Bear Valley is located in Colusa County 20 miles west of Williams, CA via Hwy 20. It was formed by Bear Creek, which is a tributary of Cache Creek. This should not be confused with the Bear Valley ski resort on Highway 4.

Bear Valley is famous for its spring wildflowers. Much of the area is managed under a conservation easement, but it remains a cattle ranch so be sure to pay attention to no trespassing signs & fences.

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2010-03-22 12:00:50   Here are some Bear Valley wildflower photos from 20march2010. This was a little bit before the peak bloom for 2010 which is estimated for first week of April this year. —BruceThomas

2010-04-19 12:31:58   We went back to Bear Valley on 17april2010 and the flowers were even more spectacular! Bear Valley wildflower and landscape photos 17april2010.


2014-05-26 08:36:26   2014, Wednesday, May 21; We revisited the southern portion of Bear Creek Rd, very near Highway 20, for I had seen evidence that the local Calochortus larger species, white, possibly superbus, but don't recall at the moment, had sometimes hybridized with Calochortus luteus, but we had not seen those nearby, rather, we'd seen the little yellow globe lilies a month earlier. Hint; the wildflowers change here through the season, and it is worth starting early April, and continuing into June, most years of drive-through visits. We found a large field of Calachortus luteus by the cattle chute that is near the cattle guard entrance to the ranch. Mixed with the Calachortus luteus (which showed some evidence of hybridizing with the white species), we also found many showy Clarkia plus a lilac species of Calochortus that we'd also seen on Walker Ridge and along Highway 128 near Lake Barryessa. —PaulReeve