Undergraduate Coordinator
  • Victoria Tran, IT Coordinator


  • Stacy Saephan, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • Anup Sonti, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • Nathasha Ventura, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Lauren Bishop, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Rebecca Wong, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Michael Hahn, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Jonathan Ho, Finance Coordinator
  • Peggy Dip, Undergraduate Coordinator
  • Dylan Noblett, EMR Coordinator


  • Guenevieve (Aprwil) O. Del Mundo, Clinical Affairs Coordinator
  • Joyce Fiel, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Noah Kojima, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Stacy Saephan, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Tiffany Leung, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Jonathan Ho, Finance Coordinator
  • Albert Young, Undergraduate Coordinator
  • Gareth Marsh, EMR Coordinator


  • Roderick Eguilos, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • Jayrod De Los Angeles, Clinical Affairs Co-Coordinator
  • Madelaine Soriano, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Alexa Marquez, Preceptor Co-Coordinator
  • Alexander Oribello, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Tim De Dios, Outreach Co-Coordinator
  • Trevor Landas, Finance Coordinator
  • Brandy Truong, Undergraduate Coordinator



  • Dylan Noblett
  • Camille Roque
  • Keith Byrd
  • Tiffany Clark
  • Chelsea Gong
  • Karla Martinez-Tavera
  • Marielle Bolano
  • Dessie Paraskevas


  • Zara Tabi
  • Suzana Saric
  • David Groves
  • Jennifer Quan
  • Sanminder Singh
  • Brandy Carillo
  • Kelsey Sloat
  • Sara Marchessault


  • Albert Robelo, Undergraduate Affairs
  • Sam Mix, Preceptor/Interclinic
  • Nathan Vanden Berge, Clinical Affairs/EMR
  • Jessica Paz, Preceptor/Interclinic
  • Jaime Fong, Inventory/Patient Education
  • Janeine Tiu, Clinical Affairs/EMR
  • Christina Gallerani, Inventory/Patient Education


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