A beeramid is a stack or tower of beer cans or cups. A party and bar past time activity, building a beeramid (a portmanteau of beer and pyramid) requires a multitude of cans or cups. There are a few varieties of beeramid structures determined by how the base is constructed. These include

  • Two dimensional beeramid - base is a line
  • Three dimensional
    • Triangle base
    • Square base
    • Circle base, etc.

Sudwerk's Beeramids

Those who built the tower. Picture of the near completed record (one more cup was placed before destruction.

Beeramids are often built at Sudwerk's dollar pint night where there an ample amount of cheap beer and people willing to drink it. The beeramids range in size from personal towers with only a few cups to pyramids that are only limited by how high the drinkers can stretch their arm. The current record for beeramid at Sudwerk was set on the dollar pint night on 4/2/2008. Confirmed by employee Jason Agbayani as the largest the employees had ever seen, it had 180 cups at its most (pictured with only 179) before being purposely fallen into by a patron unrelated to the beeramid's construction (possibly a bro) to the dismay of most of the brewery who had fallen in favor of the new record. The man who fell the tower was forced to clean up the cups and was then kicked out for the night.

Some placed doubt in the legitimacy of the beeramid because many of the cups were gathered from other tables and not drank by the builders themselves. Jason said that "he once saw 10 guys make a tower nearly as tall and drink all the beer themselves" but that this was still quite impressive.